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Daniel Defense Terminates Relationship with Academy Sports

Black Creek, GA- June 16, 2016. Daniel Defense—engineer and manufacture of the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems, and accessories— Has announced it will no longer sell firearms to Academy Sports due to their decision to remove MSR’s from their website and in-store displays.

Letter to all Daniel Defense Distributors:

“As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously. We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest level and expect our retailers to have that same level of commitment to our brand and our industry. Unfortunately, Academy Sports has made a corporate decision, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, to remove all MSRs from their website and in-store displays. Academy Sports has communicated that they intend to continue to sell the MSR category of firearms without displaying or advertising them publicly. As a prominent MSR brand, Daniel Defense cannot support decisions that are completely contrary to the values of our company and industry. Therefore, as of today, June 16th, I request that you place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers. It is unfortunate that we have to make this decision, but it is clearly the right thing to do for our brand, our industry and our constitutional right. Thank you for your support.”

Bill Robinson, VP of Sales

“Academy’s decision clearly segregates firearms by their appearance, which sends a dangerous message to our politicians that it’s acceptable to do so. We as an industry must stand and fight, together.”

Marty Daniel, President and CEO

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77 Responses to “Daniel Defense Terminates Relationship with Academy Sports”

  1. Ivan says:

    Finally someone not beholden to money. Now if gun companies would stop supporting LE in oppressive states which ban weapons for civilians, we may make a splash… (I was LE in California)

    • SSD says:

      That case has been made before but LE in restrictive areas has countered this by saying that it would put them at risk if they couldn’t purchase rifles and accessories.

      • Sean says:

        The next step is for all firearms and magazine manufacturers to only sell weapons and mags to LE that are legal for the citizens of that state to own. If the LAPD were limited to 10 round mags and standard-length rifles, they might be more hesitant to endorsing gun control legislation in CA.

        • Chucker says:

          …and with a bullet button.

          • Mandingo says:

            I mean, gosh, we had this rogue LA cop running around terrorizing the populace for a few days in early 2013. He fell one victim short of the apparent threshold for a mass shooting… Cops are civilians.

            • Paul says:

              He used his credentials to create an arsenal that had many Class 3 weapons.

              • straps says:

                The LA washout got much of his Cali-banned gear through fraudulent declaration of Nevada residency.

                Most CLE won’t sign off on an Exemption for a troublesome Probbie. I watched a Boot get told in a hallway to read his effing Penal Code and get more competent with his agency-issued pistol.

        • Bryce L says:

          Larue Tactical actually already does that. Just wish more brands would follow suit

        • Ted says:

          Barrett will not sell to, service, or anything with any government law enforcement agency or agency period in the states of California & New York. Their Ca ban started in 2002 I believe and three NY in 2009. I bet there are hundreds of their rifles in each state on department rosters. To show they mean business, the contracts with departments range in the tens of thousands of dollars per firearm. That’s selling, repair, training, servicing, marketing, etc and they gave that all up bc of the oppressive states and cities. Now these departments need to find outside sources for this. The list isn’t only Barrett, it is growing to have more than 40 companies not will ingredients to do business with states or departments within those states, to also include individual politicians who voted for or help draft the laws that made it so oppressive. California doesn’t care if they sell firearms or not. To get on the list of approved firearms a company must submit 3 copies of the firearm. 1 to see how it works, 1 to see how to destroy it, and 1 to be a picture piece. Now here’s the good part, if the manufacturer changes the color, barrel length, bobbed the hammer, anything other than a change of the grips they need to submit another 3 firearms. So a S&W model 27 with a 4″ barrel needs 3 copies, same firearm with a 2″, 6″, spurless hammer, combat trigger, nickle, blued, blacked, and target sights all need to submit 3 copies of each. Doesn’t change the firearm one bit other than some cosmetics, minor accuracy due to barrel length, and the ability to only pull the trigger when hammer has no spur on it. So the state doesn’t care one bit. They’d prefer to not have any period.

