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Team Wendy Issues Statement Regarding Secretary Clinton’s Visit

This morning I awoke to an Internet circus. Team Wendy, one of our advertisers, had shared a local news story that Democratic front runner for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton was holding an event at their facility this coming Monday. Now, I shouldn’t have to point this out, but I will; Mrs Clinton is not well liked by the rank and file or veteran service member or Law Enforcement Officer (this guy included). As you can imagine, the Internet mob was out in full force, vilifying Team Wendy for their actions. I received several emails about the issue from concerned readers as well, so I looked into it. I have spoken with Team Wendy CEO Jose Rizo-Patron about the situation and he offered the statement below. But before I get to it, I’d like to say something about this situation, Team Wendy and its owner, Daniel T Moore, from my perspective.

I’ve known Mr Moore for well over 10 years now, since well before there was an SSD, and I’ve met with him on several occasions. Until today I never even considered his politics. We always spoke about American manufacturing and his efforts in dealing with Brain Injuries. Once, on a visit, we also discussed his hometown of Cleveland, and I can tell you, that man is proud of his town. But we never discussed politics because it wasn’t germane to our common goals of protecting service members and employing Americans. Even now, I know that those are core values of Team Wendy as well as the man that owns it, and those are the very reasons that they are an advertiser on my website.

As I understand it, Secretary Clinton had planned to visit the 700,000 sq ft facility which houses Team Wendy along with several other small manufacturers called the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center. At some point it was determined that this repurposed plant contained a defense contractor. Hard to say who made the call. The area is solidly Democrat so it could just as well have been a local party organizer as an HRC campaigner. Regardless, it transformed somewhere along the way from a facility visit to a campaign event. The news was notified and it blew up. I have a feeling that the opportunity to bring TBI to the national stage became the main focus, and the possible fallout from a visit by a Presidential candidate wasn’t at the forefront. There was some excitement and the news story was shared by Team Wendy in their Facebook page. Näive? To be sure. But I don’t see any effort in their end to endorse a candidate for political office as so many have claimed. I also think Team Wendy had as many actual customers as were claimed during the Facebook tirade against them. They employee Americans, continue to innovate and make a great product that is used in every issue helmet. Their ZAP pads have saved many a noggin over the years from the effects of shock and blast. Also, their next generation of helmets and liners are pushing the envelope of protection technology.

Do I think it was a mistake? Absolutely. But on this one, Team Wendy gets a mulligan from me. To be sure, it’s been a costly learning experience for them. They are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. They could go back on their word to participate in the visit and make their critics happy. However, this could result in ramifications both locally and perhaps, long term at the federal level. On the other hand, Team Wendy could go along with the event and alienate their customer base. Regardless of which course Team Wendy takes, this is a cautionary tale for anyone in the defense industry to abstain from endorsing political candidates from any party. The reality of business is that they must work with both parties.

My support for Team Wendy hinges on their long-term actions. Will they stay true to their commitment to excellence in the head protection arena? Will they continue to insist on American manufacturing? And, will they stay out of politics? America needs a vibrant defense industry. I am in this for the long haul and I want to see them there as well.

– Eric Graves, SSD Editor

Team Wendy’s Statement

Team Wendy Friends and Customers,

Let me start by stating unequivocally that Team Wendy has not endorsed nor will be endorsing any candidate for President of the United States.

Our business and focus is centered around three principal goals: Protecting Americans and our allies against serious and potentially life-threatening impact related injuries, creating American jobs and promoting American manufacturing.

To the extent that politicians are interested in working with us to address these core goals, Team Wendy has always been, and will continue to be, willing to meet and listen. We do not get to dictate who serves as President of the United States, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State or Chairman of the HASC. We simply engage with and are openly willing to work with anyone who shares our core mission of saving lives, or anyone who is in a position to positively advance our mission.

To those who are not aware, Team Wendy is a company within a portfolio of sister companies that focus mainly on industrial innovation. Team Wendy is very different than its sister companies. Team Wendy was founded in 1997 by Cleveland-based entrepreneur Dan T. Moore as a memorial to his daughter Wendy, who passed away from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) following a snow-skiing accident. Next year will mark the 20 year anniversary since Wendy’s passing as a result of that tragic accident. Her legacy and memory lives on daily here at Team Wendy through the work being done toward developing leading edge protective gear and other innovative products.

Wendy’s legacy also lives on through the work that Team Wendy does by engaging government, academia and the private sector to learn more about TBI and how we can better prevent this from happening to the American troops who do so much to protect our country.

Although we are a profit-making company, we will continue to be driven by Wendy’s legacy and will continue to work our tails off to provide our guys and gals on the front lines the best protective equipment possible, in the most timely fashion possible, and with the best customer service we can deliver. Nothing is more important to us.

We intend to actively and aggressively promote our core mission with Secretary Clinton during her time here on Monday and will continue to work as a company to do all that we can to be advocates for our core customers, our troops and first responders.


Jose Rizo-Patron

CEO, Team Wendy


288 Responses to “Team Wendy Issues Statement Regarding Secretary Clinton’s Visit”

  1. nwjeep says:

    While I wish Hillary would be confined to jail for the rest of her miserable life, I find it hard to believe that Team Wendy did what the internet accuses them of. I had the pleasure of meeting Jose at last year’s Warrior East and he is a great guy who truly cares about the end user. I really hope that this clears up and that it really was a huge misunderstanding and a case of “guilty by being in the general area” as you said in your statement. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Matt says:

      The facts are out there. Research for yourself instead of saying “you find it hard to believe.”

      • nwjeep says:

        It’s not my job to be the judge, jury and executioner. I am not quick to disown like others. It is sad that they mentioned her and posted about it and that will have an impact on their business, but it doesn’t change the fact that their products have saved lives. I don’t intend to demonize because it isn’t my place, I can only be disappointed.

        • Engineer says:

          It’s Frank! He’s appointed himself judge, jury and executioner.

          He is not judge Judy and executioner!

        • CPT Danrit says:

          They have posted the owner’s campaign donations to Obama/Hillary and the Democrat Party on He is a Leftist doing a Campaign event to help Hillary get elected.

          • Guy says:

            So what? Leave politics out of it. I don’t give a shit what his or your politics are.

            • Zack says:

              Why couldn’t he leave politics out of his company?

              Don’t throw the first punch and all that

            • CV76 says:

              Last I checked the so-called leftists are the ones trying to dismantle our country and our countrymen. Maybe you should care.

            • CPT Danrit says:

              Then you are part of the problem and just as bad as the owner of Team Wendy.

              The Leftists are actively trying to take our rights away.

              A pox on them and any and all who support them.

    • Robert Meaders says:

      Here’s the ‘non-political’ donation history on traceable monies from Dan T. Moore, owner of Team Wendy:

      No preference for next president?

      • SSD says:

        Welcome to the conversation. This is well established at this point. Yes, Dan T Moore is a Democrat.

      • Sam says:

        It might be for local elections. His company is in inner-city Cleveland, so it would be advantageous for him to back the winning team. I also keep seeing the word “leftist” being used. Clearly you guys need to look up that definition. He’s the owner of a multimillion dollar, for profit, corporation. He’s clearly not a leftist. Leave politics out of it.

  2. Chuck says:

    Let me just post this.

    44106 Dan T Moore Company Inc/CEO $2,500 09/24/2008 P OBAMA VICTORY FUND – Democrat

    • Bruce says:

      So what you’re saying is that Mr. Moore is not a racist?

      What is your point? Do you think he may have benefitted from supporting political candidates that may have, you know, benefitted his company?

      Do you disagree with the two party system?

      Help me out here? What are you saying?

      • Luis says:

        Are you suggesting that donating to Obama and being a racist are mutually exclusive?

        Or is the reverse true to you? If you didn’t donate to Obama, that makes you a racist?

        Your comment is dumb.

      • EzGoingKev says:

        Why is the race card being brought up here?

        Are the comments on this site not moderated?

        • SSD says:

          I’m trying not to delete too much.

          • AZCOP says:

            With FUHRC’s history of deleting, and TW’s recent fakebook history of deleting, I’m not sure if you were purposely being funny about that, but it did get a snicker out of me.

      • DAN III says:

        Racist ? Racist ? Racist ? So what ! ! !

        I’m pretty fed up with you leftists accusing those you disagree with of being “rasict”. Hell, you Marxists don’t even know the definition of the word racist. But, you continually throw it around thinking it helps to denigrate those you disagree with and further your cause. It does not.

        Regarding Team Wendy and their allowing the lying, anti-2A, open borders, Freedom-denying, global economy, wicked witch Hillary Clinton at their facility, is sufficient reason for me to boycott their product. Besides, if annointed POTUS, I’m certain the witch will support outsourcing Team Wendy to Mexico or Red China or allow illegal aliens to be employed at the, for now, current facility.

        Time to take a stand against the lunacy of the Team Wendy owner and CEO. Boycott the product.

        BTW….I’m a “racist”. Whatcha going to do about it ?

        • SSD says:

          Which is it? The Owner or the CEO you have an issue with? They aren’t the same person.

        • Guy says:

          “Red China” what is this the cold war still, bud? Ever shop at Walmart? Buy on Amazon? You’ve sold out to ‘Red China’!!! Quick, call McCarthy!

          • DAN III says:


            Would Communist China suit your global economy mentality better ?

            You defend the treasonous trade this government has made with the Red Chinese while the USA is in economic collapse. Enjoy the continuing demise of a once, great manufacturing nation and your government paycheck.

            This country is in it’s death throes courtesy of your mentality and fhose like you.

            • Helmet Wearer says:

              Did you mention US manufacturing? Well you just described Team Wendy, the very company you are upset about. Your position is weak. Ideologue much?

      • Jason says:

        Good job following the money and calling them out!

      • FHRC says:

        Dan Moore, owner of Dan T. Moore Co. (parent company of Team Wendy) was even a contributor to Clinton during her 2008 run for the presidency.

        • Helmet wearer says:

          Go check out Gentex, the company that owns Ops-Core and their corporate donations to Hillary Clinton.

