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SOFIC – STIDD Diver Propulsion Device


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Check out the STIDD 2016 catalog. It details all the latest performance enhancements that STIDD proposes for its Diver Propulsion Device which was on display at SOFIC:

  • TEC2 brushless thruster
  • RNAV2 precision navigation system
  • 2S sonar for RNAV2
  • AP2 auto pilot
  • Cargo pod
  • The STIDD DPD is the most widely used military-grade underwater mobility platform in the world (over 450 DPDs in operation globally).


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    3 Responses to “SOFIC – STIDD Diver Propulsion Device”

    1. Pascal says:

      Thank you Eric 🙂
      I owe you another good red wine bottle 🙂
      See you soon.

    2. Pascal says:

      STIDD Submersible Boats are subject to ITAR controls.
      US Department of State DTC license required for export.