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Arc’teryx LEAF – XFunctional Pant AR

Referred to as Cross Functional Pants, these are what range pants should be. They offer a roomy, ergonomic cut with plenty of room to move. I own a pair and I really like them.

Made from a 50/50 NYCO blend, these are not ripstop nor do they offer any mechanical strength.  However, they do integrate a gussetted crotch and articulated knees with a casual look. This gives you loads of room to move.  Additionally, the pockets are quite handy, but I haven’t yet had an occasion to use the pocket media ports.  They would probably be good for low viz ops.

-Reinforced belt loops accommodate heavy duty belt and carried loads
-Embedded sweat band at waist mitigates friction
-Internal hand pockets have folding knife/tool storage and media ports to allow internal routing of communications cables
-External hand pockets have secure small item compartmentalization
-Two external seat pockets; two external drop in pockets for smartphones
-Two retention loops integrated at waistline

Offered in Greenstone and Terra which are not traditional LEAF colors but fit in well with other Arc’teryx items, as well as those from other manufacturers, for those seeking a low viz look.

Sizes are even 30-38″ with 32″ and 35″ inseams but note, these pants are baggy and I suggest you go down a size, even if carrying IWB.



9 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF – XFunctional Pant AR”

  1. DI says:

    Those look like nice range pants.
    The idea that they are “low vis” is pretty laughable.

    • Doouche Poser says:

      They do look fairly civilian nevertheless (outdoorsy) rather than tacticool mallninja.

  2. Husky says:

    the size is way too off from their label

    • low country says:

      Reviews say to size at least one size down. Is that what you’ve heard/seen?

      • SSD says:

        Amazingly, that is exactly what the article says.

        • Husky says:

          that’s not even right as well
          you need two size down
          AR pants label 34 actually is 38 waist …
          how can you label pants like this way off?

          • JoT says:

            arcteryx pants and shorts are the worst fitting clothing line ever, unless you are built like a 12 year old.

  3. Husky says:

    don’t get it wrong it still a very nice pants and reasonable price…
    the waist size label is really way off.
    34 one I measure it flat it’s 38 inches
    36 one I tried on it it’ ‘s like size 40-41..
    My BDU size is large..
    unless it shrink after wash…otherwise you better get down 2 sizes.

  4. Tanner says:

    I have both colors, they are definitely very large. I would size down 1-2 sizes. If you check out the zoom on the pockets, cloth is more of a duck cloth with a visible weave. Double pockets are ok.