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Spiritus Systems – Micro Fight Chest Rig System MK 2


The Micro Fight Chest Rig was designed by Spiritus to fill a specific need for responsible firearm carrying citizens and those who work in low-visibility operations, and is designed to give users the ability to rapidly plus-up their carried equipment from your belt kit to a light fighting load in just a few seconds. Plus, its small size makes it ideal for stashing under a seat or carrying concealed in a pack.

The kangaroo pouch is Velcro lined, securing either Spiritus’ elastic Rifle Magazine Inserts or giving the user the opportunity to utilize their favorite Kydex insert. The front pouch is Velcro lines, allowing for organization of a complete IFAK, tools, spare pistol mags; virtually any configuration the mission requires.

The Micro Fight can easily be adapted to fit on plate carriers using 1 Inch Side Release Buckles. This gives users the option to maintain the same muscle memory and training value with or without ballistic protection.

The back of the Micro Fight includes a Velcro panel, aiding in retention for Velcro-fronted plate carriers. This feature is also perfect for the S.A.C.K. pouch, expanding the carrying capabilities of this low-profile configuration.

Included in the package:

1 x Chassis
1 x Skinny Straps OR 1 x Fat Strap
1 x Back Strap
1 x Magazine Insert – 5.56 x .45 OR 7.62 x .51

Made in the USA.


2 Responses to “Spiritus Systems – Micro Fight Chest Rig System MK 2”

  1. Chris K. says:

    The picture shown doesn’t do this rig justice. It has a rifle mag insert pocket as shown plus another velcro lined pocket to hold their pistol mag inserts etc. Front velcro pocket can be used open top, with a full flap closure, or half flap to allow for pistol mags to still be exposed and accessible. Smart design.

  2. JKifer says:

    I agree, this is a sweet rig (I have the MK1). I mostly use it for hiking in bear country, however its uses are endless. Very well made too.