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Grey Ghost Gear Releases the Wanderer

Wandering. It’s what we do. We take ourselves all over the globe in search of riches, excitement or maybe the next double whiskey on the rocks. Often we’re traveling to and from work or on a plane moving to the next business venue. Wherever we wander, we need to bring along the necessaries for our job and to feel comfortable outside our home or battle position. Taking cues from our previous waxed canvas offerings, Wanderer captures all such reasons and needs in a low profile, high functioning aesthetically striking design.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Mark Twain

The Wanderer is a messenger style bag built of waxed canvas and features waterproof zippers. You can carry your precious cargo in rain the rain or along the shore without worry. It feels really nice too, like furry walls on a chill, foggy morning.

  • Measurements: 20.5 in. long, 11.5 in. tall, 4.5 in. deep
  • Carry strap: adjustable seatbelt webbing fit everyone from the petite flâneur to brawny vagabond
  • End pockets: 2 each on either end; one zippered and flap closed, expanding to carry a water bottle, the other an open stash pocket that will hold a small umbrella (for you, not your gear), a couple of AR magazines or an IFAK.
  • Body Flap: The pull-over courier style flap secures with 2 magnetic snaps and contains 2 9×5 in. zippered, tricot lined pockets for smart devices, eye pro, or other small valuables.
  • Interior Organization: The primary compartment is divided into a 2/3-1/3 configuration. The smaller of the 2 will carry a laptop. The other will secure anything from a PDW with stock collapsed to your carry-on luggage. A simple side release web-and-buckle feature secures contents from spillage.
  • Further Compartmentalization: 2 vertical zippers in the front compartment open a gate to access loose, small items. The reverse side of the gate contains 4 stretch mesh pockets and a pen scabbard. Above those is yet another pocket with sufficient accommodation for an iPad Mini or similar device.

The classic, understated nature of the Wanderer is imminently suitable for customers who must by necessity remain inconspicuous and low profile but it works perfectly well for the everyman too. Utilize it to carry your gear across campus or use it to for off-body carry needs – there’s a zippered, hook-and-loop backed pocket to the rear of the bag, with plenty of room for a handgun and spare mags, and it’s been pleated so the weapon won’t print.

This is the same sort of utility that recently earned the Wanderer and its cousin, the Gypsy, a place on Fox News list of “ultimate tactical graduation gifts.”

Vagabond or skald, flaneur or gyrovague or face-shooting pipehitter who lives in a house that looks like a werewolf, we think you’ll find our new messenger bag worth a look. You may not have been everywhere yet, but might as well put it on your list. Take a Wanderer along with you.

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16 Responses to “Grey Ghost Gear Releases the Wanderer”

  1. Interesting, which colorway is that in the pictures?

  2. Interesting – I wonder which colorway is pictured

  3. SShink says:

    is the hardware on the strap plastic?

  4. Guy says:

    No color pics on the website? Cmon guys. Its a 235$ bag- gonna need better pics.

  5. GW says:

    Hey, the link sends us to the mobile friendly site, we are limited on colors we can display. I know,,,geeks are working it right now. try this link,
    it will show you all the colors.

  6. MiamiC70 says:

    Looks like might make for a pretty cool DSLRcamera bag. For $235 bucks throw a Teneba camera insert in there and market to hipsters instant sales.