      • Rockhammer says:

        There are others that might surprise SSD readers:

        Outdoor Research donates exclusively to Democrats

        Other companies do the same thing.

        • SSD says:

          Well, there’s another company I’ll have to stop writing about.

          • Rockhammer says:

            That’s not what I am suggesting.

            I stumbled onto that little tidbit by accident a couple of years ago. I choose not to purchase their products because I disagree with their politics. I made that decision as an informed customer, not because they manufacture bad gear. On the contrary, I think their gloves are better than most others on the market but I still will not buy them.

            SSD should not filter content based on political ideology, you report on gear. I have been an avid reader of your blog for many years, not because of political journalism but because you provide good information about new products.

            Keep doing what you do Eric, this isn’t Politico, it is the premier gear site on the internet.

            • Kevin says:

              Sir, must I remind you this is the internet? I suggest you take your calm, level headed statement elsewhere.

              • Rockhammer says:

                What was I thinking?

                The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

                I read SSD for reports on new gear and industry news, as I believe most readers do. Vetting each company mentioned in an article and placing a D or R in front of it is not only impractical but assinine.

                • Kevin says:

                  But, but, but If we don’t reduce everyone and everything down to a D or an R, how will we know which talking head to root for during the Two Minute Hate?

                  • Rockhammer says:

                    First thing in the morning, laughing while drinking coffee and having coffe come out of your nose is a perfect start to the day. Excellent Orwell reference!

    • SSD says:

      Why stop there? Today I learned that he made lots of contributions over the years. Are you upset that the owner of Team Wendy donated to Democrats?

      • Jason says:

        This statement is a complete contradiction to what is actually happening. THIS IS a campaign event and has nothing to do with TBI’s.

        Buy tickets below.

      • Zack says:

        I imagine that people are upset that he clearly supports anti gun and anti LEO/MIL politicians.

        The smart thing would have been to not let any political candidate into his business.

      • Fleur de lis tactical says:

        Didn’t Trump donate to the democrates to further his businesses back in the day? Mind blown

        • Sean says:

          Yay for crony capitalism? *sigh*

        • Guy says:

          Trump will flip flop to whatever side is winning. He doesn’t give a shit about anyone else but himself.

          And if you think he cares about Vets, look at his comments about McCain and how Trump only ‘likes guys who didn’t surrender’. Trump is human garbage.

    • Chuck says:

      DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think ‘Anyone Should Have A Gun.’

  3. John C. says:

    It’s a matter of principals and in my mind management at Team Wendy has none.

  4. Former says:

    Before this blew up and before you started to back peddle you said “Team Wendy looks forward to Hosting Hillary Clinton” – you say you are not endorcing anybody for president… What do you think that statement was! What’s stupid is you think your customer base is as stupid as you are, well we aren’t… Not by a long shot.

    I know more than the average bear, and I know for a fact you set this up… And now you are trying to get Soldier Systems to think you may not have been the one to set this up, and maybe it was another person in the facility… Lies, all lies.

    I’m pretty sure the only way Team Wendy will make it is if you sell it ASAP.

    • SSD says:

      Do you understand why the company was founded and why it is named Team Wendy?

      • Former says:

        Yes I do, why?

      • Zack says:

        What exactly does that have to do with them endorsing HRC?

        Helping prevent TBI’s a noble goal, no one will debate that, but HRC has bothing to do with that, and some people will argue that supporting her goes against near everything they stand for.

        • SSD says:

          I worked at Blackwater as a contractor form another company and Erik Prince wouldn’t even talk to a Democrat. Consequently, they were eating his lunch. Finally, the guy who owned my company, retired MG Buford Blount sat him down and explained that there were some Democrats that he could work with and took him up to DC a coupe, of times to introduce him around. That was an education for me and made me start to understand how the defense industry really works. Like it or not, you’ve got to get both sides of the aisle supporting your position, otherwise you become a political football and issue that one side can leverage against the other. I don’t want to see TBI be such an issue. I don’t want to see soldier protection become such an issue. It’s okay to talk to democrats about defense issues. It shouldn’t be polarizing.

          • Rst0378 says:

            Well it shouldn’t but when you have a democrat that shits all over the rights of the public. Panders to whoever she will get her the most votes and fucking leaving Americans to die. Not to mention the lying and cover up of emails on private servers, with her acting as if she’s above it all. But yes you’re right we should be able to talk to democrats that aren’t turds.

          • Former says:

            Honestly this is not about Hillary being a democrat or republican, this is about them being excited to host her at their facility. This is about Team Wendy as a company wanting to make it known that they are excited to be with somebody that most of if not all their military and law enforcement customers despise. She let our brothers die, she lied about it and so much more… Her comments or horrific. You can defend Team Wendy until you are blue in the face but that still doesn’t make it ok and even if this company doesn’t fail because of this, myself and plenty of other true Americans out there will never buy another Team Wendy product.

          • DAN III says:

            So, those companies comprising the defense industry are nothing but whores ?

            Imagine that !

          • txJM says:

            Hillary is not currently a government employee. So, that’s not what this is.

        • SSD says:

          Zack, I meant to get back with you. My comment regarding the creation of TW was in response to the suggestion that Dan Moore sell the company. I just don’t see that happening.

  5. Adam says:

    This isn’t about working with both sides of the isle. This is about endorsing a candidate. Your customer base is pissed that you would even associate with a treasonous individual who’s only real lifetime accomplishment is avoiding prosecution for her crimes. Your mission is honorable, don’t associate your company or your mission with one who is clearly not honorable.

  6. Travis says:

    “We simply engage with and are openly willing to work with anyone who shares our core mission of saving lives, or anyone who is in a position to positively advance our mission”

    With this statement and by hosting a Hillary campaign event they are saying they believe Hillary shares their core values. Team Wendy deserves to go under for this and SSD should stop allowing them to advertise on the site. Mr Moore cannot claim to have a goal of protecting service members while simultaneously supporting and donating to Clinton.

  7. Hank says:

    I took an afternoon nap and wake up to find that my helmet is no longer cool. I’m a conservative, and have to say that something like this from a firearm manufacturer would have me up in arms… But a helmet is apolitical. I don’t wear a helmet as a statement, I wear it to protect my head. I just am not gonna get rid of my Team Wendy helmet because of all this

    • Franco says:

      Of course don’t junk a good piece of gear Hank, but would could you now in good conscience purchase from Team Wendy again?

      • Hank says:

        Tough question. The main reason I got one to begin with is it was more comfortable than an ops core and I didn’t have to wait several months to get it like tends to happen with ops core. I really like this helmet so I hate to say this isn’t an issue where I’d boycott them, as much as I hate Hilary

        • Mike says:

          I’d have no problem purchasing from them again. I love my ballistic exfil, it’s comfortable and I bought it not as a stand to support whomever, but to support my brain from getting hit with bullets.

        • DAN III says:

          In essence Hank, you support the Marxist Hillary when you support those who support the liar. Political support of Clinton by proxy.

          Guess you don’t understand the tyranny that will be forthcoming should this excuse for a woman be POTUS.

          • Guy says:

            Jesus dude, stop listening to Glen Beck. I don’t like HRC and I think she sucks, but wake up and realize that Trump is going to have his finger on the big red button and that’s fucking scary. HRC can’t get anything done without a dem congress anyways so you need to focus on the guy who will shit all over Vets to get elected- trump.

            • DAN III says:


              Trump is a billionaire employing thousands and thousands of people. He has built skyscapers. Millions of American citizens support his anti-establishment run for POTUS because unlike you, we are tired of the treason within our fedgov.

              Trump declares he will secure the borders from invaders. Trump declares he will support the right to keep and bear arms. Trump has declared to stop the dumping of ChiCom products on this nation. Trump has declared that your chosen candidate Hillary Clinton is a crook and a liar, which she is.

              Oh, and how will Mr. Trump “shit all over vets” ? You mean to insinuate that he would let four veterans defending a US embassy die at the hands of an attack and refuse to send them aid….as Hillary Clinton and soetoro-obama did ?

              Seems to me if anyone is “listening” it is folks like you succumbing to the propaganda of the left and Hillary Clinton.

              Wake up !

    • Frank Richmond says:

      Amen! It’s like people telling me not to eat somewhere because of their political beliefs. If I like their food, that is where I will eat. If I like a product, I buy it. What people do with their own money and who they support is up to them. We have too many single-issue voters in this country who will gladly let themselves be screwed over by ruthless, selfish politicians as long as that politician kisses their ass on that one issue. It’s the reason our government is so incapable of getting anything done. Clinton is a piece of crap, and hopefully we will be able to keep enough sane people in Congress to prevent her from doing too much damage if she gets elected. On the other hand, I work for the Postal Service. So, which is more of a threat to MY life? Clinton? Or the Republicans who are deliberately trying to destroy the great American institution I work for just so they can break it up and auction off the profitable parts to the businessmen who own them lock, stock and barrel and who bought them their seats? The biggest problem we have in this country is all the people who can be so easily controlled and taken for granted just because of their devotion to one single issue to the exclusion of all other rational concerns.

      • Charlie Kilo says:

        Chides people for being single issue voters, then admits to evaluating candidates/parties on a single issue. Seems legit.

    • Paul Zuk says:

      Take it easy, your helmet is still cool.

      It’s just the likes of Killary do not want you (as a civilian) to be able to own things like body armor. That’s the real issue. If it’s not ballistic (your helmet), and you can stomach their political stance, you’re good. As long as you’re not planning to upgrade. Then, if she wins, you’re basically fucked.

      Not only with your upgrade. Possibly with your guns and PC plates also.

      All because people like the owner of TW donated, supported (and even hosted) Killary.

  8. Jay Nguyen says:

    The popular opinion is that she does not care for the military. For them to be excited to host that kind of person on the platform of soldier safety is crazy. TBI is an important subject, but when a for-profit company forgets their audience, and proudly shares an upcoming visit, the subject gets lost in the noise that follows.