      • Ben says:

        Yeah. Good. They shouldn’t be allowed to purchase or use anything the civilian populace can’t own. If that puts them “at risk,” then it is their own doing by endorsing unlawful infringements in the rights of the people. I hope they ARE at risk. I hope that risk becomes a body count. And I hope it’s a direct result of them not being able to buy rifles. Maybe they’ll wake up and realize that if they need them, SO DO WE.

        • Mr.E.G. says:

          You lost me at “I hope that risk becomes a body count.” Jesus, man. It’s not like the police control the vote. They’re along for the ride just like everyone else. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone over freaking political disagreements.

          • SSD says:


          • A California native son says:

            I don’t wish for a body count, but I do know for a fact that 99.99% of the time, California LE unions back the candidate that promises MORE gun control in virtually every county in the state.. EVERY TIME, election after election after election after.. well, you get the point

        • Rogerrabbit 5150 says:

          “That risk becomes a body count”, really? Men and women day in and day out risk their lives and your response essentially is I hope someone’s father, son and husband/wife is killed because they enforce the laws that the citizens allowed to be created. Blame the citizens and politicians for the laws. Thats like blaming the soldiers for the wars our politicians get us into.

          I serve for the community and to make the world a better place for everyone. Nothing new to hear someone would rather have us dead than alive. Just never ceases to amaze me. And I still will continue to protect everyone, even those that wish harm to us for things we have absolutely no control over.

        • Tarasdad says:

          The vast majority of rank-and-file law enforcement to NOT support restrictive gun laws. That’s the purview of the political hacks appointed to head their departments, and not all of them by any means. Wishing harm on those who willingly put themselves on the line by wearing police uniforms is despicable.

          • Craig says:

            That may be, but they unions sure as hell support every single gun ban and law just so long as they get exemptions carved out for themselves and their members. Perfect case, here in CA recently there was a bad gun bill going through the assembly, the Police Unions publicly announced their opposition to the bill, short time later the bill was amended to exempt police officers from it. Immediately after that amendment the unions did a 180 and publicly gave their full support and backing.

            • Justin says:

              Craig, sounds like you need a better union…and a shoulder to cry on. Elect better officials or move. As for LEOs supporting weapons bans. That mainly occurs in larger metro areas (Dem Areas) with Dem Councils hiring Chiefs thats share that “safe space” mentality. There are good cops out there. We will protect you and every one else, even when we are mocked yelled at and treated like shit. We will do that with scary fucking guns too…because sometimes thats what it takes.

              • Craig says:

                Not a cop, wear another type of uniform. If rank and file cops are so pro gun then why do they allow their unions to sell out the populace for their own benefit? Those in blue need to get their own house in order before complaining that others are bad mouthing them.

                • Chris says:

                  well whatever uniform you wear, maybe take your own advice because I can guarantee your own kind make mistakes too. No one complaine dabout the badmouthing, they complained about the guy hoping they died for no reason other than he hoped it woukd make a point.

                  • Craig says:

                    My response was in regards to the statement that most rank and file cops do not support such laws. However their unions do, to the detriment of everyone else. If those cops were such supporters of the 2nd amendment then they should fix their unions as no one else can.

                    • RoggerRabbit 5150 says:


                      So us fixing our unions justifies men and women in blue dying? If the citizens don’t like what the gun laws are then they need to vote and be heard. Wishing for a cops death is something I expect from a BLM wacko. Sad to hear it from law abiding citizens now too…

                      Besides, Cops getting killed will in no way make gun laws better for law abiding citizens. If anything it will make it worse. If you can’t see that I don’t know what to say…

                    • Craig says:

                      By no means do I wish to see cops killed. It’s easy to say “just vote for better politicians” but anyone with half a brain can see that doesn’t do squat when anti gun unions have a much larger voice than I or any other citizen. Think about it, the unions control the police, society relies on the police, so of course the unions are going to get their way every time. Until the members of the unions change the stance of their unions to reflect that, nothing will change, politicians will still pass BS gun laws to make it seem like they are tough on crime so they can get re-elected and the police unions will continue to back said laws just so long as they secure their exemptions. All animals are equal, some are just more equal than others.

