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Vickers Checks Out The AN-94

Larry Vickers takes us through the 5.45x39mm AN-94.

This video includes the only known documented test of the 2 round burst dispersion of the AN-94. In two-shot burst mode, the AN-94’s Nikonov mechanism is designed to fire the second shot quickly enough to allow it to escape before the recoil of the first shot is felt.

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3 Responses to “Vickers Checks Out The AN-94”

  1. Gerard says:

    The AN94 will be remembered as a step in rifle development but not a specific success. The performance is astonishing but the design is far too complex compared to the AK

  2. miclo18d says:

    So if you miss with the first round…..

    Take that out to its logical conclusion.
    Another solution looking for a problem. Not caseless, not magnetic rail, not an advancement, just a gimmick.