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National Molding – Ghost Eye Hooks

Duraflex Ghost Eye Hooks from National Molding are made right here in the USA and available in 3/4″ and 1″.


6 Responses to “National Molding – Ghost Eye Hooks”

  1. bob says:

    Oh cool. I’ve been wanting something like this for a DIY project.

  2. MysteriousGuyFromTheStreet says:

    I believe those are used in the 5.11 Havoc backpacks.

  3. The Pig says:

    1.75″ and 2″ for belts please.

    • Alex says:


      Also matte military colors, FDE, Green, etc.

    • Jack Daniels says:

      I find plastic hardware for belts too thick. If you have to wear a ruck – or just lean forward – they’ll dig in.

      Aluminium G-hooks are much better and lower profile for this application, in my opinion.

      This however is great for backpacks or quick attach accessories (I’d prefer that over QASMs to attach a placard to a rig).

  4. Evan says:

    G-hooks don’t really do either thing well that they’re supposed to. Perhaps this one will do both things better. Of course the first thing I would try is to grab the open end with a pair of pliers and see how easily it broke off.