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High Port Apparel TacNap Now Available

The TacNap is a purpose driven Range Rag designed by shooters for shooters.

Made out of 1000D Cordura the outer layer is designed for the roughest and toughest of use. The inner layer is a flat micro fiber that can be used to clean lenses and optics or wipe off sweat.

Designed to be attached to anything from a belt loop, EDC belt, competition belt, or your range bag the TacNap has two fixture points in it that allow it to be tri-folded for two main reasons:
1) It keeps the micro fiber protected by the 1000D Cordura outer layer when tri-folded
2) It is the most efficient way for the rag to fold up, stay out of the way and be ready to be used with either layer at all times

18″x 14″
1000D Cordura
Flat Micro Fiber
Marine Canvas Binding
Heavy Weight 100% Polyester Thread

Currently available in two color configurations: Black and Tan



6 Responses to “High Port Apparel TacNap Now Available”

  1. PPGMD says:

    Nice idea, but I am not sure the implementation is all that great. If it is microfiber so you can clean optics, that isn’t a surface I want to clean guns on. But if I turn it over and clean guns on the cordura then the microfiber can get dirty with debris.

    • HPA says:

      Thank you for the input PPGMD! We will be continuing to look at other fabrics in the future and are always looking for user input. We will never please everyone but we can do our best to take it all into consideration.

      As far as cleaning guns with the TacNap. We have seen no issues using the cordura as the main surface when cleaning a firearm without getting the microfiber dirty. However the microfiber is great at getting into tighter crevices and cleaning out magazines. Don’t be concerned with using the microfiber for dirty jobs, whether its wiping carbon off or cleaning out your magazines between stages at a match. Treat it like any old rag, throw it in the washer when you are done with it and repeat.

      We have some things in the works to separate the true use of cleaning lenses with a micro fiber lens cloth while still keeping the same properties and durability of the original.

  2. enigma says:

    “A purpose driven range rag designed by shooters for shooters”

  3. Brix says:

    I tired to purchase one of these over 17 days ago, got an order confirmation and that was it….now I’m out $30 with no product. I’ve been trying to get a reply via email to no avail using the email in the order and on their website. Horrible experience with this company so far.

  4. Brix says:

    Going on day 20 and I finally got a reply back from a different email address once I started a dispute through PayPal. Now no reversals or refunds have been issued, but I was promised it would be shipped to find out 3 days later it has not.

    • HPA says:


      I apologize for the delay on your order. We have processed the refund you have requested and you will have the money back in your account as soon as PayPal processes everything. We will also still be sending you your TacNap with some HPA swag as well. If you have any further issues please email us.