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Daniel Defense Teams with Industry Partners to Assist Law Enforcement with Training

Black Creek, GA – July 8, 2016 – Daniel Defense, engineer and manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, today announced it has partnered with Ballistic Radio & 88 Tactical to offer a FREE Vehicle Close Quarters Defensive course to Local Law Enforcement Agencies in Georgia and surrounding states.

First, our thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims of The Dallas Police Ambush. First responders face more sophisticated enemies than ever before, and often times do so while under-equipped, and under-trained. We must as a country help protect those who protect us, and one of the ways that we can do this is by ensuring that the men and women who put their lives on the line have the best chance we can give them to make it home to their family at the end of the day. To that end:

Daniel Defense is pleased to announce that through our industry partnership with Ballistic Radio, will be offering a unique training experience from 88 Tactical’s William Petty, Trevor Thrasher, and Shea Degan, FREE OF CHARGE, to men and women of law enforcement. This will be a 4-day training event featuring Petty’s Vehicle Close Quarters Combat Instructor Program, and Thrasher’s Active Killer Interdiction program, which has been widely adopted at law enforcement agencies across the nation.

A final date has not been set yet, but as of right now it looks as if this course will be offered Quarter 1 of 2017 near our Georgia facility. There will be 20 FREE spots available, which should allow separate agencies to each send one individual officer to learn the curriculum, and take it back to train their department. More information, such as how to submit an application to attend the course, will be made available as we finalize details at the beginning of the week. For right now just know that we are with you, we support what you do for us, and we have your back.



9 Responses to “Daniel Defense Teams with Industry Partners to Assist Law Enforcement with Training”

  1. Allll by myyyyyyyself says:

    it seems petty must be taking the Rahm Emmanuel approach.

    Never let a crisis be wasted for self promotion.

    I’m sure Shea and Trevor subscribe to that as well.

    Wonder if Marty Has any Jewish or German blood in his family lineage….

    • Marcus says:

      What are you even talking about, moron?

      I mean honestly, is it even worth writing a falacious comment that takes a shot at the industry.

      Yeah, you know. They’re all ambulances chasers and opportunists. It’s not like they ever do anything else in the industry.

      Maybe you want to go back to scribbling in coloring books. Because this is obviously too emotional for you.

    • Lt M says:

      Ummm… Okay…?
      I’m not sure if this is a very weak attempt at trolling, or a very misguided, nay ignorant and possibly bigoted comment. Either way, I think it best you wind your neck in, take a knee, and reflect on how this is a positive effort to provide potentially lifesaving skills to Law Enforcement at no cost to the agencies.

  2. BravoMike says:

    Go crawl back under your rock, Alllll by Yoooooourself.

  3. Fleur de lis tactical says:

    DD, PR partnership problem waiting to happen. Choosing a company that embraces neo Nazi branding and imagery who trains cops. Marty sign off on this one?

    • Sam Cummins says:

      It really seems like you’re drawing some awfully slanderous conclusions there bud.

      88 Tactical is an off shoot and now independent company of Signal 88 Security, which Shea started some years ago. “Signal 88” or just “88” is the Omaha/Nebraska area LE code for “situation secure”. No bro nazi ties there, that a tired busted argument and you should really just hang it up and actually get to know what 88 Tactical is about before you continue running your suck.

      Shea’s wife is German, which means absolutely nothing other than that. The eagle was used wayyyyy before national socialists in Germany started using it. Seriously, if anyone is grasping at twigs to bring someone else down here, it’s you.

      They’re fucking great people. Salt of the earth truly doing the Lord’s work.

      Also, noticed I used my real name here. Not because I’m looking for recognition, but so you know I’ll back what I’m saying here and not hide behind a faceless forum handle.


  4. Bob R says:

    This is beyond dumb considering the current racially charged environment between law enforcement and black lives matter and other groups. You ask any detective in America about someone using “88” and they are going to say AB or WP. That’s Aryan Brotherhood or White Power for those of you who don’t know about gangs. A company run by policemen know this as well and yet, continue to expand that business. They’ve known the issue for years and yet we regularly learn more and more about their use of gang-related symbology.
    Look at the guy up above, he’s on here calling discussion “slander” and trying to explain things that have not even been brought up because he knows how weak the argument is. Just dumb. And anyone on the job who gets involved with them is dumb as well. All it takes is one ethnic joke or slur in an email or text message to unravel years of service. You don’t want someone to dig up an affiliation with Heil Hitler Tactical, because that’s how it will go down if you find yourself in a shoot with a minority. It will be plastered all over social media.
    It was a misguided move by Daniel Defense to affiliate themselves with this and a step toward career suicide for any officer who trains with them.

  5. A word about our name . . .

    88 Tactical means tactical situation secure.

    Some have questioned whether the number “88” in our name is a coded reference to white supremacist or neo-nazi hate groups. The answer is no, no reference to any supremacist or hate groups is expressed, implied or intended by the incorporation of the number 88 in our name. Any allegations to the contrary, which are usually posted anonymously here, have no basis in fact and are made recklessly based on unfounded assumptions, or maliciously by our competitors.

    “Signal 88” code means “situation secure” in Nebraska law enforcement. The reference to the number 88 in our name has no meaning other than “situation secure.” And, like many training and protection companies, as well as our own government, we use an American eagle in our logo. We DO NOT affiliate with hate groups.

    We are an organization comprised of many ethnicities and backgrounds, and kindly ask that we be given the benefit of the doubt prior to drawing such damaging conclusions. We encourage anyone to come out and train with us in an effort to get to know us. Bob R. and All By Myself, we’d like to extend an offer to the two of you where we’d be willing to pay the cost of your airfare, lodging and training costs in an effort for the two of you to come see who we are and what we’re really about.