        • MisterShush says:

          Being critical of decisions made by the politicians who oversee agencies and jurisdictions is one thing. Wishing a high body count on the police is unhinged, man. Congratulations on your sociopath diagnosis. Also, if you think for one minute that a stack of dead cops is going to help your cause, you’re delusional and stupid to boot.

        • Maskirovka says:

          Ben: You may want to adjust your meds.

        • Mj says:

          Ben is obviously an uneducated, emotionally unhinged, libtard-tarian. They are worse than liberals

    • G3SM says:

      Agreed, I took a paycut to leave CA. Vote with your feet if you paper vote doesn’t count.

      • Tarasdad says:

        Oh, how I wish we could afford to leave Commieforniastan. Unfortunately our financial situation just will not allow it. I would love to move back to my native Texas!

        • Mr.E.G. says:

          This is totally none of my business, but how can you NOT afford to move back to Texas. We’ve got jobs, low cost of living, cheap houses, etc.! Come on back, my man. Haha.

      • Dellis says:

        This no longer works, “Vote with your feet”…

        I live in Texas and slowly but surely the people in California and other purple states who are fed up with how their “voting” has ruined their states are moving to greener pastures, such as Texas, where the overall state of living is better.

        Unknowingly (and many knowingly), they are coming here to Texas and voting the same rat turds in office here that ruined their states for them!!

        In 4 years Texas will be purple state…then where does one go?

        • Will says:

          The more vehicles with Cali plates I see in Texas the more nervous I get. If you arent a liberal piece of trash moving to Texas from Cali then ain’t talking about you, so save it for you safe zone and write it in your “Daily Trigger” diary.

          • Will says:

            On a side note, every once in a while I do see USMC, Gadsden flag and similar bumper stickers accompanying Cali plates, and to those individuals I say welcome home. Texas is happy to have you.

    • Tazman66gt says:

      Iowa already does this. All LEO’s are restricted to the same laws as the populous. All semi automatics, no shortage barrel rifles. Of course, we have no magazine restrictions.

    • Matt says:

      No the real test would be for ammo companies to not deal with states that deny rights to citizens

    • Mark Hanks says:

      Daniel Defense God Bless you. Academy can go to hell for their cowardice. My family and friends stand with you.


    • Brandon says:

      Most LE officers in California is that I know, including myself, are pro- 2nd amendment. Why punish us because of laws we don’t want passed either?

      • Nathan says:

        First, your not being punished your just getting treat like the rest of the sheep.

        Second being a LEO is just a job, and your employer is currently able to give you any gun that you need for that job. You don’t deserve more rights than the rest of us.

        Third because your large city LEO union representation are screwing it for the rest of us. When is the last time SFPD or LAPD has stood up for CCW?

        • Pat5923 says:

          Are you a cop? Have you ever been a cop? I suspect not….so what would you know about it being just a job? Are you equating it to being a plumber or a burger flipper? Police deal with violent criminals who have no regard for law….do you do the same on a daily basis? Have you ever arrested a gangster? Have you been in a shooting in the course of your job? Have you served high risk warrants on murder suspects? I work for a large California city police department, and I can’t stand my Union supporting democrats who despise cops. Most of us with do not allow our dues money from being contributed to the political action committee. They need equipment to deal with dangerous criminals. (Guns, body armor). You are not in the same position as police. Name one labor union that doesn’t support a democrat. Electricians Unions support democrats. Welders unions support democrats. I am not a union guy. BTW. If you are a law abiding guy you should be able to have whatever gun you want. I can’t speak for all cops, but the VAST majority I know….want civilians to have whatever firearm they wish to own.

