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Tactical Tailor – Tahoma Tote

The Pacific Northwest Pack Series began as a project to fulfill a solicitation for a suite of SOCOM packs. Our designs for this solicitation were brought about with input from actual SOF soldiers who took these packs to the field throughout the design process and brought back their impressions and recommendations for improvements. We took their advice back to our designers who then continually refined the packs until they met the exacting standards of these elite soldiers.

The PNW Tahoma Tote Assault MALICE Pack is an Alpine style pack designed for recon and sniping. It’s built for heavier loads with minimal bulk while wearing a plate carrier or armor. The Tahoma Tote is the lightweight of the PNW packs, weighing in at only 3 pounds before you add the frame and straps, but don’t let its light weight fool you, it can still compete with its bigger brothers when it comes to features. Along with its over 2500 cubic inch capacity, standard features include a reinforced carry handle, RTO zipper pass-through and side compression straps. It also includes side zipper access to the interior of the pack and oversized pockets on either side for large items like rifle buttstocks. Just like all the PNW packs, the Tahoma Tote is STRLLS and H harness compatible for airborne operations. Available in Coyote Brown and MultiCam.

Along with this new line of packs, we’ve also introduced upgrades to our traditional straps and belt in the form of our Low Profile and Low Profile Adjustable Super Straps and Ergo Super Belt. These new designs add even more comfort along with added functionality and adjustability. The Nisqually Pack is also available in a discounted kit form which includes the pack, our Fight Light MALICE Pack Frame, Low Profile Adjustable Super Straps and 34” Ergo Super Belt.

The PNW Tahoma Tote Assault MALICE Pack starts at only $270.00.


13 Responses to “Tactical Tailor – Tahoma Tote”

  1. MiamiC70 says:

    Wonder if this pack has a built in VS-17 panel built into it like thier operator series and if a rain cover is available.

    • IN25.4MILS says:

      There is a panel inside but it’s a little tricky to expose as it’s the entire back interior wall of the pack. No rain cover.

    • GW says:

      Stay tuned for an entire line of Rain covers for all types of packs coming in Mid Summer.

      • Kris says:

        GW y’all should partner with Kuiu to make some packs. With your military expletive and them using high tec mat rails for back country hunting y’all could come up with some great things.

      • MiamiC70 says:

        Do you mean for the Operator series?
        I have all three Extended, Modular and Removabke Operators packs in OD green and would love a rain cover for them. Especially, useful on the Extended as that ones zippers have no rain flap over them.

  2. rob chan says:

    can you put this on a dei 1606 frame?

    • GW says:

      is it a typical Alice style Frame?

    • IN25.4MILS says:

      Yes, I threw it on a 1606 frame while my super belt/straps were on backorder. It’ll work, but you’ll have better results with the ALICE frame. I bought the kit so it came with the TT improved ALICE frame, super belt/straps. The belt/straps are very comfortable and the external frame setup works well with plate carrier with hydration slaved to it.

  3. Lean-N-Supreme says:

    In the perfect world the Canadian Forces would replace the CTS ruck with the Tactical Tailor Pacific Northwest Series rucks least for the Combat Arms .

  4. Eddie says:

    The ALICE gave birth to some handsome babies.