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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Silencer Shop now stocking the OSS Helix-QD line of 5.56, 7.62, and Magnum suppressors.

Millcreek, UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce that Silencer Shop, a leading gun suppressor distribution platform with an expansive silencer selection for site visitors, this week officially announced they are carrying all current OSS Suppressors on their distribution platform.

Silencer Shop’s relationship with OSS adds to their growing list of available suppressor brands now available through the Silencer Shop. After this week, the company confirmed they are carrying 23 plus silencer brands.

“OSS Suppressors are increasingly known in the industry for their patented Flow-Through™ technology, superior performance and their growing line of Helix-QD suppressors,” said Silencer Shop spokesperson. “As a leading and premiere brand, we’re pleased to be offering an even bigger selection to our current and future clients.”

On the website, clients can choose from the popular Helix-QD suppressors in 5.56k, 5.56, 7.62, 7.62 Ti and Magnum Ti models, as well as the full line of muzzle devices and accessories.

OSS Suppressors are known for their innovative technology that delivers effective signature reduction without increasing backpressure or blowback in the weapon system. Working with gun manufacturers and military partners, OSS’s suppressors are designed to meet the highest level of performance and durability demanded by sport, law enforcement and military shooters worldwide.  “Rapidly redefining how suppressor features and performance are evaluated, Silencer Shop is delighted to add OSS’s Helix QD line to their suppressor inventory” said the spokesperson.

“OSS Suppressors is excited to offer our HX-QD line and work with Silencer Shop to make Flow-Through™ suppression more accessible to dealers and consumers nation-wide” said Chris Estadt, VP Sales and Marketing at OSS. “Silencer Shop’s innovations in the market and their dedication to protect the health and safety of people who enjoy the shooting sports are remarkable. OSS Suppressors looks forward to working with them and other industry leaders to make suppressors more readily available and easier to purchase.”

OSS’s talented R&D and engineering team design and manufacture their suppressors in Millcreek, Utah. Each OSS suppressor passes intensive quality control prior to shipping including test firing prior to assure that it meets suppression and precision performance.

Meet The El Camino Suppressor From Q

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Earlier this year, Kevin Brittingham put together his dream team to form a new company, named Q. While I initially believed they were going to launch a series of weapon accessories, including optics mounts, they went right after suppressors.

Considering Brittingham and chief designer Ethan Lessard’s background at AAC and SIG it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it did. That’s because the first product is a .22 suppressor called the El Camino.

I thought to myself, “Why would he mess with a .22 suppressor?” So, I asked Kevin Brittingham and he told me he considers the AAC Element the industry standard .22 suppressor, but he found that it isn’t very accurate. That’s why he did it.

Q has a couple of world class shooters who go by the names of Robbie Johnson and Lindsay Bunch. They took several .22 suppressors out and determined that none of them held accuracy. It’s a common issue that few recognize because most suppressed .22 weapons aren’t known for their own accuracy. In the case of the Element, the suppressed shot group was two to three times the size of an unsuppressed group. Consequently, the team concentrated on improving accuracy along with sound suppression.

For instance, Brittingham claims the El Camino is as quiet as the AAC Element although the Element may have a half db edge on first round pop.

In conjunction with Silencer Shop, Q gave the El Camino a soft launch at the recent Texas Firearms Festival. Silencer Shop posted video of the El Camino in action on both rifle and pistol, on their Instagram feed. As unscientific as the demonstration was, the weapons’ actions were louder than the report of the round being fired.

Q put a lot of R&D into the El Camino and there will be two variants. The Stainless Steel (17-4) model weighs about 4.2 oz and the titanium model is around 2.2 oz.

Either way, the construction remains constant. With both styles, the tube is titanium. Additionally, the end cap doesn’t use a proprietary tool for disassembly. Instead, it is compatible with a standard 1/2″ box end wrench or hex socket which most shooters have handy.

The baffles are a steep cone with asymmetric cut, whether 17-4 Stainless Steel or Titanium, and are designed to shield gasses from the outer tube.

