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Silencer Shop – Nothing Says Freedom Like A New Suppressor


With ATF 41F fast approaching, everyone’s in a scramble to get their NFA check list taken care of before the new restrictions fall into place, and while many retailers are running out of product, Silencer Shop still has a robust inventory of cans to choose from.

Remember, you have until July 13th, so get your suppressor of choice (and your paperwork in) ASAP!



One Response to “Silencer Shop – Nothing Says Freedom Like A New Suppressor”

  1. Spider says:

    As I understand it, purchasing a suppressor online that will require a transfer to an FFL for pick-up will not “save you” from the new 41F rules. When you buy a suppressor from SilencerShop (or any other online dealer) that you don’t intend to pick-up from their shop (or, if I recall correctly, they can direct ship to you in Texas), there will be paperwork and a multi-week wait to transfer it to whatever FFL you intend to pick up the item from — so, you won’t be, as I understand it, grandfathered in.