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Trzin, 23.06.2016. UF PRO introduced today the new generation of their Striker XT BDU.

As already announced at this year’s IWA exhibition in Nuremberg, UF PRO will be launching the new generation of their Striker XT Combat Shirt and Pants. Since its introduction in 2014, the first generation of the Striker XT BDU’s became one of the most popular UF PRO products and they promise that the new generation will push the standards even further.

airpac inserts transparent view

The new Striker XT Combat Shirt offers the already proven air/pac inserts in the shoulder area for weight distribution, a materials mix of polyester, cotton and merino and an anatomic and flexible elbow protection system.

Opening the upper arm pocket with the help of a strap

The Gen. 2 Shirt has a longer front zipper, and the polyester/ merino armpit area is additionally reinforced with a nylon mesh for protection against abrasion. Webbing on top of the lower sleeve pocket provides the flexibility for attaching the UF PRO Device Pouch, or any other MOLLE compatible pouch.

The Striker XT Combat Pants are known for their hybrid structure, which allows the user unhindered movement with a smart pocket configuration and comfortable knee protection.

Materials Mix Striker XT Pants

The Gen.2 Pants have now even more stretch built in and offer a bigger and more easily accessible pocket configuration.

3 Layer Knee Protection

The 3-layer knee protection can be equipped with either a shock absorbing Flex Pad or with the new UF PRO Flex- Soft Pad, which offers extra cushioning while kneeling down. Both pads can be reinforced with a penetration resistant UF PRO Solid Pad.

Elbow pads layers

The camouflage versions of the Striker XT pants now also have integrated camouflage Schoeller-dynamic stretch panels.

Find out more about the new UF PRO Striker XT Gen.2 BDU here:



  1. babola says:

    Slovenians are on fire!
    Great new stuff indeed and introducing a NyCo option is definitelly a plus …certaily giving Crye and others run for the money.

  2. low country says:

    Any idea if they have a US distributor? They look pretty good on their website.

  3. RobCollins says:

    I was fantasizing about seeing rounds impact the BMW.

  4. Steak TarTar says:

    this is really nice looking

  5. Doesn’t look like things have changed a huge amount, but (from a non-FR perspective) the gen 1 is probably my favourite shirt in terms of design and materials selection. Wouldn’t take it to war, but anywhere you’re not expecting big fire hazards I think it beats out all the big boys in a lot of areas.