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Blade Show – Winkler Knives

Designed for use by breachers, the new Emergency Response Tool from Winkler Knives incorporates a Hammer, Glass Breaker, Wrench Set and Pry Bar.  It will also fit into the PALS webbing on your vest for carriage.  For scale, it’s just over 9″ long.  



10 Responses to “Blade Show – Winkler Knives”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Damn auto correct.

    • The Pig says:

      I like the hurried typos. Adds a nice flavor to the articles. Hey he is very busy getting all the cool stuff condensed into legible articles so we can sit at home in our underwear and still be at the blade show . Thanks for all the hard work SSD.

      • Kirk says:

        Hey, he’s not wrong…

        Anyone who wants to keep breathing would be well-advised to have something like this in their car, in case of sudden submergence events…

  2. thesupercroc says:

    “Designed for use by breathers” so every one?!

  3. Reseremb says:

    Any picture or information of Winkler’s weapon retention-triangular-knuckle dragger thing?

  4. Anthony says:

    I have one. Can’t wait to use it. I see this as a great tool on car wrecks in addition to breaching.

    • Jason says:

      where did you pick it up. I cannot find it for sale anywhere or on the Winkler site. I attempted to contact via email, but no response.