    • Mj says:

      Restricting LE sales is the dumbest idea ever. The cops have literally nothing to do with it, it’s the politicians carrying out the will of the voters. The companies that did the goofy policy would still sell to the atf/fbi/etc but wouldn’t sell to the local cops across the street even if they said they would refuse to follow any unconstitutional laws, like many sheriff’s did. Lastly, it’s the worst thing you could ever do to undermine the Second Amendment, because it’s gives a gov attorney the best argument ever to ban guns, “your honor, many (dumb) companies won’t even sell these guns to police officers, so a civilian clearly shouldn’t own them”. (the legal standard is ‘common use” under Heller, which no one reads despite claiming to care about guns and the Constitution. Magpul is the only company that showed intelligence and honor, they put as much of their product out as possible, vs doing something petulant like reacting to restrictions by demanding further restrictions

  2. 2Recon says:

    Guess I will not be shopping at Academy Sports any longer.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    I heard on the news this morning that Academy were being Dick’s (get it?), figured this was coming, good for DD!

    • straps says:

      I see what you did there.

      DD is on prominent display at the Cali-ass gun store in my AO.

  4. Dellis says:

    I own 3 DD rifles, great rifles. I would buy my handguns from my local Academy because I seek to support local business and they have great prices in general.

    This though raises concern so i shall suspend that buying until this gets cleared up.

    Vote with your money folks

    • Larry says:

      The article and replies were not clear enuff to know what they meant. Like GSM’s or GSR’s or whatever. (I can’t see the article while I type this reply) The company that posted the original article needs to followup with a more detailed e.planatory article. The pictur with text is too small to read for me. I am most stro 2A defender and smarter than average bear, so this is significant deficiency in your post. Thank you in advance.

  5. Jim Dye says:

    A similar blowback happened against S&W in the 90’s when they supported and accepted gun control under President Clinton in the 90’s. S&W barely survived.

  6. MiamiC70 says:

    Just sent them a very nice love note and asked them to forward ,y thought to thier executive team.

  7. Zack says:


  8. Good job Daniel Defense, Happy to have had purchased from them as well as use their RIS II.

  9. Good for Daniel Defense! I’ll never step foot in an Academy now, that’s for sure.

  10. patrulje says:

    Made my feelings and future purchase plans known to Academy last night on their web site. I suggest everyone else do the same.


  11. Stu says:

    I don’t understand why there is more of a focus on banning an inanimate object then mental health.

    It reminds of a story I heard about one primate killing another with a rock.

    For all interested parties, SOFREP is reporting that no AR platform was used.

    • SSD says:

      It’s common knowledge that it was an MCX. However, to people that can barely tell the difference between an AK and an AR, it’s an AR.

    • MidGasFan says:

      Exactly and I still will not shop at Dick’s, nor will I ever again. Too many other good options.

      Good on DD, I love their products and they way they conduct business.

      Back in 2006 or so, I lost a spring to the PAK light mount so I emailed DD. I got a package about 4 days later with a hand written note from Marty Daniel! Super cool! He sent me six spare springs and the note said, “Mike, I included a few extras just in case you lose ’em again… ;-)”

      One of the great many experiences I’ve had with great gun companies in the US, I was a DD fan before and will continue to support them and buy their well thought out products that are priced below others in their class.

  12. Callmespot says:

    Ronnie Barrett was the originator…wished many people followed his practice long ago after he drew a line in the sand over California ban on.50 cal

  13. Miclo18d says:

    Wait a sec….

    Didn’t we have a meltdown over Team Wendy supporting Hillary, but now not ok to support someone who took down advertisements for DD because of a shooting.

    I was expecting to see some “Thusla Doom” patches getting thrown…


    • Bob says:

      You’ve just learned the difference between someone talking about doing something and someone actually doing it.

