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SORD MultiCam Tropic Uniform Available At OP Tactical For A Limited Time

For a limited time, O P Tactical has gov’t overrun MultiCam Tropic SORD Field Uniforms available.

These are made from 50/50 NYCO ripstop and available individually as
Pants and

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10 Responses to “SORD MultiCam Tropic Uniform Available At OP Tactical For A Limited Time”

  1. Douche Poser says:

    The interesting part in this statement is “govt’ overrun”.


  2. babola says:

    These are pretty much gone now.
    Only non-standard sizes on each side of the spectrum left.

    Shame I missed this one 🙁

    • Jon, OPT says:

      I knew I should have ordered my pants once they were put on the site. We may be able to get some more bleed over items and are going to twist SORD’s arm to make this a legacy item. I really like their uniforms for simplicity, quality, function, and even price.

      • babola says:

        What really got me with SORD stuff is mil-spec materials, simplistic design (as you pointed out) but the biggest plus was the price.

        Nowhere else can you get this sort of products for that price. I know it’s over-run and all, but still.

        Big thumbs up – and I will keep my eyes peeled for the next run.

  3. Brandon says:

    Glad I picked mine up last night, heres to hoping the sizing isn’t off compared to Crye or normal issue stuff.

  4. historia says:

    I am into this, and payday is coming

  5. I have one of those jackets in coyote, and it’s a great piece of kit.