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Financing Now Available From TNVC

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

TNVC is excited to announce our partnership with the First National Bank of North Arkansas to finally make the highest grade night vision and thermal gear more attainable than ever to U.S. citizens! Introducing: The TNVC Night Vision Financing Program. Your dream of owning the best night vision and thermal optics is about to become a reality.

TNVC caters to the professional market, only offering high end night vision gear that we would bet our own lives on, from the industry’s top manufacturers. And, while the majority of this equipment is available to civilians, it has always come at a price that has forced many prospective buyers to settle for foreign-made or lesser-quality systems. But not anymore. We have had many requests for layaway programs over the years. Customers on a budget did not want to settle for cheaper equipment, but could not always justify the total cost all at once. Our quick and easy financing program will put the same high-end night vision and thermal products used to defend our nation within reach. Low monthly payments and a low, fixed interest rate mean you will be enjoying your new high end gear right away!

Here’s how it works: All night vision and thermal gear available from TNVC is eligible for financing and all U.S. Citizens are pre-approved. Obviously, all ITAR laws and regulations apply. Simply choose the “Finance” option at checkout on the TNVC site and you will be directed to a secure page on the First National Bank of North Arkansas website to fill out your application. The credit review is done within 2 business days. Customers meeting the bank’s minimum credit requirements will be approved for immediate product delivery and monthly payments will proceed according to the loan term. Customers not meeting the minimum credit requirement will have their product placed on layaway until the loan is paid.

Night vision is an investment. You do not need to settle for low end gear. By popular demand, the new TNVC Finance Program will truly make darkness your ally.



4 Responses to “Financing Now Available From TNVC”

  1. Rob371 says:

    Finally! My dream of clearing my house wearing GPNVG-18’s can become reality! All jokes aside, good idea. I know a lot of people that won’t pull the trigger on a set due to the initial investment. Hope TNVC does well with this.

  2. Dellis says:

    Cash and carry, the best way to go.

    But sure is tempting!

  3. Snakeman says:

    There is a group of people out among us who can only purchase this kind of equipment this way. If you read the fine print, the interest rate is very high, just like the buy, here pay here kind of establishments. It’s not for me, but I think TNVC will do well with this program. No different than what Wilson Combat has been offering bank financing on their stuff.

  4. thedude says:

    Honestly, create a second savings account for goodies you want to buy such as night vision. If you cant buy it outright, cash in hand then you shouldn’t be buying it at all. There was just a recent study that said if people needed $1000 for a small emergency they’d be SOL.