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Direct Action Gear – SPITFIRE Plate Carrier

Taking its name from the famous WWII fighter plane, the SPITFIRE plate carrier is a streamlined, lightweight, non-restricting and dynamic platform. It is one of the lightest, yet durable, plate carriers on the market and is also unique in its modularity – converting to a cut-away rig in just a few simple steps.

• Proprietary laser-cut laminate, Cordura® 500D and softshell construction
• Optional accessory cutaway system
• Front flap attached directly or via chest rig buckles in variants: PALS, kangaroo type
• Configurable with no flap, wrap around style
• Interchangeable cummerbund – side armor compatible
• Back panel zipper attachment system compatible with Crye Precision AVS™ standard
• Low profile reinforced drag handle
• Radio and PALS wings available
• Spitfire allows for quick donning, doffing and medical access thanks to Hypalon pullers. The carrier construction enables easy and secure comm’s wires routing through the plate bag and cummerbund
• Chest Rig attachment system compatible with Mayflower® / Velocity Systems standard
• Front plate only configuration using the chest rig interface
• Optional pads on front, back and shoulders area for improved airflow
• Zippered chest admin pocket
• PTT and comm’s wires / antenna routing attachment points
• Accessory armor package for heavy configuration in development

Direct Action will be presenting the full range of their advanced tactical gear and apparel systems for the first time in the US at SOFIC. Visit them at booth #126


13 Responses to “Direct Action Gear – SPITFIRE Plate Carrier”

  1. John CH says:

    I have their Dust and Messenger bags. If the quality of this carrier is anything like those bags, sign me up for one!

  2. Collin says:

    First Spear and Crye made a baby.

    • Interested says:

      How did you come to that conclusion?

      • Cuvie says:

        Crye JPC-style shoulder straps
        First Spear-like MOLLE cuts

        • NCO says:

          It is a very nice baby tough. Comfy with the rifle stock like JPC and even lighter due to laminate? Chest attachment, back panels, cutaway… this thing is well thought out.

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Exposed plates at most vulnerable impact/wear points. Too OCD for that.

    • Interested says:

      A piece of cordura isn’t going to save your plate. If you’re that worried about it, encase yourself in bubble wrap.

      • tcba_joe says:

        Impact resistance wouldn’t be lessened, but I’d be worried about increased abrasion to the plates.

    • NCO says:

      Bro, where do you see the plates exposed? They are fully covered.

  4. Dan says:

    These do look bomb-proof, like above though I’m not a fan of the exposed plate either, considering as it doesn’t appear to add any functionality.

    I have a query though, as it’s a proprietary laser cut laminate, why does it require what appears to be ‘backing up’ with stitching? Is it a style thing or does the laminate physically require it?

  5. Bolty says:

    I have a GHOST pack made by these guys and endorse John CH comments. For the sewn to laminate comments. The laminate on the Ghost is black and the outer codura layer is in my case coyote. The stitching is in places where there is likely to be stress on the bonding between the 2 materials, for example above and below the PALS rows. For the Spitfire, looking at the catalogue pictures I think the vertical stitching is to attach the hook velcro part for closing it onto the cummerbunds.