During testing, Q shot 1000 rounds and at the end of the string of fire they disassembled the can and the baffles all fell right out. None of them were stuck to the outer tube, or one another.

Interestingly, the El Camino also features PVD coating. That’s a feature you aren’t going to see on a .22 can due to cost.

They’ve already started shipping forms and the first El Camino could be available in as little as two weeks.

Brittingham related that the planned MSRP is somewhere around $400; add about $50 to the cost for Ti baffles.

As I understand it, the entire first year’s run of El Camino suppressors will be available exclusively through our friends at Silencer Shop.

The El Camino might seem like the most vanilla product Q could release but it’s got my attention. I look forward to trying it out, along with several other promised products, including a full line of suppressors with a completely new construction, as well as a long gun, during SHOT Show.

Silencer Shop – Nothing Says Freedom Like A New Suppressor

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016


With ATF 41F fast approaching, everyone’s in a scramble to get their NFA check list taken care of before the new restrictions fall into place, and while many retailers are running out of product, Silencer Shop still has a robust inventory of cans to choose from.

Remember, you have until July 13th, so get your suppressor of choice (and your paperwork in) ASAP!

Tactical Solutions XBR Available Exclusively from Silencer Shop

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016


When discussing rifle manufacturers, all firearms are not created equal. Undeniably, there are certain gun makers that are revered more than others due to craftsmanship and attention to detail. With their X-Ring Rifle, Tactical Solutions has claimed its stake in the upper tier of designers. This .22LR revelation meshes two renowned Tactical Solutions products—X-Ring barrel and X-Ring receiver – into a short barreled rifle available exclusively through Silencer Shop!

Using the history-laden Ruger 10/22 platform as the building block for the X-Ring Rifle, Tactical Solutions created a cutting-edge product that outdoorsmen will enjoy shooting and maintaining. Its 6061 T6 aluminum fluted bull barrel is light in weight and compact (a mere 12.25”), which just clears the Hogue stock, producing a svelte look. A rifled chrome-moly steel liner enhances the weapon’s durability and accuracy, in addition to bringing added balance throughout. The receiver is something to behold, as well. Sporting a dual-spring guide rod system combined with a heat-treated stainless steel bolt, the reliability and consistency offered by the X-Ring Rifle is second-to-none.

Rapid Fire
-Caliber: .22LR semiautomatic
-Weight: 4.3 pounds (Hogue stock)
-Build material: 6061 T6 aluminum
-Finish: Type 2 hard-coat matte anodized
-Dual-spring guide rod system
-12.25” Threaded barrel (1/2×28)—Perfect host for Ascent and/or Axiom rimfire suppressors!
-Plethora of options to customize (or upgrade) each rifle component
-Easy to disassemble, clean, and even rebuild (all Tactical Solutions parts available)

TacJobs – Silencer Shop Seeks SEO & Content Specialist

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

SEO & Content Specialist Silencer Shop

Austin, Texas Area

Job description

Responsible for creating and updating knowledge base articles, help topics, blog articles, etc. in a firearms related industry.


•Write clear, simple content that speaks to customers in their own language

•Suggest ways to improve content with formatting and visuals

•Ensure content is technically accurate and meets manufacturer standards and guidelines

•Collaborate with content strategists to analyze under-performing web content and suggest ways to enhance it

•Manage content projects and proactively communicate status

•Look for ways to make your content better – keep raising the bar

•Exceptional writing, editing, formatting, collaboration, and communication skills

•Experience transforming content using formatting and visuals

•Ability to write clear, procedure-based content, and convert referential content to action-oriented guidance

•Create and maintain search optimized content for company Web site

•Ability to express ideas clearly and diplomatically

•Utilize key editing and search engine optimization skills to create Web site and marketing content

•Experience writing minimized content

•Understanding of SEO concepts and how readers find and use content on the web

Education and work experience

•Bachelor’s degree in writing/composition, marketing or similar field

Desired minimum experience

• Technical Writer: 1 year

• General Firearms knowledge

Required education:

• Bachelor’s

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

• Austin, TX 78750