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NRA – Sneak Peek of Grey Ghost Gear Banshee Battle Belt

Grey Ghost’s upcoming Banshee Battle Belt is a two belt system consisting of an outer load carrying belt which features PALS channels and an AustriAlpin buckle as well as a padded inner trouser belt with a simple D ring style buckle with a strap that Velcros back on itself. The two connect when used together via Velcro. This one is Grey but I’d imagine they’ll have all kinds of cool colors and patterns available as well as different sizes.


7 Responses to “NRA – Sneak Peek of Grey Ghost Gear Banshee Battle Belt”

  1. Patrick says:

    So, with the exception of the D Ring, a Ronin Senshi belt then?

    • Chris K. says:

      Dude, no.

    • Lt M says:

      The Senshi Belt is a ‘copy’ of the TYR Gunfighter Belt, but with a Cobra-D buckle. Both use 1 3/4″ webbing through the length of the belt, 1/2″ PALS rows and no padding. This Banshee Belt is 2″ in the main body with full 1″ PALS w/o gap, has 1″ webbing and buckle for the front connection, and uses a padded inner belt.
      The only similarities between the Banshee and the Senshi are that they are both use and inner- and outer-belt system.

      • Lt M says:

        Last line should read:

        The only similarity between the Banshee and the Senshi is that they both use an inner- and outer-belt system.

  2. Jason says:

    Looks pretty cool. I’ve got a Volund Gearworks belt that’s a similar concept but they do something a little different with the D ring. Instead of a D ring, they use a G clip so you can unhook the inner belt and reattach very easily. The G clip slips into bar tacked segments of velcro so there isn’t too much strain on the tail that’s being clipped on to.

    Overall it means you don’t have to thread the velcro mess through your belt loops which is nice.

  3. Between these setups and PC modular fronts it’s nice to see no-brainer concepts really catching on.

    Be nice if the tail on the outer belt could tuck somewhere for those who actually put pouches in front on their holster side, but then that’s not too common overall. I think I prefer the Tyr system because you’re not going to be able to thread PALS back in to the pouch with only 2 rows vs the 0.5-1-0.5 system. I’m sure this’ll be nicely priced though.