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Team Safariland’s Julie Golob and Rob Leatham Celebrate Victories at 2016 USPSA Carry Optics and Production National Championships

ONTARIO, Calif. – Safariland congratulates Team Safariland members Julie Golob and Rob Leatham for triumphing at the 2016 USPSA Back-to-Back Production and Carry Optics National Championships held in Barry, Ill. from August 11-14. Following these competitions, Golob is impressively the first and only woman to win a national title in all seven USPSA divisions, and Leatham is remarkably a 28-time USPSA National Champion.

Powering through to compete while feeling under the weather, Golob placed fourth in the Female Category at the 2016 USPSA Production National Championships. She also claimed her 15th USPSA Ladies National Title at the Carry Optics National Championships. Golob’s final tally was 1158.5395 match points with 75.485 percent.

“I pushed for every point and shot penalty free the entire match,” said Golob. “This is such a personal victory! Using the top gear, I achieved top honors in a sport I fell in love with as a kid.”

Rob Leatham continued Team Safariland’s winning streak, finishing first in the Senior Category of both the Carry Optics and Production National Championships, shooting a 92 percentile Master score. He placed 11th overall in the Production Division out of 369 competitors and fourth out of 75 in the Carry Optics Division.

“This is the first year I qualified to compete in the Senior Category of USPSA, and I have won every Senior National Championship this year,” said Leatham. “Competing with the best available gear, I look forward to the two upcoming USPSA Nationals in October.”

Golob competed using the Safariland ELS system with a 5198 Holster and 771 and 773 magazine pouches for her Federal Premium 147gr. Leatham used Safariland 771 pouches with 5198 Holster and USPSA Kit.

Team Safariland members are an integral part of the company’s product development process by regularly testing Safariland materials and products to ensure its equipment meets the rigorous demands of its users. This collaboration supports the best performance possible for law enforcement and military in the field and Team Safariland at competitions.

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2 Responses to “Team Safariland’s Julie Golob and Rob Leatham Celebrate Victories at 2016 USPSA Carry Optics and Production National Championships”

  1. Weaver says:

    When I was still in high school, over 30 years ago, I remember an article in Guns & Ammo, touting USPSA, and noting that it was different from many other sporting events. In others, you need specialized equipment not available to the average person, special teams or special connections to even be able to compete. Not so with USPSA – there, you just need a decent gun and a holster – and if you train hard enough, and manage to beat The Great One, you too could be called Champion.

    Really amazing that he’s still racking up Championships all these years later. What an inspiration.

    • Chris K. says:

      Seriously, his consistency in shooting sports is amazing. Congrats to him and Julie.