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LBX-4000 Titan 2.0

In an effort to continue to evolve and expand on our MAP (Mission Adaptive Panel) System line of gear, LBX has teamed up with the Costa Ludus crew once again to develop a 3-Day MAP pack as an update to the popular Titan pack developed by LBTINC and LBX.

The Titan 2.0 houses a full loop interior for various storage load-outs with the use of the LBX hookpouch inserts, along with a padded storage compartment on the back for the safe stowage of a laptop or tablet with dual zipper access.

The update to the pack now allows you to take advantage of the MAP System and attach different panels to the front of the pack via two 3/4” fast clips and loop.

Available now via LBXTactical.com.

Pack and Panels

Inserts and Pouches


10 Responses to “LBX-4000 Titan 2.0”

  1. Rearmount says:

    Cool concept! Is this pack made overseas, or is it made by LBT? I believe some LBX stuff is made CONUS.

    • LBX says:

      Thanks Rearmount! The Titan was manufactured in the Lone Star State by our amazing LBT Texas team.

  2. EzGoingKev says:

    Are these up on the site?

    • SSD says:

      Did you click the link?

      • EzGoingKev says:

        I clicked the link. It takes me to a page for LBX-4000 Titan. The title of the articles is “LBX-4000 Titan 2.0”.

        When I look at the pics in the article I believe I am seeing black, coyote, grey, and green colors. When I watched the video I am seeing multicam. There are only two colors listed on the linked page.

        • LBX says:

          Black and Tan499 are the only revisions currently available at this time that the direct link takes you to… We have Multicam and MAS Grey to follow next week, and we’ll get with our web guy on the missing 2.0


  3. TacDocO says:

    It looks slick & I like that it’s made in the US. I believe it might make a great Med bag. LBX really needs to get more pics, of each of their packs, up on the site. There’s typically only one view, with no internal shot, or back/harness angles. I have a better idea of the features by looking at this blog post.

  4. EzGoingKev says:

    I received mine today in multicam. Nice pack.

    One suggestion – make the zippers on the laptop compartment longer.