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Tactical Distributors – Exclusive Black Khard Now Available For Pre-Order

Yes, It’s true!! Pre-orders start now.

TD is excited to bring another original collaboration with Arc’teryx LEAF to the market.

In addition to the limited edition bag (only 330 in the USA and 500 Total world wide), TD is offering “Pimp Your Khard Pack” giving the customer three options: Neon Green, Red or Grey. You will get 5.5 Feet of shock cord and barrel lock for the back of the pack, 4.5 feet of Shock cord for the top of the pack and a #’ed patch matching the color. There are only 110 of each color.


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14 Responses to “Tactical Distributors – Exclusive Black Khard Now Available For Pre-Order”

  1. Baldrick says:

    Any way to order a patch without the pack? I already have a Khard 30 but Arc patches are hard to come by.

    • C S says:

      From the TD page:

      *Exclusive Arc’teryx patch that will never be for sale included with each Khard 30 Black!*

    • Steak TarTar says:

      you could buy the pack, return it without the patch and eat the $50 restocking fee

  2. Alex says:

    Only $360 for a pack made in Vietnam. But at least you get some cool colored shock chord and patch!

    Call me a hater but I have never understood the googoo gaga nature of Arc’teryx. Seems that SSD is always very eager to post anything related to that company as well.

    • St says:

      They make good stuff. Not the cheapest and not made in the USA – but it is still good stuff. It isn’t for everyone.

      It is a Canadian HQ’d company with factories and staff all over the world.

      Check out your LEAF Alpha jackets – made in Canada. That would be your friendly northern neighbor. ……

    • Dev says:

      Ouch, to be fair they still do manufacture some of their products in Canada. The Minotaur for example, even though it’s no longer in production, was made in Canada and the aforementioned Alpha hard shells.

      I have a LEAF Atom LT (which is made in Bangladesh, and apparently uses different material compared to the non-LEAF Atom LT) and honestly it’s one of the most well designed and well made products I have in my closet. The cut, the underarm panels, the loft, the inner (tafeta?) lining, the lined collar and the plastic freeze-proof zips, all add up to a very complete and impressive product. It’s also pretty damn light weight-wise for an insulated garment, considering it’s a complete jacket that weighs less than a duck down Patagonia vest I have.

      Just the other week there were some near sub zero temps mornings, which is quite rare this part of Australia and all I had on were some shorts, thongs and a t-shirt underneath the jacket and the morning commuters on the train were all eyeing away wondering if I was mad. It was nice and toasty and didn’t have any issues with light rain.

      Not an Arc’teryx fanboy, only purchased the Minotaur and Atom LT because there was a huge discount and thought why the hell not. So far i’m suitably impressed.

      • BS says:

        Just to clarify – there are Alpha LEAF jackets made in Canada and made in China.

        • Steak TarTar says:

          the entire Alpha line is manufactured in Canada with the exception of the Gloves

        • SG says:

          The overseas were done for one season because of production capacity was outstripped by demand. I’ve compared the two side-by-side and the only difference is one says ‘made in China’ on the label, the other says ‘made in Canada’. If it’s a political objection, that’s a personal value judgement, but if it’s a matter of QC, their game is ridiculous.

          • SG says:

            Sorry. to clarify, I’m talking about the hardshell garments, not the gloves in my comment.

  3. Nick says:

    They are made overseas since there are few US factories that can meet the demand or the quality. They aren’t made in low budget factories.

  4. Zambowhite says:

    My khard45 says made in the Philipines not Vietnam. Some Mystery ranch packs are also made in the PI.

  5. Rob says:

    I was keen until I realised the conversion for AUD/US made this pack well out of reach for me. You get quality products with Arc’teryx. While Im not a fan boy, I do own two jackets of theirs and they are my usual go to options when the weather gets fairly ordinary.