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LBT Inc – Three Day Assault Pack V2

LBT has just released the Version 2.0 of the popular 3 Day Assault Pack, now with a detachable front section similar to the LBT-1562SF medic pack, the 2.0 will have the option of running a slick version or modular version. Comes as a set with a main and front pack. I like the piggyback concept which looks great for travel.  Even better, get it at its introductory price for the next week.

Overall pack: 20H x 14W x 9D / Apprx 2520 cubic inches
Main pack: 20H 14W x 6D / Apprx 1680 cubic inches
Front Pack: 14.5H x 13W 4D / Apprx 754 cubic inches

Offered in MultiCam, Black or MAS Grey.



18 Responses to “LBT Inc – Three Day Assault Pack V2”

  1. Jack G says:

    Looks just like my ZOT ZERO , Plus and a Heavy line. What flattery. [email protected] Pretty sure I have some copy-right and things on this.

    • Stelio Kontos says:

      I guess we can thank you for the 3 Day silhouette and the Jansport looking(and by looking, I mean identical) silhouette you offer too. My god where would this industry be without you… please, oh innovative one (whom I’ve never heard of), develop something else we’ve never seen before to set the bar for the backpack world as we know it.

      I mean seriously, at best I can only google you to 2013… The zip off medic pack that LBT offers has been around longer than your company has existed, at a minimum early 2000’s. It amazes me how everyone in this industry feels as if they’ve recreated the wheel, in a sense I’m all for it, because it just means more options for us the end users, but enough of the “I did it first mentality” when you’re still wet behind the ears

      • John C says:

        LBT was around before most companies were a twinkle in their investors eyes. They have been making good kit since the early 90s (I bought my first 3day pack in around 92-93) or before and their innovations have been copied by many. Furthermore, you only see about 60% of LBTs products online because many of the things they make are made to spec for operational units.

  2. oneoops31 says:

    Imitation is suppose to be the greatest flattery, but it just looks like LBT is running out of idea’s.

    • Alex says:

      Shoulder straps straight out of 1995, tired old materials, just a lot of yawns coming out of LBT recently. It’s as they have airsofters running their design department. This is most evident with their LBX line, Vans shoes collabs, etc. They have lost their edge in the industry where once they were pioneers.

  3. George S. says:

    If by imitation you mean applying a design that they’ve used for USSOCOM and JSOC for over a decade to a wider area and commercial use, I’d say you’re right.
    Just because something isn’t released publicly or applied to the mass market items does not mean it has not been in use. How is anyone to be sure you didn’t see one of these “X” bags in the field during OIF and when you scrapped enough coin together put your own ideas to it? We don’t. Really there isn’t anyone who cares either.
    This design has been in use longer than you’ve been a company.

    Who the hell is honorpoint and what is a ZOT?
    See? No one cares.
    PS – Nice wordpress website, homie.


    • Steak TarTar says:

      SSD comment sections are a lovely mix of seasoned end users and loud mouthed wannabes

      • George S. says:

        Certainly is – I come for the laughs and the SF Badasses who forget to say that their “SF” was Security Forces.

        • Alex says:

          I’m here for the industry wannabes as yourself who think they know the ins and outs and in reality know nothing. Your knowledge probably ends after you close SSD.

          Leave it to the grownups and those who actually work in the industry to comment, holmes.

          • George S. says:

            Right. I have no need for validation on a tacticool blog.
            Kudos for the assumption, though homeslice.

    • Alex says:

      What’s wrong with wordpress? I’m pretty sure that’s what SSD uses. Grow up.

      Honor point as a sewing contractor has made a lot of issued kit, FYI, do your homework, homie.

  4. Jack G says:

    S & G , thanks for your comments. George thanks for your service. Please feel free to call me to call me. You both seem to know a lot about life and maybe I can get more ideas from you .

    • George S. says:

      Thank you for you service, if not for the old breed we would have never had the chance to serve ourselves.

      My only issue here was the ridiculous assumption that you and your company created a design that has been in use across various units for quite some time. Doing what i’ve done, and working where I work now, I know just how easy it is to “copy” anothers work.
      A lot of the “likeness” seen in the larger companies comes from solicitations asking for “X,Y,X” resulting in each of the players having their own version of the same damn thing. While this is not the case here, it does apply to the vast majority of the kit out there that the assclowns whine about being the same as such-and-such.

      Unfortunately you’re “zip-off-technology” is not new and has been gainfully employed across the services for many years now.

  5. Can’t we all just get along . . . ?

  6. Pat says:

    just when I get my new Go pack and I have had my LBT-1476A for all of two months, this comes out (faceplam)

  7. I am a Recon Rigger and joiner the Corps in 94′ and have know Honor Point owner since then. We have trained all over the world and served during the same combat tours in middle east. Honor Point gear is top notch! Lots of innovation that the Marine Corps has used in real time operations.

    I have seen the Honor Point bag in question being worked in his shop a couple years ago and who knows how long before that. Every brand has their following and you can only make bags, belts and pouches so many different ways.

    Either way, thank you all for your service

  8. Rob says:

    Does anyone know if frame sheet inserts are available for these? The product sheet suggests there’s a sleeve for an insert, but I don’t seen any kind of frame sheet on the LBT site.