  9. MK262 MOD1 says:

    Just like everyone else, I have an opinion on TW’s actions here. But we all know what those are like…
    I would just like to go on the record and commend SSD for the manor in which he brought this issue to attention. Class act in standing behind a friend and business partner while still holding that party responsible for their actions.

    • Jay Nguyen says:


    • Mick says:

      I came for the gear news.
      I stayed for reasoned, logical discussion of DoD issues.

      SSD, you’re doing it right… being honest about your own beliefs but not fire-breathing and allowing a dialogue from someone with a different point of view, while at the same time acknowledging that individual’s integrity.

      It’s a reasoned argument that’s all too rare on the internet these days.

  10. Shep says:

    Does the CEO get a mulligan from you for his continued donations to Sherrod Brown?

    • Jeremy says:

      I saw that as well. Sherrod Brown is a true gun grabbing idiot any support of him is unforgivable.

    • SSD says:

      I did not know about those. I found out about them today when I started doing research about Dan Moore’s political leanings. Like I said. We never talked politics.

      I guess I’ll have to ask you how I should handle it. Now that I know that Dan Moore made political contributions to politicians that I oppose, what should I do? And should I check out the political contributions of every owner/CEO of products I use and companies I do business with? And what do I do if I find out they’ve made similar contributions? Should I toss all of that stuff out and stop doing business with everyone who doesn’t match my, or better yet, your ideological persuasion? I already know I’m going to miss my computers, mobile devices, entertainment, and vehicles.

      It sucks having knowledge because we are so often disappointed when we know too much. I know a lot so I spend a lot of my time pissed off and what’s worse pissing other people off by telling them inconvenient facts about their lives. Welcome to my life.

      • Travis says:

        SSD, You should not have to check the political leanings of those owners or CEO’s. The problem comes when they use the company itself to support someone who quite clearly is opposed to the ideals of most of their and your base. If Moore wants to individually contribute that is one thing but for Team Wendy to host a campaign event is another. As to your last example this is the equivalent of Apple supporting someone who is anti cell phone and got people using ipads in a coffee shop killed.

        • SSD says:

          And that’s the point. I don’t think they initially intended to host an event. Obviously, I’m not privy to the day-to-day goings on at Team Wendy, or any of the other advertisers in SSD, but I do know that sometimes things “happen.” Momentum takes over. Decisions get made and good intentions are transformed. At some point they take a look around and go, “this isn’t what we wanted at all.” I think Team Wendy made that realization early Saturday morning.

          • Travis says:

            I could buy that if there weren’t the contributions and the headline of their original post to go along with it. I don’t think a campaign event just happened to them. But if it did, why not at this point just withdraw their participation as that is clearly what their customers would like?

          • Travis says:

            It is also strange that you are defending them so much and Team Wendy’s only response to this is a link to your site

            • SSD says:

              You guys keep asking questions, basically the same question, over and over. I’m trying to explain what I see has happened. You’d be even more upset if I stopped answering you.

              So you don’t want me to answer your questions anymore?

              • Travis says:

                Just the appearance that you are being objective would be nice. You have a big voice in the community and with your stated history with Team Wendy it wouldn’t be a stretch for you to get the link to this with the agreement of trying to soften the blow. We are more stating facts and you keep responding with the same thing that this is just a misunderstanding and really Team Wendy is the victim here. Hillary’s campaign event just happened to them and there was nothing they could do but promote it and throw money at her.

                • SSD says:

                  Then don’t believe me. I’m just telling you what I know. But since you keep going in and in about this, what’s your deal? How are you involved? You own a helmet? You own a business that retails TW products?

                  • Travis says:

                    I am a veteran and still work in the community. I do own a TW helmet. And as a customer I find this support, deletions and subsequent statement to be unacceptable. I also find your responses to be overwhelming excusive of their actions. Like I said earlier, if they didn’t intend for this to happen then why not withdraw participation? If your take is correct then their statement should have sounded more like: “we didn’t intend to host a campaign event and were more interested in advancing our companies mission and goals. We are open to discussing the issues of TBI and warfighter protection with Clinton but are not endorsing her for obvious reasons which 99% of our customers know”

                    • SSD says:

                      Okay, put on your big boy pants because we’re going to have a discussion about the real world. This is a business that employs a lot of people and provides equipment used by our warfighters.

                      Someone agreed to an event with HRC. That event was most likely arranged by local politicians. Cancelling that event will result in repercussions at least on the local level, if not down the road at a federal level, if God forbid, HRC is selected POTUS. The time for prudence is passed and they are now between a rock and a hard place, as I already stated in my post. No matter what, someone is going to be mad. That is where TW finds itself. There are plenty of people unhappy that you’re disappointed and I spoke with them today. But dealing with this isn’t as easy as you seem to think. And that’s the reality of it.

                    • Travis says:

                      SSD thanks for replying with even more excuses for them. Maybe that someone is Team Wendy/Moore but you seem unwilling to entertain the possibility of anything other than Team wendy being completely helpless in all of this. I enjoy this site and will continue to check it religiously but I am I just going to have to disagree with your handling of this and I am skeptical. I cannot say the same for Team Wendy and pending a major reversal they have lost my business. Thanks for talking down to me

                    • SSD says:

                      What excuses? That’s the real world, feel happy of you don’t have to deal with it. You’ve asked questions and I’ve repeatedly answered them. You’re not going to get that anywhere else. We aren’t always going to like the answers we get and I applaud your skepticism, but not everything is a huge conspiracy. Sometimes people make mistakes. What matters is how they deal with them.

                      The thing with helmets is, it’s a really tough market because once someone buys a helmet, they aren’t going to buy another one for quite awhile. The nice thing, at least right now, is that there are several helmet options, if you can get them.

                    • Travis says:

                      Your repeated excuses are all along the same lines of making them the victim of circumstances out of their control:

                      ” I don’t think they initially intended to host an event ”

                      “Decisions get made and good intentions are transformed”

                      “That event was most likely arranged by local politicians”


                      I don’t think to say that making the connection of Moore donating to Hillary and then hosting a Hillary campaign event is a conspiracy. I think they did intend to do this and are just not properly dealing with the backlash. He underestimated what support for Hillary in this community means and for that he probably deserves whatever comes. But for you to repeatedly try to claim this was not what the intended I think is either ignorant of the facts or purposely deceptive.

                      I think the only question is in this industry is support for Hillary enough to stop doing business with them? For me and what seems to be most of their private base it is. For SSD it would appear not.

              • Engineer says:

                SSD, the internet pitchfork brigade is out in full force and they can’t be mollified by logic or reason. You made a sound argument for why you’re giving TW the benefit of the doubt, people can either choose to accept it or not.

                • P. Hogan says:

                  For the most part, I usually do not care about individual’s political preferences. It’s still somewhat a free country. But it is beyond naive to think that a visit to a company, in the middle of an election cycle, by a presumptive political nominee to be anything but a campaign stump. I haven’t even added in the name Clinton, former SoS, Benghazi, and/or under criminal investigation by the FBI. I am not a service member, or a veteran, nor owner of any ballistic helmet. I just know that I’m not stupid. Team Wendy choose to make a bed, so they are gonna have to choose to lay down in it or not and accept the ramifications on either side. It’s quite black & white to me (although I believe the world is gray). Let the chips fall where they may. -Paul, Citizen & LEO

  11. Shwell says:

    Hahahahahahaha. Nice try. But as shown above. This falls in line with political contributions made by the owner. Nice try though. Hahahahahaha…

    They are honored to Host Presidential Candidate Clinton. Their words. I have the screen shots.

  12. Frank says:

    Eric, I have valued you and your website for a long time now. It is my opening page for my web browsers. I do find it interesting that Team Wendy has come to you to post their response to what occurred today, and not posted it on their website or Facebook page (they linked to it). That is very interesting and odd in my opinion.

    I would like to respectfully ask that you to ask them why they deleted two different Facebook posts made by them today. I mean really, they deleted posts regarding a person that is under investigation by the FBI for deleting emails, among other things. They deleted them while things were turning very badly for them with the responses. Look, this is a free country. They can support whomever they want. They should man up and admit it. They support Hillary. When you gleefully post about it on your Facebook site (the first post that got deleted), you are a supporter. Period. Just own it.

    The things that Hillary did or didn’t do that caused four American Heros to be murdered. Others were wounded for life. I’ve met them, and shook their hands. I’ve looked into their eyes. Their lives have been dramatically changed forever. Remember, the American public was told this all happened on September 11th because of a video on YouTube. Well that was a lie, as we found out later.

    Personally, I cannot support any business that supports Hillary. It’s my hard earned money, and there are other manufactures out there making products just as good as theirs. That is the beautiful thing with a free market.

    Thank you for your time.

    • SSD says:

      Thanks for your readership and your comment.

      They sent it to me because I actually took the time to ask them for one. I’m not sure specifically why they deleted those posts but I’d imagine because they decided that those posts didn’t properly represent their company’s position. Perhaps they listened to their customer base. All day people claimed that the post meant that they were endorsing Hillary. According to the statement they gave me, they aren’t, so they took down the post on Facebook that was the source of the misunderstanding. That’s my take.

      • Frank says:

        Eric, so I’m a believe that there is always three sides to a story. Is it possible that Team Wendy hasn’t done their research and doesn’t realize that this stop is purely political? I mean, this is the text from Hillary’s web page:

        “Hillary Clinton is heading to Cleveland on Monday, June 13! At the event, she will discuss her vision for an America that is stronger when it is united and lay out what is at stake in November. Doors open at 10:30am — RSVP today and spread the word!”

        Here is the link to th event’s page:

        Where does it say that they will be talking about PTSD orTBI as Jose indicated?

        • SSD says:

          That’s a valid question. Based on my understanding of the situation, TW did not know that they would be the focus of the event until quite recently but rather believed that they would be a stop on a walk through of the overall facility.

          • Kilrain says:

            The original post on Facebook put out by TW should be a clue. The first line was, “Team Wendy looks forward to hosting Secretary Clinton.” How would the “not know that they would be the focus of the event” when the very first thing TW said about the matter was that they were HOSTING it.

