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Straight Out Of The Bronze Age

SSD Reader Heinrich sent us this great photo with caption. Thanks for the find!


While recently traveling in Vietnam, I found this Gerber Mark II Commando Dagger in a small provincial museum in Quy Nhon (Bình Dinh Province). It looks like straight out of the bronze age and must have a fairly spooky history. But since Gerber introduced the Mark II in 1967, the description of the museum is probably not correct. It would be interesting, what your readers, who may have served in this area at the time, can speculate about its origin.




11 Responses to “Straight Out Of The Bronze Age”

  1. jk PENDLETON says:

    i lost one just like it at camp lejeune in the 80s. maybe it fell in a time warp….

  2. Ex Coelis says:

    It would be interesting detail to know if this museum-piece ‘Bronze-age’ Gerber Mk II has a canted(angled) blade or not… Cool post!! Thanks SSD!!!

  3. JOE says:

    The caption also says this is a bayonet. Historical and technical scholarship FTW!

  4. Will sew 4 kit says:

    Everyone knows it was COL Mustard in the drawing room with the candelabra that killed the police Superintendent !!! So it could not have been this knife.
    I was in Hanoi a few years ago: (Hanoi Hilton museum) caption on photo said ” American prisoners kept here were treated with the utmost of care and respect Bla,bla,bla….”

  5. bulldog76 says:

    just seeing it makes me think what happened to the guy that carried it did he drop the knife patrolling in a god forsaken jungle or was he killed and left there and years later locals find what remains of him and turn his knife and the rest of his gear to authorities there or was the guy captured and his knife taken as a trophy by his captures or did the guy simply loose it in a card game with locals ……

  6. PLiner says:

    If you can see the serial number on it, you will be able to determine the year of production from Gerber serial number chart for the Mark IIs.

  7. Old fut says:

    That was my first big knife. Bought it from sharper image as a pimply faced kid. Ahhhhhh.

  8. AbnMedOps says:

    I think it’s the one stolen out of my car, in a “secured” parking area, at Fort Lewis, summer 1986. If anyone comes across a Gerber Mk II, with a grey bead-blasted blade, S/N 761792 (IIRK), gimme a nudge…

  9. Ben DC says:

    we had Gerber make a run for us that they put a Punisher Skull on combine with a Bladetech Sheath
    and we delivered direct to an SF unit in Afghan via an APO!
    our SASR also used them as a CT knife here through the 1980s.
    A mate of mine fro Aussie SASR also found one in a tree in training [ no sheath ] and ran it on his belt when he transferred to UK SBS.

  10. JS says:

    Jerry ‘Mad Dog’ Shriver carried a Gerber MK II in Vietnam.