Direct Action Gear – Tiger Moth Chest-Rig

The lightest chest-rig in the DIRECT ACTION® line, the TIGER MOTH® combines extensive customization possibilities with a compact size – for when low-profile / low-bulk is required.

Photo – Tiger Moth Chest Rig – Adaptive Green

• Proprietary laser-cut laminate, Cordura® 500D and softshell construction
• Integrated, adjustable magazine pouches, will fit: 8 x AR type, 4 x AK type or 4 x SR type magazines
• PALS platforms on the sides for radio, medical or utility pockets
• Horizontal PALS slots under ammunition pouches for tourniquets, pistol magazine pouches etc.
• Body armor interface via buckles and additionally stabilized with Velcro
• Low profile, adjustable harness with slots for PTT and additional accessories attachment
• Flat inner pocket in chest panel
• Comms / antenna routing slots
• Available in Adaptive Green, Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam® and PenCott-GreenZone®

The TIGER MOTH® Chest-Rig is in stock and available for online purchase in North America at, in Europe at

The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth was a light biplane operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a primary trainer during WWII. Tiger Moths were also used by Air Observation Post (AOP) units such the Polish-manned No. 663 Squadron RAF (663 Polski Szwadron Powietrznych Punktów Obserwacyjnych) that served in Italy from 1944-45. Air Observation Post units working closely with Army units for artillery spotting and liaison.

Photo – De Havilland 82A Tiger Moth II in Polish Aviation Museum.

Photo – 663 Squadron insignia.

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2 Responses to “Direct Action Gear – Tiger Moth Chest-Rig”

  1. Mick says:


    I like the historical note about what the armor was named after… please keep doing this! There’s such a strong tendency with military gear and other military things to reference gear/units/operations of the past; I love learning all those little tidbits!

    Also, this post reminded me of a quite enjoyable WWII thriller featuring a Hornet Moth.. which is pretty much a Tiger Moth with an enclosed cockpit.

  2. Luke says:

    Really like the adjustable size/retention on the pouches, looks simple but effective.