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Blue Force Gear Updates Trauma Kit Now!

The Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! (TKN) was first released in early 2009 as a solution to trauma kits that were too difficult to deploy, especially if only one hand is available. The TKN has gone through a number of changes over the years, with the most recent updates pertaining to weight and functional performance for the end user.

Starting with materials, the TKN is now constructed largely of a proprietary laminate called ULTRACOMP®. This high-tech laminate is made up of multiple layers of high abrasion Nylon and CORDURA® fabric bound together with space age elastomers and other compounds to form a nearly indestructible fabric that is still extremely lightweight in this configuration.

The flap face of the TKN now has a “Red Cross” cut-out with red backing so that the user can quickly choose whether they want a red reflective IR, or subdued backing to their trauma kit identifier. The flap also now has the BLIP™ detail in its pull tab. The Ball Loaded Index Point, or BLIP for short, is a feature now found on all Blue Force Gear lidded pouches. The BLIP was born on a freezing cold day at the range with rain coming in sideways at 32.5° Fahrenheit. It was there that Blue Force Gear realized that when fingers start to turn to flippers it’s very difficult to get a grasp on a flat piece of webbing as well as differentiate between different kinds of material to find a pull tab. The BLIP alleviates both those issues with a form that is both easy to grasp and impossible to miss.

The Trauma Kit NOW! is now available with an Advanced Individual Trauma Kit Refill built for Blue Force Gear by North American Rescue™. This refill contains the most advanced individual first aid items currently available and is focused around treating the “Big Three” of preventable combat death: extremity hemorrhage, airway obstruction and tension pneumothorax.

These products are currently in stock in all colors for individual or even larger unit-sized orders for immediate shipment.


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