    • Ed says:

      Where can I find the link to Team Wendy supporting Shill-da-beast?? Good god!

  14. KP says:

    Suspending airsoft guns and merchandise that resemble MSR’s, huh?

    Wow, taking a real principled stand I see.
    Good grief. Just put a trigger warning at the front door and be done with it.

  15. Hobbs says:

    I’d be pissed too if my perfectly legal and Constitutionally protected merchandise was being treated like blizzard under-the-counter niche porn. Good on DD.

  16. Rodney Hays says:

    For the benefit of all, I agree that we cannot find fault with, or threaten the safety of our LE community simply because in some States they have access to firearms and ammunition that are not permitted in the civilian community. As stated in the comments already posted, the ground pounder LEOs do not make laws. To that end I will share an incident that happened to me in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia, which is still a fairly conservative State. While employed full time with the U.S. Department of Defense (I served 32 years), I was also an FFL holder from 1990 until 2002. I did a LOT of business with the local LE community, as well as military, both from my own base (Naval Sea Systems Command, Dahlgren, VA) and Quantico Marine Corps Base. The rank and file LE community is 95% in favor of unrestricted sale of firearms and ammunition to qualified (those that can pass a GOOD background check) persons. HOWEVER, the “corporate” stance of the FOP was that we peons should not be allowed to own guns at all. Here’s where the fun starts. While I was still a dealer, the local chapter of the FOP had the audacity to call me and ask me to join the FOP as a business owner. I politely told them what they could do with the FOP until they came to their respective senses and realized that armed citizens were their friends, NOT their enemies.

  17. Snake says:

    Thulsa Doom approved or nah?

  18. Aaron says:

    And the real proof will be if and when a distributor of DD products decides “We don’t have any f***s to give about DD policy, Academy is still buying DD rifles.” If DD chooses to nut up and refuse continued business with a major distributor over this they will earn far more genuine respect as opposed to them asking their distribution chain to stop supply to Academy.

    Otherwise it is just so many hollow gestures to pander to the customer base without doing anything truly meaningful (yeah I’m that cynical about the whole thing).

  19. ma vaughn says:

    if we stop buying anything from academy maybe they will get the hint and get a back bone it is us that buy from them not the ones that want to take our guns

    • Dellis says:

      I have a $25 gift card from Academy, was going to use it to buy some ammo. I will forgo that now and just sit on this card and buy my guns and ammo elsewhere.

      This gives ammo to the politicians seeking to label these guns as “evil weapons of mass destruction” and they will say, “Look, if such a big place like Academy removes these horrible deadly killing machine guns then they should not be sold at all!”

  20. Thulsa Doom says:

    Marty Daniel has unravelled the Riddle of Steel!

    Weapons of the finest Cimmerian Steel!

    That is strength, boy! That is power! What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength in your body, the desire in your heart, I gave you this! Such a waste, Academy Sports!

  21. Ralph says:


    DD has gained a new customer in me.

  22. Nick says:

    Awesome, was pleased with DD and how they handled getting jipped with the super bowl ad a few years back, was pleasantly surprised to see one of their ads in the baggage return at the Savannah airport when I was returning from TDY, and now this. Bravo

  23. Long time customer of DD, and this only confirms my already high opinion of them.

    What other MSR companies are either selling, or having their products distributed to, Academy?

  24. Sierra5 says:

    Good for DD. Supporting nonsense like this is akin to supporting the asinine liberal notion that banning a thing for law abiding citizens will keep them safe from criminals/terrorists. This does free up Academy to host a hillary campaign stop at a Cleveland branch…….

  25. Chris says:


    What an uninformed decision. They should quit selling pistols according to the statistics, because they are ised way more often.

  26. Big Daddy says:

    I have spent a nice sum at Academy, never again will I spend a cent there.

    I think even though i do not need them I’ll buy a couple of DD 32 rd mags. I already have a great DDM4V5.