            • SSD says:

              Originally, they were not the focus of the event. Did you read the post?

              • Kilrain says:

                That’s TW’s claim to you, NOW, after it blew up in TW’s face. Try reading this part again, the first line of their original FB post regarding HRC’s visit was, “Team Wendy looks forward to hosting Secretary Clinton.”

                So was TW lying then or are they lying now?

                • SSD says:

                  When you take it from the point of view that they were going to get to talk about their company and its focus on a national level, it makes sense to them. When the cold hard hand of reality steps in and says, “Hillary Clinton? Are you mad?” the statement takes on a totally different tone.

                  • Kilrain says:

                    Excuses, I suppose everyone has them.

                    • SSD says:

                      Well what is it you want to hear? Because reasonable answers are t satisfying you.

                    • Kilrain says:

                      I’d reply to your very last comment SSD but there is no “Reply” button after it. Either way, as others have pointed out repeatedly, you’ve given no “reasonable answers”, you’ve simply made excuses and tried to justify TW’s actions as some kind of mistake and eventuality that they couldn’t possibly resist.

                      TW can, and should, support whoever they want for POTUS. TW shouldn’t try to back peddle or claim misunderstanding for what clearly wasn’t.

                      TW can, and will, accept any consequences of their choices via the market. There may or not be any. Pretty simple really.

                      And I don’t want to hear anything but honesty, TW seems to be in short supply of that.

      • Travis says:

        Misunderstanding? Are you kidding me? The CEO of the company donates to Clinton, hosts a campaign event and then deletes the posts about it while at the same time saying they are just listening to someone who shares their common goals. They gave a statement saying they aren’t endorsing her while at the same time doing everything that constitutes endorsement without actually saying the words. This is a joke and for SSD to be defending them is just as bad and an insult to your readers. They messed up and are refusing to own it. They deserve this backlash and I am starting to think maybe SSD does as well.

  13. Greg says:

    I frankly don’t see what the big deal is, even more so, as a defense contractor, if they refuse Hillary and she wins the election, how well do you think that will play out for Team Wendy for those four years?

    • Engineer says:

      I think people don’t realize that the only way things get done in this country is by working both sides of the aisle…

      • SSD says:

        Unfortunately, as a people we don’t know much about business or the political process.

        • Jeb says:

          Unfortunately, Americans, as a whole, have lost the reality of values like integrity and honesty. Business is easy to understand, SSD…even a whore can grasp it. There is good business and there is bad business. Politics is harder to grasp. Sadly, California Dept of Corrections inmates understand politics better than the majority of Americans. There is no good politics. Mixing business with politics contrary to that business equates to barebacking an El Paso prostitute for the sake of learning Spanish – lying about it and exhibiting zero integrity in regards about it makes it worse.

          As someone who patrons many of your sponsors and includes this site as a daily read…multiple times a day…I will continue to read the site and continue purchasing quality clothes and equipment from your sponsors – but TW will NEVER be one of them. As Americans, we are all just as liberal as we are conservative – it is merely subject pending. So because they identify more liberally on topics in this country and would vote for one of two Democrats (historically liberal minded) is irrelevant to me. It is the fact that they choose to conduct business (political donations) with these specific entities that is requiring wall to wall counseling.

          I learned a long time ago that as Americans, we are allowed to vote in a new plantation manager every 4 years. The sad truth is that the plantation owner never changes. The last Presidential hopeful who truly gave two shits about this country took one to the skull before the second turd dropped. And I don’t even believe the moon landing took place. Flame on from the Reaganites – that douche was full of shit. Rant over – been too long of a day. Keep up the great work, Eric…but f@c& TW

  14. Brendan smith says:

    My prediction…Team Wendy will be out of business within 12 months. Know thy customer base.

    • SSD says:

      I’ll take that bet. You do realize that the core of their business is issue helmet pads, right? And that they just landed a contract for helmets in Australia? It’s a good company. It’s unfortunate that they got themselves wrapped up in this.

    • Kango says:

      You should probably get a refund on that crystal ball.

  15. Chicken Legs says:

    Team Wendy builds helmets for those who fight for our freedoms, and yes freedoms in political views for Americans. Good helmets, regardless what the owners political views are. I believe the employees are Americans before they are democrats or republicans.

    • DAN III says:

      “fights for our freedoms” ?

      Pal….what freedom has been attacked that we should be at war in the Middle East since 1991 ?

      Freedom you say ? Don’t pay you school or property taxes. Freedom my ass !

  16. cb says:

    How big of a campaign event do you have to host before it becomes “supporting them”?

  17. Will says:

    The problem is, as with most politicians, Hillary cares nothing for the military or TBI. She’s using this as a campaign stop for the ignorant, who think she has a soul, and morals. Team Wendy is simply kissing up to the one who they think will win. Or, quite possibly, Hillary has already made a deal for huge government contracts if she gets in. No one should be taking anything at face value if it involves politicians.

  18. AED says:

    Not here to debate it And pissed off more with some the smug responses I’ve seen, just want to pass on that this is just one hard working middle class guy who will not patronize the likes of Team Wendy, SSD, of those that support either.

    • SSD says:

      And yet, you make a comment here.

      • AED says:

        I did because I enjoyed your site, it was not only informative but enjoyed the sponsor/advertisers links. But, like that hot crazy chick you find out has STD…we’re no longer compatible.

        • SSD says:

          You aren’t really leaving, are you?

          • AED says:

            Yeah, that’s my intent, but Ive spent some coin with the advertisers here, and I have continued to come back, reading other responses, to see if I’m the dick here, maybe see it from a different perspective and to click on advertisers to tell them the same…if I had a facebook page I would defriend you. In fact, I think Ill open a facebook page, friend you somehow, then once you accept, unfriend you!

    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

      First, as a combat veteran, I would like to thank you for your service to this nation as a member of a Federal Agency serving on our Nation’s frontier.

      However, as you are a member of a Federal Agency, I find it ironic that you would choose to rail against this subject considering that the majority of your issued belt kit, boots and other associated uniform items come from China and other offshore companies.

      Yes, unlike the military, the very entity you are employed by is not held to the Barry Amendment for many of the equipment items they provide you. In fact, I remember the first iteration of tactical outer carriers provided to your organization, while sold by US companies, were made in China.

      Yet here you are, lamenting about a company that hosts some democratic twit while you don equipment provided to you by an organization that sends billions of dollars with foreign countries for items that could be made here.

      Ohhhhh the irony.

  19. dudeabides says:

    Based on the “Team Wendy looks forward to hosting Secretary Clinton” statement, I have to assume that this was much more than a simple facility walk/talk through. Then when you throw in the donations to known anti-gunners, the overall picture becomes unsat to me. The owner of TW is free to do as he pleases, so let the free market decide. Financially they’ll be fine for the near term, but public opinion in this industry carries a lot more weight than in most others. I am glad this is out in the open though, now the (non-wholesale) customer is armed with more data points to make his/her purchasing decision.

  20. Will says:

    I have to add, that I work for the government, and my agency, like most others, is run by politicians who have no desire to accomplish the mission. I can’t get a battery for my radio, and our cars have almost 250k miles on them. We have a government that is a total facade, and totally ineffectual. The only reason anything happens in government is because some politician, or their donor is making money. This situation is no different.

    • DAN III says:

      Did it occur to you that the taxpayers have to foot the bill for your equipment ? I haven’t had a pay raise in 12 years and took an $8,000 pay cut three years ago to keep my job.

      You like wearing a badge and you want to complain the taxpayer isn’t paying enough to keep you in gear and equipment. Too bad. We’re tapped out. Don’t like it, get another job.

  21. bulldog76 says:

    this is the reason i try to stay out of politics as much as possible to much craziness and f*ckery

  22. Fly on the Wall says:

    So, what’s the “purity test” required for the pitchfork and torches mob? A “Thulsa Doom Approved” stamp?

    I expect this kerfluffle will die down as quickly as the rest of the NFE boycotts like Leatherman a few years ago.

    Express all the discontent you desire with your wallet. But I’ll bet that most of the loudest voices aren’t buying helmet pad systems anyway.

  23. G3SM says:

    Such unexpected disappointment.

  24. Bob says:

    They got caught, and now they’re back peddling.

    It’ll be entertaining to watch them burn for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    • Chicken Legs says:

      Hmmm, so I understand you correctly, you want to see American Veterans lose their jobs? You want to shrink the market for protective equipment for the war fighter? Regardless of what the political affiliation is with the owner, you want to see a company who makes good kit go under?

      • Sierra5 says:

        I love how it always comes back to someone losing their job when what used to be American values are mentioned. They don’t get a free pass because what may happen. Think about what happens to the police/military if she gets in. If they go under, the vacuum will be filled, and next time maybe by someone who shares their customer bases values.

      • Bob says:

        If those Veterans support Hillary Clinton for President, yes, I would like to see them lose their jobs. Any military man who would support that murdering b**ch deserves to have his livelihood put in jeopardy.

  25. techster82 says:

    How do you overlook Dan Moore’s contribution in 2010 of $5000 to Harry Reid and $1000 to Nancy Pelosi in 2009. Then there’s his thousands of dollars over the last few years to Sherrod Brown (I don’t think I need to tell you his voting record regarding gun rights). Then there is the thousands to Ohio Democratic PACs as well as Obama’s and Clinton’s campaigns in 2008. We’ve also got a nice $10,000 donation to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    What am I getting at? Dan Moore has donated enough over the last few years to get someone’s attention at the DNC. That attention turned in to his company hosting her first major public appearance since becoming the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee.

    With all of this information brought to the public’s attention, SSD and the rest of us have to step back and ask if we are willing to continue to support and promote a company who’s founder actively works to limit the rights of citizens. Those same citizens who he claims to want to protect…….

    • SSD says:

      Dan Moore is in his 70s so I would hazard a guess that he’s been donating to political campaigns for a long time. But like I said before, I never knew his politics until today.

