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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Silencer Shop now stocking the OSS Helix-QD line of 5.56, 7.62, and Magnum suppressors.

Millcreek, UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce that Silencer Shop, a leading gun suppressor distribution platform with an expansive silencer selection for site visitors, this week officially announced they are carrying all current OSS Suppressors on their distribution platform.

Silencer Shop’s relationship with OSS adds to their growing list of available suppressor brands now available through the Silencer Shop. After this week, the company confirmed they are carrying 23 plus silencer brands.

“OSS Suppressors are increasingly known in the industry for their patented Flow-Through™ technology, superior performance and their growing line of Helix-QD suppressors,” said Silencer Shop spokesperson. “As a leading and premiere brand, we’re pleased to be offering an even bigger selection to our current and future clients.”

On the website, clients can choose from the popular Helix-QD suppressors in 5.56k, 5.56, 7.62, 7.62 Ti and Magnum Ti models, as well as the full line of muzzle devices and accessories.

OSS Suppressors are known for their innovative technology that delivers effective signature reduction without increasing backpressure or blowback in the weapon system. Working with gun manufacturers and military partners, OSS’s suppressors are designed to meet the highest level of performance and durability demanded by sport, law enforcement and military shooters worldwide.  “Rapidly redefining how suppressor features and performance are evaluated, Silencer Shop is delighted to add OSS’s Helix QD line to their suppressor inventory” said the spokesperson.

“OSS Suppressors is excited to offer our HX-QD line and work with Silencer Shop to make Flow-Through™ suppression more accessible to dealers and consumers nation-wide” said Chris Estadt, VP Sales and Marketing at OSS. “Silencer Shop’s innovations in the market and their dedication to protect the health and safety of people who enjoy the shooting sports are remarkable. OSS Suppressors looks forward to working with them and other industry leaders to make suppressors more readily available and easier to purchase.”

OSS’s talented R&D and engineering team design and manufacture their suppressors in Millcreek, Utah. Each OSS suppressor passes intensive quality control prior to shipping including test firing prior to assure that it meets suppression and precision performance.

Minneapolis PD Selected OSS Suppressors for Super Bowl Security

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Millcreek UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce the City of Minneapolis Police Department contracted and issued HX-QD 556k and HX-QD 762 suppressors to four Metro SWAT Warrant and Sniper teams.  These teams were responsible for securing one of the world’s major sporting events recently held in their city – Super Bowl LII.

The selection of OSS was the culmination of an extensive 4-month evaluation conducted by the Minneapolis Police Department and assisted by Sentinel MN, a leading Twin Cities source of specialized firearms, optics and suppressors for law enforcement.


Sentinel MN owner Tom Huot said “our approach takes all the hype out of the process and puts quality equipment in the hands of the officers. Starting last summer, we presented a range of suppressors from over 10 manufacturers and let the teams test performance with thousands rounds.”


“We had evaluated suppressors a few at a time in the past,” said Mark Kaspszak, Minneapolis PD SWAT sniper, “and we had the opportunity to finally take a hard look at most of the major brands head to head and compare factors like sound suppression, muzzle flash, blowback, weight/length, accuracy impact, attachment mechanism, and how the suppressors impacted our SBR and precision rifles.  After all that, leaders for both the Sniper teams and our Warrant teams unanimously selected OSS as the suppressor we wanted on our guns.”

“I want to thank Tom and Sentinel MN for their extensive work and professional approach” said Chris Estadt, VP of Marketing and Sales. “The Minneapolis SWAT officers were able to test the best suppressors on the market, and to individually experience the advantages of OSS’s patented Flow-Through™ technology and our new HELIX-QD 5.56 and 7.62 suppressors. We’re proud of the public servants who are dedicated to keeping our communities safe,” he said, “and we’re excited that more and more law enforcement professionals are experiencing the unmatched advantages of OSS.”

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OSS’s New HX MAG Suppressor “Does it All”

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

HX MAG Product Detail Page Mobile1

Murray UT – Operators Suppressor Systems LLC (OSS) proudly introduces the third addition to our HELIX line – the HX MAG. Built with OSS’s patented Flow-Through™ technology, the HX MAG is an integrated flush mount suppressor and is full-auto rated.

Shorter, lighter, cleaner and quieter, the HX MAG is 8.37” long, weighs 25 ounces and delivers “hearing safe” sound reduction – including select .338 rifles.

The HX MAG is constructed with stainless steel, cobalt and titanium, and mounts with OSS’s STS-Muzzle Brake – a suppressor mount and fully functioning muzzle brake that self-tightens during fire. 

“We’re excited about the new HX MAG and how it performs for a wide range of calibers and platforms. From 5.56 up to .338, and for hard to suppress platforms like AKs, M1A/M14s and Galils, the HX MAG does it all,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Chris Estadt. “And it’s optimized for large-bore precision bolt action rifles as well.”

MSRP for the HX MAG is $1595.

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OSS Video Of US Govt. Agency Torture Test – Part 2

Friday, June 24th, 2016

MURRAY UT – Last week, Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) announced the results and a video of recent testing by a US Government agency that compared an OSS Flow-Through suppressor with the current best-in-class baffle suppressor.

This week, some have had questions about the test agency, their methodology, and the results highlighted in our video. For those who are interested, OSS would like to provide additional background and details on the tests, the results and the video.

