NRA – Core Defender Belly Band Holster from Elite Survival Systems

Although they fell out of favor, Belly Bands have been making a come back, particularly for use with rifle magazines, radios and survival gear. It’s a simple design, made from orthopedic ergonomic elastic with no latex content and a Velcro front closure and can be worn beneath outer garments. In addition to sewn in channels for handguns on either side there are three magazine size pouch openings at the rear. Made in the USA and offered in Black or Coyote.


10 Responses to “NRA – Core Defender Belly Band Holster from Elite Survival Systems”

  1. Gerard says:

    The problem with all belly and holsters is that if you draw the gun, you basically need to practically undress to reholster it. Belly band holster are best suited for subcompact, deep cover, hideout pistols. Not a primary weapon

  2. the issue I have is they need something hard lining the holster to prevent the trigger being pressed, when clambering over a wall or something similar

    • Jack Griffin says:

      I’ve seen guys use Kydex trigger guards dummy corded to the belly band. The cord is just long enough to enable a really slow admin reholster while covering the gun while carried. A craft store grommet is used to create the anchor point.

  3. Douche Poser says:

    Sadly they don’t work great with the average american’s less-than-slim physique.

    • N.D. Tyson says:

      PT is free.

    • Riceball says:

      In theory, the belly band should pull in your gut so that somebody with a less than stellar physique would look a bit thinner. So, if a person that normally has something of a beer belly wears ones of these underneath his normal clothes should, in theory, be able to conceal his weapon pretty well because his gut doesn’t stick out as much as it normally does while his clothes are the same size. That’s assuming that this belly band works like the normal, non-holster, hold your gut in type belly bands.

  4. Fore 1337 says:

    I wonder how a belly band would work for jogging with a compact. I haven’t yet discovered a good way to carry & jog.