      So what’s your vote? What would you do?

      • techster82 says:

        What I as a private citizen can and would choose to do may be a different action from that of a business/website owner or someone who has a personal or professional relationship with Team Wendy and/or its founder and personnel.

        Again, as a private citizen on the outside looking in, the continued advertisement and subsequent endorsement of Team Wendy products on SSD would be extremely disappointing to me after today’s events and the revelation of Dan Moore’s political leanings. With this information we can no longer claim ignorance of the fact that Team Wendy sales have directly or indirectly funded the campaigns of key individuals who wish to limit rights that are of great importance to not only the folks at SSD but also their readership.

        This becomes a great test of the Free Market. Will Team Wendy and it’s supporters feel a financial strain if people decide to move their dollars to competing products? Time will tell.

        • SSD says:

          I wonder if Dan Moore would sever ties with SSD if he knew I was an Endowment member of the NRA.

          • Curt says:

            Dan Moore would not sever ties with SSD just like you refuse to sever ties with him. The reason we ask? Money…. Plain and simple explication of people’s actions when their paycheck is on the line.

            Remember we are not talking about him supporting “democrats” in general. But the single individual democrats he chooses to endorse is the issue. These certain. Democrats choose to not support our veterans or give 2 shits about them. But team Wendy is good because they employ veterans all while supporting politicians who do not support our military and police?

            It’s like a Wife staying married to her husband and defending him, when she knows he beats their daughter. She stays for the good of the marriage…. Lame excuse.

            He isn’t supporting some Tom, dick or hairy democrat. It’s Hillary, and she deserves a prison term, not a presidential term!!

          • Robert Adams says:

            why not ask him if you can buy him a membership? or send him a hat.

          • Sean says:

            Only one way to find out 😉

          • DAN III says:

            You’re an endowment member of the NRA. So what. I’m a life member of the NRA and it has been a waste of my money. The NRA has compromised gun rights time and time again. But, hey, they never have enough money. You should buy some of their wine to help fund Cox’ and LaPierre’s six figure salaries !

            • SSD says:

              Well get off your ass, stop complaining and actually do something. Become active in the NRA. Run for local office. Commenting on a website about how much everything sucks isn’t going to change a thing.

          • techster82 says:

            Why would he do that? He’s paying you to advertise a product that makes him lots of money. I’m sure he knows very well that you’re a big proponent of causes he is against by the very nature of your site and activism.

            A better analogy would be if you ran a website that actively petitioned against the military/second amendment and then took money generated from said website and donated it to politicians and groups who worked to protect those very same causes. That is essentially what Dan Moore has done with profits from his company.

            After sleeping on it and seeing some other players in the industry step up and take a firm stand against Team Wendy I hope that SSD will choose to do the same. Do you keep taking his advertising dollars or do you say that SSD can no longer in good conscience endorse a company who’s success has benefited politicians and groups who work against those that SSD serves.

  26. Matt C says:

    As active LE, I want to say that I don’t give a rats @$$ who TW or any other vendor backs- regardless of who they like, I will continue to seek and acquire the best product for my safety, and that of my team.

    And whether you like the candidate or not (not a Hillary fan), both sides are truly convinced they are improving our country, just see different methods of doing it. I may not like your ideas, but I respect your right to have them.

    Let’s all grow up.

    • majrod says:


      So if _______ (insert any group diametrically opposed to your values e.g. ISIS, a drug cartel, N Korea etc.) created the best ____ out there (anywhere between 1-10% better than a competitor) you’d have no problem giving them money to secure it despite what they were going to do with the money?

  27. Marcus says:

    I’m not surprised because I knew of TW’s political affiliations. This information is part of the public record and something I try to research before buying. I obviously went with a competitor who did not have these types of affiliations.

    I believe there is point at which principle matters more than any political affiliation. To say that the party Jose supports has done more damage to our military and law enforcement communities and their families then any in recent memory is perhaps the understatement of the century. To further state that he was unaware of the dastardly, mendacious, diabolical nature, and her deliberate assault on our individual freedoms, for which many have fought so valiantly, is a bridge too far.

    Many of us live by a code and stand next to those who do the same. We take support and comfort from others who share the same basic principles. We fight against those, one way or another, who are opposed to what we ultimately stand for. Jose is free to associate with whom he desires. But he must know that tells many of us precisely what he supports.

    • SSD says:

      Which competitor?

      • Marcus says:


        • Fleur de lis tactical says:

          I hate to break it to you Marcus but how do you think Crye secured a FFL to manufacture weapons in Brooklyn? The only weapons manufacturer in NYC…period. It was by playing ball with the local democrates…it’s called business. Don’t be so naive

          • Marcus says:

            I’m very familiar with the deal. They were allowed to produce a limited number for military and law enforcement only. I’m also familiar with the fact they are moving manufacturing outside the city.

            By the way, the supposition you’ve presented is much different than what we are discussing here.

            • Don't get mad at me says:

              Wow, that answered that. Good info there

            • Fleur de lis tactical says:

              If you are familiar with the deal you know that contributions were made….to democrates. Citatations? Openly talked about from Crye. So find a company that doesn’t play ball with both sides…..

              • Charlie Kilo says:

                Interesting… All this talk of “playing ball with both sides”, but no one is really looking at the percentage or total value of that ball being sent to one side, almost exclusively. Anyone want to venture a guess how much “ball is being played” with one side, over the other? “Playing ball with both sides” suggests that the playtime is equal, or relatively so, to at least be an arguable position. Unless, the “playing ball with both sides”, no matter how small, is used as the only defense for an indefensible act. I don’t have to inform anyone that’s moderately intelligent, but simply because you donated $1 to R doesn’t excuse or support the fact that you donated $1000 to D. Sure, you could say you “played ball with both sides”, but when the ratio between the two is so out of whack, the argument is best not even made. The cognitive dissonance is astounding…

          • DAN III says:


            Citations please.

    • Chicken Legs says:

      Code? My code was to take care of my team mates with the best kit, not political affiliation.

      • Marcus says:

        It’s arguable whether TW is the best kit. There are other choices and as I mentioned above if a code matters so do principles.

        By the way I may not agree at TW’s politics and find them ultimately destructive to our freedoms, but some of the irrational vitriol people are vomiting is equally appalling

        • Chicken Legs says:

          Marcus, you do realize that the TW employees may not share the same political views as their owner?

          • majrod says:

            Putting up the employees as helpless hostages doesn’t mitigate putting money in someone’s pocket that is going to use that money to undermine your rights.

            It’s like someone arguing the brand new ISIS conscripts working in an IED factory might not all really support ISIS…

          • Marcus says:

            Honestly, that’s a straw man and digression from the subject under discussion.

            One of the main points is that free association is a right as old as our republic. It is one the basic tenets of freedom so many fight for. But as Chesterton reminds us, “To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it.”

            While politics have always been somewhat toxic, the contemporary, blatant usurpation’s and corruptions have exposed some for more than just simple political acolytes. They have deliberately and with malice created a tyranny of the majority with which they have trampled others whom they disagree with.

            This isn’t your granddad’s political party and anyone who has not noticed that has either rather remarkably not been paying attention or supports the authoritarian incursions.

            Most especially hurt by this grotesque overreach are our law enforcement and military communities. Many could probably cite numerous instances which show this is not some whimsical idea, but a pattern of deliberate intent with an occasional bone thrown in as a weak attempt at camouflage.

            Even more distasteful, is the person TW chose to support has been part of the most destructive efforts, supports a fair degree of what she was not directly involved in by her associations, has lied directly to some families for politics and has doubled-down on that destructive rhetoric as part of her recent campaign- a campaign TW chose to support.

            Sorry, but I’ll simply exercise my own individual freedom by not supporting people who are aiding what many of us are fighting against.

  28. Chuck says:

    I kind of like the idea that a lot of people have bought products from manufacturers that support political parties that advocate totalitarian ideology, and subsequently used those products in training or action to advance the idea of liberty.

  29. Chicken Legs says:

    HK, Aimpoint, S&B, Glock, AK’s, FN, etc… Do you really care about politics? This whole argument is dumb. We buy kit because it’s good and serves our requirements via performance.

    • majrod says:


      So if _______ (insert any group diametrically opposed to your values e.g. ISIS, a drug cartel, N Korea etc.) created the best ____ out there (anywhere between 1-10% better than a competitor) you’d have no problem giving them money to secure it despite what they were going to do with the money?

      • Andy says:

        I think that this is the 2nd time you have mentioned this very thing, and it bugs me a bit. An American manufacturing company is not the same as ISIS. That is an extreme comparison that doesn’t equate to the truth on the ground.

        HK is a German product, AKs are from the Soviet Union originally, Glocks are Austrian, but the companies that own them are allowed to do business in America because they abide by American trade regulations. They create products and distribute them with a wise and legal business plan. HK, AK, Glock, and yes, TW are not the child raping group ISIS, whose only contribution to the world will be to die.

  30. Justin says:

    I must say I’m overall impressed with this whole debacle of a debate. I think the real issue here is that Mr. Moore is welcoming HRC not necessarily TW. I’m willing to assume that because most of that company is vets that they are not a huge HRC fan….so lets give TW a break. If you want to give grief to someone go to Mr. Moore. By taking business away from TW, yes you hurt Mr. Moore’s pocket but MOREOVER you hurt good hardworking AMERICAN Vets. Don’t be a Blue Falcon….

    • majrod says:

      Putting up the employees as helpless hostages doesn’t mitigate putting money in someone’s pocket that is going to use that money to undermine your rights.

      It’s like someone arguing the brand new ISIS conscripts working in an IED factory might not all really support ISIS…

  31. jack says:

    Simple truths:

    A solid bet would be that the majority of TW’s sales are to civilians and/or LEO MIL that have to purchase their own kit. if not a majority, then a sizable piece of their business.

    That business is now either entirely gone or will be very shortly. Our segment of the consumer market is driven by far more emotion than almost any other.

