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Tacteris Redefines Military Planning with Release of Maestro Software

Cost effective, commercial-off-the-shelf 3D planning software for military planners available online

CALGARY, Aug. 23, 2016 — Tacteris has announced the release of Maestro, its flagship 3D operational planning software for military planners. Maestro delivers purpose=built tools and workflows for composing complex tactical operations with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and agility. Licensing options are available for enterprise users as well as affordable pricing for individual planners and students. Maestro is available for download and purchase at:

Maestro is a unique fusion of project planning, 3D mapping, organizational resource management and collaboration in a single, unified platform. Planners can create tactical overlays, orders of battle, and timelines in minutes. “Up until now, technology has been the limiting factor,” said Tacteris co=founder Sundeep Kharey. “Current approaches are partial at best and are inefficient and costly over the long run.” Tacteris has developed proprietary visualization, scheduling, and resource management algorithms offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and cost=effectiveness in a commercial off=the=shelf package. “Operational planning is a core competency practiced by all the world’s militaries, and how well you do it means the difference between life and death on the battlefield,” said Kharey. “With today’s release, we’re making the essential planning capabilities demanded by professional planners around the world available out of the box.”

Maestro features worldwide 3D map data, NATO symbology, and international language support. A streamlined user=interface makes users productive in minutes without training. A standalone application, Maestro runs on regular Windows PCs without the need for specialized hardware or network infrastructure. Tacteris offers command and control (C2) integration and customization services for enterprise customers. A product of Canada, Maestro is available for international export and is ITAR=free.

For more information, pricing, and free software trials, please visit:

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