The Tests:

Last fall, in OSS’s ongoing collaboration with the US Government and Military, prototype OSS suppressors were tested and experienced a handful of heat-related fails to outer housings and internal components.  

Armed with the testing data, the OSS R&D team refined and tested material and geometry mods to some suppressor components. Final prototyping was completed at the end of last year, and on January 6, 2016, the US Government agency responsible for determining “the next generation of small arms signature reduction” for SOF and tactical operators conducted a new test.

This test’s protocol and methodology was established by the agency and supervised by the agency’s personnel. Representatives from the various branches of the US Military were also in attendance and monitored the test.

It was held at OSS test facilities in our Murray UT headquarters. OSS has invested in advanced testing equipment in Murray, and as this state-of-the-art equipment was not readily available to the government agency, they requested that their test be conducted at OSS. OSS personnel participated solely in weapon handling, test firing (as seen on the video), and data recording.

As described in the video, this was a brutal torture test to determine suppression performance under the most extreme conditions – 240 rounds per cycle with eight 30 round mags of semi- and full-auto fire for at least six cycles!  

At the request of the testing agency, the commercial off-the-shelf baffle suppressor was purchased, and the OSS suppressors were randomly selected from inventory, as were the Daniel Defense Mk18s.

The Results:

Although only highlighted in the video, the dramatic difference in performance between the OSS suppressor and the baffle suppressor was, in the words of several of the government attendees, “Remarkable.”  

The reason is simple.

Baffle suppression creates significant backpressure. And over a firing table like the one used in this test, critical problems can arise:

  • Blocked gas and increased particulate accumulation can create weapon malfunctions
  • As particulate collects on the weapon and baffle suppressor components, sound and flash suppression erodes
  • Expanding energy creates extreme heat, especially under full-auto fire
  • OSS’s patented Flow-Through suppression does not increase backpressure, and allows for effective expansion of gases, transfer of energy, mitigation of heat, and suppression of sound and flash.

    These conditions were witnessed during the test and highlighted in the 3-minute video. The complete raw video of the test cycles is available for viewing via Dropbox hereNote: we’ve removed the link to the dropbox due to PERSEC concerns of images of government personnel attending the event and caught on film.


    OSS’s patented Flow-Through suppression is a leap ahead and undoubtedly disruptive advance over existing baffle technology — the type of advance the US Government is working hard to test, validate and procure across various branches and services (see recent CSASS announcement).

    We’re proud to have earned the opportunity to have OSS products tested, improved and proven against the best-in-class competition.

    We’re excited to offer the same technology and performance in OSS’s new ELITE line of 5.56 and 7.62/.30 Cal suppressors.

    And as more learn about and experience the unmatched performance of OSS, we know they’ll understand what we mean when we say “Don’t Get Baffled.”

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    This OSS press release is in response to a press release earlier this week by SureFire.

    OSS Suppressors – Dennis Cunningham  Announced As Director Of Military And Federal Sales

    Thursday, April 21st, 2016

    Dennis Cunningham

    Murray UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is pleased to announce that Dennis Cunningham has joined the company in the position of Director of Military and Federal Sales. He holds an MBA from Wilmington University, and comes to OSS with key industry sales and business development experience.

    “I’m excited to join the OSS sales team and build upon my experience at Leupold & Stevens and ADS Inc.”, said the former US Marine. “Military and Federal agency customers demand the highest combination of performance, modularity, and mission effectiveness and OSS’s suppressor systems deliver like no other suppressor.”

    In his new position, Cunningham will report to Chris Estadt, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Dennis is a great addition to our OSS team,” said Mr. Estadt. “He brings a superb track record building relationships and driving results, and will be leading OSS’s ongoing development and expansion of our military and government business.”

    “With the recent results from U.S. Government agency testing confirming OSS’s Flow-Through™ suppression as the ‘leap ahead’ solution,’ said Estadt, “and our partnership with HK Defense in their successful CSASS contract, we’re experiencing significant interest from all branches of the military, and Dennis is joining at the perfect time to help achieve our goals.”

    For more information on OSS Suppressor Systems, visit their website (, find them on Facebook (, or follow them on Twitter (@oss_suppressors), YouTube, and Instagram (oss_suppressors).

    OSS Congratulates H&K On CSASS Contract Bid

    Thursday, April 7th, 2016


    Murray Utah – Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) congratulates Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. on their successful Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) contract bid with the U.S. Department of Defense.

    “OSS is honored to participate with and support HK’s Program Team and their winning CSASS submission,” said John Spurrier, OSS Chief Executive Officer.  

    “This lightweight variant of the HK G28, integrated with OSS’s over the barrel suppression system, effectively delivers the improved reliability and accuracy, reduced felt recoil and enhanced suppressor performance required by this contract, and critical for its intended broad spectrum of sniper missions,” said Spurrier.  “The OSS design, engineering and product teams have worked closely with our HK partners since 2012, and we look forward to the work ahead.” 

    “The CSASS contract, as well as recent U.S. Government agency testing, are important validations for the unmatched performance of OSS’s patented Flow-Through™ technology,” said Chris Estadt, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “Weapon systems with OSS suppression don’t see the adverse effects on the shooter or weapon often found with baffle suppressors like blowback and buildup of particulates, increased backpressure and recoil, or first round flash,” said Estadt.  “And these are especially critical for sniper mission effectiveness.”