    The retailers/ wholesalers will be forced to take a hard look at continuing to do business with TW. They will have to weigh their own values as well as review those of their customers. I do not envy TNVC and their other retailers one bit.

    Let’s be honest here. If TW really and truly did nothing wrong- or if they were blindsided by an event that blew up outside of their control (all plausible) then why hide it? If they didn’t do anything wrong then why delete posts? Why let Eric post their statement instead of posting their statement through their own channels?

    I’m reminded of the Recoil MP-7 scandal. They eventually recovered, but after a lot of house cleaning and Mea Culpas. But it seems like TW keeps doubling down and either not admitting fault, or at the very least not presenting their case in an official statement pushed out through their channels.

    Eric, your site is commendable and very informative. However, not everyone reads SSD, and there are a lot of people out there with pitchforks and torches right now. TW needs to get in front of this thing before it’s too late (and it might already be).

    • SSD says:

      I think you’re right about a large portion of their sales being LE and yeah, I am sure they will lose some business over this, no matter what they do.

      I don’t know why they haven’t shared this statement on their own social media, except that I asked them for a statement, and quickly. However, I don’t think it would have had an impact there like here. Facebook is kind of like the Wild West while over here, the discourse is a bit more focused. Maybe in a day or two when people realize that their credit cards were compromised at Wendy’s hamburgers and that several retired generals they all looked up to are out to grab their guns, TW can begin to communicate again.

    • Sean says:

      According to arfcom, TNVC is in the process of severing their business with TW precisely because of this and they are preparing their own statement regarding the situation. If other retailers follow suit, then things might get interesting. Personally, I was planning on getting a TW helmet once I had the money saved up, but now I’m looking at either the new revision ones that SSD covered a month ago, or a FAST bump helmet whenever that line starts up again.

      Between TW and Petraeus , this has been a very disappointing 48 hrs.

      • SSD says:

        No idea when the new TW helmets will be available. Maybe Fall. Ops-Core has Carbon Fiber helmets but there won’t be any plastic ones for awhile.

        But to be honest, if buying a helmet from an ideologically reliable company, you’re screwed. Over the past 24 hours or so I’ve found out that pretty much everyone supports Democrats if not HRC herself.

  32. SmashFab says:

    This is my first time commenting on this site. And first I’d like to applaud SSD for making this information available to their readers. And for giving a honest breakdown of the situation from the information they had available at the time of writing this article. I’ve always enjoyed the content on this site and will continue reading articles that strike my fancy.

    Not a single person that’s commented so far has any idea what’s going on behind the doors at TW and how things came together. I work in the manufacturing industry and a company that’s doing their best to keep jobs here in the states are just fine by me. I’ve known too many people that lost their jobs because their job was shipped oversees to give a damn honestly about who the owner of a particular company supports politically.

    I guess folks here only think you deserve freedom if it’s their brand of freedom. I guess they forget that this country was founded by men and women that didn’t always agree on every single issue, but did all agree that there needed to be a change in the way people are governed. America is great not because we’re all exactly the same, but because we’re all different. People came together from all walks of life to stand up to the tyranny of British rule at the time. Because of those brave men and women, and the hundreds of thousands that followed, you all now have the ability to sit on your arse at home and bitch and moan about this. And for the folks on here that are veterans I thank you for your service and sacrifice. Everyone is guaranteed their own opinion by the constitution, and you’re guaranteed the right to disagree as well. If you don’t like what you see then don’t look at it, no one is forcing you.

    • majrod says:

      Agree on your comments on freedom!

      We diverge on the implied correctness of business doing anything to stay in business.

      Agree in the end that everyone has the right to support or not support as well as the unstated freedom to question or even criticize why someone chooses one path or another.

      May make one feel uncomfortable but that questioning is the test on whether one’s position is well thought out.

  33. TomM says:

    Everyone has the right to choose. Leatherman supports dems, I choose not to carry their products. Team Wendy supports dems, I will not wear their product from now on either. Don’t care how the game is played, that’s weak sauce btw ssd, you either believe in something or you don’t period live by your convictions. Funny that you mention Prince, the dems really a treated him great didn’t they?

    Sure TW makes a great product but the fact that they support someone who has no regard for our Constitution, takes donations from enemy states lies non stop etc etc etc tells me all I need to know about their shared goals, money and power above all else.

  34. William says:

    I Understand Political Expendency Is The Life Blood Of Corporations & America Too! How Many Nation-States, Do We Business With Daily, Thst Shit On Core American Values? But, Since The USA Finds It Politically/Finacilly Expedient To Look The Other-way We Do!

    However, Team Wendy Built It’s Business Directly {Soley?} Upon The Goodwill & Support Of The Mil/LE Communities To Ignore This Fact & Support The Candidacy Of HillaryClinton Who’s Votes, Judgement & Actions Needlessly, Repeatedly, Hurt The Very Commuinities Who’s Critical Support Underwrote TW Corporate Success- Unconsiobable!

    1st Highlighting Then Lowlighting Their Corporate Support For Hillary Clinton… I call Shenanigans on Team Wendy!

    PS: As Ret SNCO CombatMedic- PTSD & TBI -Huge Issues For Me; SO, Let’s Be Honest & Stop Muddying The Waters: No Where In HRC’s Offical Campign Notice Says Anything About Either Issue!


  35. mcs says:

    A US company hosts former United States Senator and former Secretary of State of the United States? A US citizen makes a campaign contribution to a US presidential candidate?

    CRUCIFY THEM! Who do they think they are? I bet they even vote, shame on them. 😉
    (I think “circus” was an apt description. So many delicate opinions thrust so vigorously…)

    • Sierra5 says:

      As a member of the community that your candidate despises, I will forgo a lengthy rebuttal and simply apply Dr. Darwin’s wisdom, stupid should hurt. This stupid should hurt real bad.

      • Justin says:

        Sierra – As a fellow member of that community that HRC loathes, I completely agree that stupid should hurt. As we all well know, Pain is a GREAT teacher. And as I stated previously, why hurt fellow Vets? We all know that by hurting Moore that we will hurt fellow Vets.

        • majrod says:

          Putting up the employees as helpless hostages doesn’t mitigate putting money in someone’s pocket that is going to use that money to undermine your rights.

          It’s like someone arguing the brand new ISIS conscripts working in an IED factory might not all really support ISIS…

    • DAN III says:


      Hillary Clinton is not the patriot or nationalist you imply she is.

      Crooked Hillary….Trump got that right !

  36. Vic says:

    Just want to throw this out there… If you own a TW lid and are now disgusted with yourself because of said ownership, I’ll gladly help ease your politcal/moral/ethical/patriotic/whatever guilt by purchasing it off you (Hell, if your feeling super patriotic feel free to donate them).

    Pennies on the dollar of course since all TW products are obviously inferior and inherently un-American. I’ve got a lot of guys that are out doing work and they could use an upgrade in the headgear dept.

    Totally serious.

    • ISMC1775 says:

      No one is going to throw their money away because of this. They already have the money from said products so it would not be hurting them. Nobody said TW products are inferior either. You are trying to stir the pot and make it seem like it is unreasonable to feel disgust at TW for their actions when it is completely justified. Instead people will go to another manufacturer when the time comes to replace the TW that they currently own or people that were currently looking/saving up for a helmet will buy from someone else. That’s what will hurt them. Go take your nonsense somewhere else.

      • Vic says:

        I’m not trying to stir anything up and I’m not trying to make anyone feel any particular way. If you don’t want your TW Products I can find a new loving home for them. Simple as that.

    • matty says:

      I too will help out your moral and political quandries by taking the evil off your hands.

  37. Adun says:

    I am no fan of Mrs. Clinton, as few people here obviously are, but are we really going to sit here and try to determine the political leanings of every single company that SSD might be covering in the future? Of course TW made a bad move by openly supporting a political candidate who stands against many of the company’s core interests, but companies have been playing both sides of the party line for years without anyone making any noise about it. Clearly this is a case of a company owner using his company to support his favored candidate, that isn’t always a good thing, but that is also the man’s right. Hell, the only other valid argument is that no company in its right mind would denounce a political candidate, who may have influence over their future business with the U.S. Government, that is coming to its facility (regardless of the reason.)

    I don’t see why SSD should stop covering/advertising for a company which has done its best to try and help provide quality products for the men and women in this country wearing a uniform and going into harms way. I do however believe that no excuses should be made for this company and its choices, nor should any slant be given to the reports of their actions. Say it how it is SSD, then let the readers make up their own minds, it isn’t your job to cover down for TW and their actions, all we ask is that you keep us informed as you have always done.

    • majrod says:


    • Adun says:

      If TW really wants to make amends for this, in my opinion, they should donate all of the money raised from this event to help the causes that they care about which are in line with their corporate and consumer values, not a political campaign. Of course we all know that won’t happen though.

  38. John Doe says:


  39. majrod says:

    Wow! Just wow.

    SSD is the best gear info source out there. Come here daily and will continue to do so because the information is cutting edge and 95% of the time very objective. It’s SSD’s right to choose their advertisers. If they wanted to promote a company that uses slave labor or “legally” stole another company’s idea they are free to do it though I think principles might come into play even if those slave labor or legally stealing ideas weren’t discussed in previous conversations. It’s weird when one picks and chooses which principles supersede others but freedom is weird that way and allows us to do it. Just like the consumer has a right to let whatever factor impact their judgement.

    TW makes a great product. Many use that as the only yardstick to drive what they procure to do their job. So if _______ (insert any group diametrically opposed to your values e.g. ISIS, a drug cartel, N Korea etc.) created the best ____ out there (anywhere between 1-10% better than a competitor) they’d have no problem giving them money to secure it despite what they were going to do with the money? I guess it comes down to prioritizing principles. Some place their security above all else. I think that’s ok when it comes to using captured equipment but I personally have issue with rewarding an entity for a product when I know they are going to use a portion of those profits to hurt my interests.

