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Blade Show – CRKT El Santo Trauma Shears

Designed by Albuquerque’s Michael Martinez, these ambidextrous EMT Shears are spring loaded and incorporate a replaceable strap cutting ripping blade, ribbed utility grip and a lock to keep the shears closed when not in use. The El Santo is 3.484 inches and made from 3Cr13.



10 Responses to “Blade Show – CRKT El Santo Trauma Shears”

  1. 18Derp says:

    TSA isn’t going to like that :/

  2. Craig says:

    I hate to be ‘That guy”, but from this picture, or maybe this angle, I cant tell what the hell I m even looking at,let alone f I would want to buy it.It looks like a metalic rendering of a bird maybe, or a car fender plate…

    Maybe sale it down a bit…..no, scale the pi down ALOT, so we an see what we are looking at, those of us with old,feeble eyes,and all,ya know…

  3. Jack says:

    It’s a combination tool. Probably one of the non exsistant tools that needed the most.

    The need arised from having to already carry a K12 on top of the usual PPE. In this configuration it frees you from having to carry two tools and saves crucial seconds by having those tools already in your hand.

    It’s utility could be appreciated by a bus (ambulance) driver or a hose jockey (firefighter).

  4. Jeff says:

    As a flight paramedic, I see one problem that will keep pretty much everyone from buying these. Where do I keep them? Every paramedic in the world wears EMS pants with a specifically engineered pocket to carry EMS shears. My flightsuits have an EMS pocket. The overly complicated Leatherman Raptor even comes with a little plastic box to wear on your belt. But over the last 15 years, I pride myself on not carrying stuff on my belt, and flightsuits don’t even have belts.

    Maybe it would fit in my pocket if I took the seatbelt cutter off. But then everybody would still ask me why I was carrying a pair of garden trimmers.

    • James says:

      That belt cutter is gonna be in the way while using them too, try getting that inside a pair of skinny jeans and you’d wind up digging the point into the patient……

  5. Mountain Sailor says:

    I’m with Jeff. And if you do have a pocket that they fit in, it seems like the glass breaker/O2 wrench thing on the back would jab and stab you a lot. All those grooves seem like they’d be hard to clean blood out of.

  6. Logan says:

    Yeah. I bet these things are very functional, and might be able to put in a Firefighter’s Turnout Coat pocket (MIGHT), but I agree with Jeff wholeheartedly, my Leatherman Raptors are the biggest things I’d ever consider carrying in my pants on the Rescue. Like Mountain Sailor said, that glass breaker looks pretty poised to cut the wearer up. For their desired use, I can’t see anyone on my department using these. Besides, imagine a patient’s eyes when he/she sees you’re using freaking hedge trimmers with a spike on the end and a serrated cutting hook on them.

  7. Another Flight Medic says:

    I picked up a pair of the Raptor Sheers from Leatherman and dumped them for the same reason. They don’t fit in any pants or sheer pocket on the market. At least that model comes with a MOLLE clip on holster.

    The CRKT Sheers are a cool alternative to the Raptor but I don’t like the glass breaker/O2 wrench sticking out of the bottom for the same reason Jeff mentioned.