Mayflower Introduces Pusher Back Panel

The Mayflower R&C by Velocity Systems Pusher Back Panel is made to augment the Pusher Chest Rig. The design provides flexibility; it can be worn with a front plate, back panel with back plate, chest rig and back panel or just the pusher chest rig. The features and accessories include a plate pocket, 2-liter water bladder pouch, small molle panel for tools or pouches, medical pouch, envelope for a breacher tool, an extendable breacher bag, front plate sleeve, helmet carrier, horizontal rear magazine pouch and a jacket stash pocket. The Pusher Back Panel can hold up to a large plate. Color options: MultiCam and Coyote Brown All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA. 

For more information, photos and to see a product demonstration video please visit our website or Velocity Systems/Mayflower R&C Facebook Page.


5 Responses to “Mayflower Introduces Pusher Back Panel”

  1. Re-vamping of Eagle Industries “Rhodesian Recon Vest” with an optionnal backplate ?

  2. bobX says:

    Any chance for just the plate pouches?

  3. Hodge175 says:

    Now we need more zip on panels for the Scarab LT, maybe one like the Mayflower Assault panel. Velocity Systems makes outstanding kit.

  4. Doug says:

    Has anyone notice the listed price? $755…. holy cow, that has to be a typo, or someone is smoking crack over at Mayflower.

  5. bobX says:

    I did. That’s why I was hoping for more of an ala carte solution.