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Knight’s Armament Company Presents The John Noveske Interview

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One Response to “Knight’s Armament Company Presents The John Noveske Interview”

  1. Stickman says:

    I have a 90 minute recording between John Noveske and myself when we were doing an article for RECOIL. Johns humor and the way we got along makes for a fun listen.

    Johnny was a funny guy, and almost an idiot savant in the way he looked at, and designed weapons. I really wish he had been able to get his .308 out the door before his passing. He had some interesting ideas with it that were looking to push accuracy while gaining reliability. He was unimpressed with his N6, and had decided to design a totally new .308 rifle. It is a shame we will never see it come to light.

    RIP buddy, I know you are looking down and laughing at us all.