    What about the innocent employees? Putting up the employees as helpless hostages doesn’t mitigate putting money in someone’s pocket that is going to use that money to undermine your rights. It’s like someone arguing the brand new ISIS conscripts working in an IED factory might not all really support ISIS. US employees always have choices. if one works for someone that doesn’t share their values and the boss gets in trouble for those values are the innocent employees victims? Maybe, but if they are it’s the employers fault for doing something that hurt his employees. They have that responsibility not consumers. Trying to shift that responsibility is a cop out. Who made the case that one should still but eo tech products because if you didn’t you were going to hurt the innocent employees? Whoa! Apples and oranges! The owners of eo tech made a decision to do something wrong. I agree. Didn’t TW’s owner do something wrong in people’s eyes? Aren’t they allowed to decide where to spend their money? Of course they are.

    Are some of my metaphors, hyperbolic? Absolutely, but I think they clarify the competing interests and ideas. Interesting how some principles get people screaming bloody murder like the Army using Scorpion to circumvent Crye but a well regarded equipment manufacturer’s owner gets a pass for supporting a party that at every turn has tried to suppress one of our most cherished God given right (the 2A does preserve one’s life also).

    Some reject politics because the issue can be so fractious. Most colonists felt that way but it’s the ones that didn’t that made all the difference. About politics though, I think Krauthammer hit the nail on the head…

    “Politics, the crooked timber of our communal lives, dominates everything, because, in the end, everything … lives or dies by politics. You can have the most advanced and efflorescent of cultures. Get your politics wrong, however, and everything stands to be swept away. This is not ancient history. This is Germany 1933.”

    One can ignore politics at their own peril and that’s the beauty and curse of freedom, which is only a generation away from getting lost…

    Who do you think Hillary is going to put on the Supreme Court who will eventually decide if states can restrict concealed carry or if a gun manufacturer can be sued if their gun is used in a crime?

    But who cares? It’s just politics and TW makes great gear…

    • Engineer says:

      I hate Hillary too, but comparisons to ISIS? Reductio ad absurdum…

      • majrod says:

        Where exactly is the appeal to emotion? Did I mention lopping heads off, burning/drowning Christians, systematic rape? Is just using the word “ISIS” a micro-aggression? If so one has a very low “emotional” threshold. Sorry.

        ISIS obviously stands for things a rational being cannot support as are many of Hillary’s positions (or do you want to argue that point?). The two aren’t the same but rejecting principles that don’t align with yours is a common characteristic. This is not an informal fallacy.

        I didn’t (and won’t) say HRC and ISIS are equal (that would be a strawman argument).

        Reductio ad absurdum is actually a valid debate technique and different than an appeal to emotion as you state. It clearly demonstrates the absurdity of one’s position by using absurdity. Plato, Aristotle and Socrates actually use the technique. That IS logical.

  40. james says:

    SSD After reading your responses I think the question now becomes Do you support Hillary Clinton as well?

    • SSD says:

      Apparently you didn’t bother to read my commentary. If you had, you’d know the answer. While I’ve been quite open about my position on Hillary Clinton, I am unimpressed that you feel that I owe you an answer. I don’t. If you can’t read, then you don’t deserve to know.

    • Guy says:

      A more appropriate question is- do you support the Donald? The racist demagogue who called McCain a loser because he was captured? The guy who ACTUALLY WAS A DEMOCRAT 10 YEARS AGO?!

  41. Daniel says:

    if you look at Dan T. Moore’s campaign contributions (100% of which are to Democrats), you begin to see a pretty clear picture—despite what the Team Wendy apologists here at SSD would have you believe.

    • SSD says:

      Yes, it’s quite apparent that Dan Moore is a Democrat. You’ve ferreted him out. But now I’m looking at a post below and it appears that the other helmet manufacturers have donated money to Democrats as well. Looks like there’s no idologically pure helmet manufacturer in the US. There’s a business opportunity for someone.

  42. I think Eric stepped in it.

    Best to keep SSD strictly about guns and gear and stay strictly out of politics.

    • SSD says:

      You guys are all talking about politics. I’m talking about an American brand that makes a great product.

      • Advice:

        Stick to talking about products and ignore politics.

        I can get political debate on any gun forum.

        I prefer SSD stick strictly to gear notifications, etc.

      • majrod says:

        “I don’t see any effort in their end to endorse a candidate for political office as so many have claimed.”

        SSD got political when it denies there was political bias/reason/manipulation by a long term political supporter to allow his defense related company to be used as a backdrop for a specific candidate. A candidate whose platform works to minimize the production of those products, works against the interests of American employees and the fundamental rights of that comapany’s consumers.

        SSD has condemned other organizations with far less evidence for hurting the industry e.g. government was avoiding paying crye by going with scorpion.

        Still love SSD but denying the obvious political motivations of TW is being political. SSD can still endorse TW products because they make good stuff. I’d expect no less but the mulligan because “TW isn’t being political” is incongruous with the pattern of behavior of the owner.

        Political affiliation doesn’t impact the quality of a product, nor does borrowing/stealing ideas from competitors. SSD might not want to portray political affiliation as a reason not to buy a quality product but it will if that product comes from less than ideal development because that isn’t right and it hurts the industry (agree IMO).

        Personally, I think putting money into the coffers of politicians that are anti- defense/2A also hurts the industry but that’s just me.

      • Don't get mad at me says:

        I think thats for the best.

        Eric, you are in full blown apologetic mode, and its not called for. This is a serious mistake on TW part. You defending them tooth and nail only disrespects yourself. I don’t mean this personally. I love your board and the stuff you reply with. This one is just too far gone.

        • SSD says:

          I’m not defending them, I’m just give you a different point of view. As I’ve said many a time, this is a trainwreck.

          • BillC says:

            At least you made it to Monday.

            • majrod says:

              Yes Monday.

              Anyone see HRC’s comments about AR15’s, background checks etc. at TW?

              What about the guy front and center with the guns kill shirt?

              Where was TBI showcased again as TW stated?

          • Don't get mad at me says:

            Thank you sir.

  43. Helmet Wearer says:

    Despite your hurt feelings, we need Team Wendy. Let’s face it, most of the people who are upset about this don’t even own a helmet, let alone one from Team Wendy. And those that do and think they are going to sell it and buy one from another manufacturer are sadly mistaken.

    Ops-Core can’t deliver on unit and agency order so individual sales are fantasyland. Plus, they’ve got a recall on their bump helmets. If availability and reliability weren’t enough, there’s always Gentex’s donations to Democrats. Another no-no.

    M-TEK is vaporware and besides, some of their parts are made by Team Wendy, if they were available. Ideologues take note.

    Revision’s new helmet is neato but it’s still vaporwear. Plus they’ve got close ties with Democratic Senator Leahy so you can’t support them now, can you?

    So who ya gonna call? If you want a helmet on time and on spec, it’s Team Wendy and everyone that actually orders helmets knows this.

    • Helmet Wearer says:

      I almost forgot Crey Precision. Aside from flaky delivery and the AirFrame’s inability to pass testing, there’s this interesting post up above somewhere that claims that Crye did some Democrat backscratching in order to get their forearms manufacturing license in Brooklyn.

      • majrod says:

        How many of these other helmet manufacturers host campaign events at their facilities providing political candidates the opportunity to use their products as props?

        How many then delete comments/positions/statements and simultaneously say the event has grown out of their control while attributing said event to a philanthropic cause that is nowhere in the political candidates platform or agenda?

        Yep, don’t like the business practice of companies that play on both sides of the fence but this seems to be a case of one company decidedly on one side that happens to be against a lot of what their customers values are.

      • RegularJoe says:

        Crye Helmet can’t pass testing? What testing?

        • SSD says:

          It’s a DoD crush test. It can’t pass it. Basically, it’s a test that determines whether the helmet will return to its original shape after being subjected to a weight load. The AirFrame will not due to its two piece design. Additionally, the AirFrame, like the Ballistic old FAST (no issues now) has some issues with the DOD 9mm test but the AirFrame ATX has more Kevlar and passes with no issues.

    • Helmet Wearer says:

      A friend just reminded me of another one.

      Ceradyne, aside from issues with testing and lack of availability, 3M also contributes to the campaigns of Democratic politicians.

      • Redbeard says:

        The same Ceradyne that made all the failed SOCOM plates? Then denied it was their fault? How many operators died from those failures and coverup may never be known.

  44. Fleur de lis tactical says:

    For all you screw Team Wendy I’m going to buy ops core folks.

    Now they weren’t dumb enough to host Hillary but by the laws of mob rule there is no difference

    • Jon C. says:

      Exactly how much did you read into that particular Gentex?

    • Vic says:

      So, boycott Opscore too???

      • Jon C. says:

        No. It’s not the same Gentex but the lynch mob doesn’t care. The one noted above makes truck parts I believe.

        • SSD says:

          Yeah, it is. There are two and sure enough, they both have donated to democrats.

          • majrod says:

            Donating is one thing. (I don’t like who they support but that’s their right/money).

            Using your company as a prop is another. You are aligning your brand, products, employees and company with a politician.

            • SSD says:

              Actually, there are quite a few folks here who are quite displeased with Dan Moore’s donations. So, donations alone are the trigger.

              • majrod says:

                The trigger for them (and valid if we have a free America but makes it tough to buy a “Democrat” free helmet) but not for all.

                Equating companies without showcasing the widely varied and very public support is disingenuous. This is another example of defending the indefensible.

        • Jon C. says:

          Yep. Listing Genetx (armor) as an automotive mfg. threw me of, as there is one in Michigan that makes truck parts. Going back and researching the actual PAC, it is in the same place as Gentex/Ops Core.

  45. Cody says:

    Why is Clinton being referred to as “Secretary”? That ship has long sailed

    • SSD says:

      Its a protocol thing.

      • William says:

        When I was an NCOIC at Womack an older Ret Member (as opposed to me lol) asked to see me…When calling him for a test or to see a provider? one of my Spec4’s had called him Mister; He was a Ret 0-9! When I responded & apologized to a very reasonable LTG, He said: SFC when you retire from the army you’ve earned the Right to a small check & you rank!”

