Pentagon – Kalahari Hat

This summer has been a scorcher here in Hampton Roads so anytime I see a sun hat while doing research (aka web surfing) I check it out. This one is from Greek brand Pentagon. They make a lot of 5.11-style clothing and I only learned about them during IWA this year as they are not well known here in the US. However, I do know you can find some of their stuff on Amazon.

What I find interesting about this hat is that they’ve laser cut ventilation into the sides of the hat and incorprated a neck shade in a wide brimmed hat. That’s some pretty serious business and between the material and design they promise SPF 50. UV damage to skin is serious business boys and girls. Protect your skin while you’re young. Offered in Coyote, Tan and Grey.


12 Responses to “Pentagon – Kalahari Hat”

  1. Ranger Rick says:

    Looks like a good gardening hat.

  2. Linz says:

    Meh- a short brim boonie with neck flap has been issue in ADF for…8 years?

    • Dev says:

      Yes but no one in infantry (or any of the combat corps for that matter) would be caught dead in something with a neck flap.

      I remember being told off by the CSM on the first day at the battalion to rid off the massive combat sombreros with the neck flaps issued at Basic for a giggle hat instead.

  3. Ross says:

    During the Anglo-Boer War the British troops became known as “Rooinekke” … translates to “red necks” … as a result of the Southern African sun. Their Pith helmets were designed to help prevent this … the shape of the pith helmet also meant that it silhouetted great against clear African skies. Many British occupiers died as a result.
    This hat looks a little silly if you ask me and will restrict 360 degree alertness. To those of us who are not “Rooinekke” and face elephants daily, perhaps we should just stick to our regular “boshoed” … beanie … for serious tasks

    • Riceball says:

      I don’t see how this hat would restrict your 350 view, to the top some, yes, but not more than any other brimmed hat would. Laterally there’s nothing restricting your view, not unless you literally have eyes on the back of your head.

  4. Gerard says:

    I dont see this hat being used for tactical use but in the summer on a range when the temp is 90+ it makes sense

  5. Kirk says:

    The South Africans had a helmet cover for their version of the Kevlar that included neck flaps…

    Knowing a few folks who developed skin cancers on the back of their necks after doing multiple tours as Observer/Controllers at the NTC, I’m not so sure that looking goofy is really that bad of a thing.

    • Kirk says:

      Correction… The South Africans are the ones with the cap brim on the helmet cover, and the Canadians are the ones with the neck flaps…

      • Ross says:

        Correct Kirk.
        It was fairly useless though, LOL.
        Besides, most Saffers never deployed “actually wearing” their Patern 87 helmets. Most rocked bush-hats, T-shirts, rugby shorts and Converse high-tops or Adidas Sambas!

  6. Lasse says:

    Laser cut anything doesn’t impress me anymore, it’s more the question of why others aren’t doing it? (durability is the main aspect)
    UPF 50 is in most cases a material choice (or lets say material structure + density), but it is real nice to have it. The skin is the largest part of your body.

    Also, can’t we all rock doo-rags? Or is that too racially insensitive?