INVISIO interim report January–June 2016: Continued profitable growth and strong order book

Stockholm, August 18, 2016

INVISIO (IVSO) has today published its interim report for the period January–June 2016. The company continues to grow with good profitability. Both sales and operating profit rose in the first six months of the year compared with the corresponding period in 2015. At the same time a new order from the US army contributed to a strong order book at the close of the period.

CEO comment
“All in all we have made several important advances in the first half year. We have received orders both from new and existing customers while showing that we have the capacity required to deliver greater volumes in pace with our customers’ wishes”, says Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO of INVISIO.

(Figures for the same period the previous year are given in brackets)
January-June 2016

  • Revenue: SEK 163.1 m (125.4)
  • Gross profit: SEK 85.4 m (66.4)
  • Gross margin: 52.4 % (53.0)
  • EBITDA: SEK 48.3 m (33.4)
  • Operating profit/loss: SEK 45.7 m (30.4)
  • Operating margin: 28.0 % (24.2)
  • Profit/loss for the period: SEK 45.6 m (27.4)
  • Earnings per share: SEK 1.07 (0.65)

    April-June 2016

  • Revenue: SEK 83.6 m (68.2)
  • Gross profit: SEK 43.2 m (34.1)
  • Gross margin: 51,7 % (50.1)
  • EBITDA: SEK 23.4 m (18.4)
  • Operating profit/loss: SEK 22.2 m (16.2)
  • Operating margin: 26.6 % (23.7)
  • Profit/loss for the period: SEK 22.2 m (13.5)
  • Earnings per share: SEK 0.52 (0.32)

    Important events during the quarter

  • INVISIO received an order of about SEK 100 million from the American army’s modernization program TCAPS. Deliveries will be made on an ongoing basis in the period July 2016–June 2017.
  • Two orders were received from the French defence forces totalling SEK 18 million, to be delivered in 2016.
  • One of INVISIO’s oldest army customers ordered systems for SEK 6.5 million.
  • The order book at the close of the quarter was SEK 187.4 million (67.1).
  • The product portfolio was extended with INVISIO V20 for users connected to a single team radio.


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    1. Vince says:

      Still waiting on that new version of the V20 to be more commercially available. TEA makes Invisio hard to obtain. I shouldn’t have to go through a long drawn out procurement process to purchase a limited number of units. Why not sell direct like TCI or Silynx? A web store would increase sales.