        As much as I literally despise Hillary …She, Sadly Is Secretary Clinton

  46. Dellis says:

    I just read through 173 comments!

    What I saw, read, digested and came away with was..America.

    The ability to agree, disagree and voice our opinions as to what is and is not right and/or wrong with this current situation and business being merged with politics and vice versa.

    That’s the great thing about this but also what I came away with, as a business owner myself employing at the moment 12 people, is that those 12 people depend on our tiny little business to allow them to pay rent, eat and clothe themselves and their loved ones. In turn I MUST have a customer base in order to allow this to all take place, as I am sure everyone here can grasp. Business relies on customers, cash sales, they create or sell a widget in hopes the population sees value in said widget and spends money on their widget.

    Team Wendy and SSD are not any different. SSD sells no tangible physical widget BUT they do cater to those who do, they are a cyberspace billboard of sorts. As a cyber customer you (we) go traveling by, stop for a bit and read and become informed on the latest and greatest widget. Some choose to buy, some choose to pass and cyber on.

    Team Wendy also creates and sells a widget. One can choose their product over the several others or choose to just pass and spend their hard earned money elsewhere. You are FREE to base this on personal choice, being fit, finish, customer service and yes even who they keep company with on a political basis.

    Now, so many of us here have such disgust for all things Clinton it makes many of us ill what a lying piece of rat ass she and her hubby are. My personal take is…”How can anyone with any sense come to a conclusion that this woman is good for America??” She would sell out her kid if she knew it would advance her agenda.

    So as one who is still free, for now, to spend my money where I please my mindset as a conservative Christian is I only want to buy widgets from THOSE WHO HOLD TO MY VALUES, MORALES, ETHICS and POLITICAL HOLDINGS!!

    If I followed that course I would NOT be buying much from anyone. Rather I would have to plant my own food, weave my own clothes and pretty much live in a cave…on property most likely owned by a liberal homosexual. What if somehwere along the line my citrus seeds come from a group of liberal global warming democrats who donate all types of money to the DNC? What if I find out my favorite Christian family owned breakfast place just hired a gay waitress or cook? I can stop giving them my business but where will I go and spend my money?

    Some years ago a man said, “I want to fundamentally transform America!” Well he has in fact done that and done so in a calculating manner for look at the very atmosphere we now live in, it’s charged with a feeling of US vs THEM, niether side not sure who is the US and who is the THEM, but what I can tell you is that as the country leans more liberal those of us who seek to voice our opposition to matters of politics, morals or ethics (as here in this case) will be seen more and more as the ugly warts on the ass of society.

    So my opinion is that TW should of just kept doin business as usual and I am sure they will not duplicate this in the future due to the lashing they have received YET they are a FREE business to endorse who ever they want to while we are FREE to buy or not buy their widget. America..keep her free!

    SSD has built a business and done so with the model of, “If I hope to make this work I need MONEY so I will sell ad space”…and it has obviously worked. It would be utterly ridiculous for SSD (Eric) to have a form to be filled out and notorized that stated or asked, “What political affiliations do you have?” “How man liberals work for you?” “Do you support planned parenthood?” He would lose business.

    Lastly, we have over a billion people here in the United States eligible to be President and it comes down to these 2 asshats? Really?

    Either way my friends, Trump or Clinton, we The People get screwed as more and more liberties will be shackled and held hostage. In fact if TW had held a party for Trump I would be suspicious because he ain’t no friend of Liberty nor the Armed Services.

    • William says:

      “Either way my friends, Trump or Clinton, we The People get screwed as more and more liberties will be shackled and held hostage. ”

    • Terry Baldwin says:


      Well said! You did plus up our population a little. ~360 million I believe but your point is spot on.


      • Dellis says:

        Ya, I realize that but I was on a rant…can we call it artistic hyperbole? lol

      • BillC says:

        And eligible to be president is probably only a 1/3 of that, if that. So most likely 120 million tops. Also the sheer cost to run for president, let alone any elected federal position, so of course it would be “I was dead-broke when I left the White House” Hillary Clinton and Trump.

  47. Kaos-1 says:

    Bump helmets , for retarded kids that run into walls . Lol

    • Dellis says:

      How’s this funny?

    • SSD says:

      Like these guys said, it’s not funny.

      • Kaos-1 says:

        Sec. Hillary Clinton – ” was it because of a protest or guys out for one night and decided to kill some Americans. What difference, at this point, what difference does it make.”

        Sec. Henry Kissinger – ” military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

        What’s funny is that you all think it really matters if it’s a democrat or a republican. The only thing that matters to them is keeping the dollar the world reserve currency. We die, they get rich.

  48. My.02 says:

    I’ve been an avid reader of SSD for some time now and have learned a lot about new products covered here. Ordinarily, I’m not one to comment, and typically keep political discussions to my circle of family and friends. That being said, this is a matter I can’t sit idly by and ignore. IMHO, those who analogize TW’s action here as akin to other companies engaging in political contribution and “contract acquisition” are missing the big picture. It’s not about the product, it’s about the trade in good will. TW has built a reputation for supporting and protecting our soldiers. By providing HC with a photo op, they are giving her free reign to ride upon that good will and suggest to the American public that she’s a champion for our troops – when nothing could be further from the truth. That is truly despicable.

  49. Mr.E.G. says:

    Begin unpopular opinion:

    I don’t like Hollary Clinton very much. I think many of her policies are flawed, her position on guns is different than my own (and the rhetoric she uses to justify her positions is flexible in the face of reason), and her general philosophy of “let’s use the government to solve all of life’s problems” is quite different from my own. Additionally, I loathe the idea of political dynasties, I don’t find he to be at all charismatic or capable as a leader, and I just can’t but feel that outside of her popularity, she is not even close to the best candidate that the Democratic Party can come up with. In short, I don’t much care for her… at all.

    However, I have a big problem with the tone of this article. Yes, she is literally trying to nullify rights that I take very seriously, but she has the right to see things differently than me and to use the political process toward that end. I think that the talk of disowning Team Wendy –even if they wholeheartedly support her– is no less asanine than all of the people on the political left who felt it was necessary to boycott Chik-Fila for their positions on gay marriage.

    People have different values, perspectives, and interests than I / we do. You know what? Good for them. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where even people who are wrong get to have a voice. If Hillary Clinton took control of the army and crossed the Rubicon, I would say that she is objectively bad and must be opposed at all costs. But aside from that, she’s just a person who has different political views than I do. Do I think she’s wrong? Yep. Will I ever vote for her? Nope. But to label anyone who associates with her as some sort of a traitor or as the enemy reflects everything that is wrong with our country.

    There are a million reasons that Team Wendy may wish to associate with Clinton that has nothing to do with their political views. After all, if you provide products to the US military, I can’t imagine you just stop the assembly lines when someone you don’t like gets elected president. No, if you truly care about making products that protect our troops, then you make those products available through whatever legal and ethical means you have at your disposal.

    There are certainly things that a company can do that would make me never want to do business with them. But disagreeing with me on political philosophy isn’t one of them. Frankly, imposing this type of a code of conduct in a business is no different than all of our left-leaning brethren boycotting stores over their bathroom polices that aren’t inclusive enough for transgendered people, which I’m sure every one you hears about and says, “Ah, who freaking cares? Get over yourself.” But now that the shoe is on the other foot, we can’t see that we’re taking the same approach?

    Here’s what I’m advocating for. Feel however you want to feel about Clinton. You’re probably mostly right about her. But valet park your high horse and consider the possibility that this isn’t an a fight between one group who is objectively in the right and other group who is objectively in the wrong. This is a matter of people who agree on a good many things yet disagree on several important points. Argue the merits of your points and you’ve got a platform. Dogmatically state that the other side is the enemy and you’ve got yourself a religion.

    • Mr.E.G. says:

      When I typed “Hollary” that was a typo, not a lame attempt at a pun. Haha.

    • SSD says:

      The funny thing is, I don’t think anyone here is pro- Clinton.

      • Mr.E.G. says:

        I don’t think anyone here is pro-Clinton, either. I’m not suggesting that anyone should be. She stinks. I just think there’s a big difference between disagreeing with someone / thinking your side is right and declaring them as some ideological antithesis / willing to condemn anyone who associates with them. Trump, who I detest almost as much as I detest Hillary, but for different reasons, has plainly stated that he rubbed elbows with her in the past specifically because it was his job as a businessman to rub elbows with anyone so long as it benefits his business. Despite all the things he says that I don’t agree with, I most certainly agree with that statement. Is it hypocritical for Trump the man to speak of the corrupting influence of money in politics when he himself has engaged in mixing with money and politics? Sure. But is it wrong for Trump the business to have done so? Of course not.

        Team Wendy, a defense contractor, rubbing elbows with the person who will most likely become the Commander in Chief of our nation’a military is not exactly tantamount to building bombs for the Nazis. There are many reasons that they may associate with her. But even if they genuinely love her and would like her to be the leader of the free world, I find it troubling that so many are calling for their heads. At best they have a different outlook on the world than I do. I can live with that. Apparently, not everyone else can. Haha.

        But at some point, aren’t all the complainers really making themselves out to be the conservative version of whiney college kids talking about trigger warnings?

    • William says:

      Generally Clinton’s “What Difference Does It Make” Defense Would Actually Apply to TW …HOWEVR, HRC’s shameless disregard for every Value my Grandmother & The Army hammered to my core, my distaste 4 ALL unnecessary War Votes, & fact she literally lead PostCMG Lybia Into an AQAP / ISIS Terrorist Haven & Then of course Her privileged Smugness does makes Hillary Clinton a very unique case, maybe even one off?

  50. Bill says:

    I don’t care if they support the Gay Nazi Bikers for Christ – if they make the best product to protect my bean they get my business. I don’t care about the political positions of my doctor/lawyer/dentist/mechanic/plumber, just that they are the best in the biz, nor do they care about mine.

    It’ll be tough to stand on your principles when you have unequal pupils and are leaking blood and cerebral/spinal fluid from your eyes, nose and ears.