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Crye Precision Founders Launch Vantage Arms, LLC Located in Tennesee To Manufacture Six12 Shotgun

Crye Precision founders Caleb Crye and Gregg Thompson have launched new brand Vantage Arms, LLC, to manufacture the Six12 Modular, Rotary Shotgun. They have located to the Nashville, Tennesee area where they will invest $5 million to move into a 22,000-square-foot facility at 1657 Murfreesboro Road.

Gregg Thompson told the Nashville Post, “We couldn’t be more excited to begin this new endeavor in Nashville, it’s absolutely critical to the success of the company that we have the right people at the helm and the right environment to grow. We’ve come to the clear conclusion that Tennessee, and Nashville specifically, offers a top-notch workforce and a climate that is unwavering in its support of innovation.”

The 12 guage Six12 uses a six round rotary magazines like a revolver but which can be removed for loading. The shotgun has been paired with the SilencerCo Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor as seen above. Originally envisioned as a breaching shotgun, the bullpup’s modular design allow it to be configured as a stand-alone weapon or attached to an M4 carbine.

Designed at Crye Precision’s home base at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Six12 was unveiled several years ago. However, production at that location was problematic due to regulation. The move to Murfreesboro is a sound one where they plan to hire 100 employees. We wish them well in this new endeavor.

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26 Responses to “Crye Precision Founders Launch Vantage Arms, LLC Located in Tennesee To Manufacture Six12 Shotgun”

  1. James says:

    Well.. I suppose it would be impractical for them to start making them at their Brooklyn, NY location.

  2. Johnny23 says:

    Maybe as a stand alone, but I’m sure having this boat anchor hanging on the end of a 10.5″ M4 will be just as popular as the GLM was.

  3. tcba_joe says:

    Not into shotguns, but I’m definitely into this shotgun.

    • 18Derp says:

      Just wait until you feel one.

      I have never picked up a more unbalanced and wonky gun in my life – as the standalone version.

      It was straight up shocking how rear heavy it was. Like the blonde Crye guy was around and surely heard me snortle (gasp laugh chuckle).

  4. Marcus says:

    “Unwavering in its support of innovation.”

    Yeah, not to mention the Second Amendment.

    Good luck to Crye and the people of Tennessee. They truly deserve it.

  5. Everett says:

    Good to see this finally getting manufactured. My one concern with the stand alone layout is how/if they solved the problem of cylinder gap being that close to the shooter’s face…

    • Chris says:

      Having the same concern. & not sure about the trigger pull weight. it looks practical for home defense.

    • Nicholas says:

      Would be cool if the Crye innovation did a better modern twist on the Mosin Nagant revolver cylinder gap sealing design-

    • SSD says:

      That was not an issue when I fired it. There’s a small sleeve that covers the cylinder gap at the front of the cylinder where it engages with the barrel.

  6. jbgleason says:

    Everything else aside, the music in that video made me laugh out loud at my desk.

  7. SamHill says:

    I’d give one a try!

  8. G3SM says:

    Looking forward to perusing their job postings…

  9. CWG says:

    Nice to see companies with their roots in nanny states taking their gun business to American states.

    Not a shotgun guy, but will buy if price is right. Real ingenuity gets harder to find in the firearms business. We should support it when we can.

  10. Most in NY won’t make a peep about the lost opportunity.

    Born and raised in Brooklyn I can’t communicate how disappointed I am in what it has become (and I lived in a crime infested ghetto). The malaise that infected neighborhoods creating a lack of respect for human life and the right to defend it has crept into the greater mentality of those that live there.

    It took me a long time to give up on NYC. I retained citizenship there even during my first 15 years of service but there came a time that I realized my financial well being required a change. Maybe Crye is on the same journey?

    Sadly, just like in Colorado with Magpul those that should be taking notice won’t accept and realize what their morally bankrupt ideology is causing. Worse, some move to other states and try and transplant it.

    I wish Crye continued success and continued hope for the rest of us…

    • Big Daddy says:

      Born and raised in Brooklyn moved to Texas to be free after I retired. I will never return there, ever.

      • Jester says:

        I just hope the foolishness doesn’t spread from California to Texas. The weirdos already have a foothold in Austin.

  11. When will there be applications for employment? OEF/OIF Vet at MTSU that could sweep the floors.

  12. jack says:

    100 employees is a massive amount in the NFA firearms manufacturing world. I wish them the best.

  13. Chris says:

    I apologize if this has been addressed, but does anyone know a price on these yet?

  14. Terry says:

    Due to crappy laws in Australia around shotguns, we can’t (generally) have pump actions, but there are (currently) no regulations against levers or revolvers. I really hope these are imported into Australia.

    • Dev says:

      Wouldn’t these fall under semiautomatic category?

      • Bobby Davro says:

        If it’s anything like British firearms law it wouldn’t as a semi automatic requires the weapon with no input from from (apart from cocking the weapon and pulling the trigger)user to cycle the action and load a fresh round in the chamber, In my opinion (however naieve) this hold be classed as a single shot as it technically requires to be cocked before every shot

        • Tim says:

          I’m not tracking. Based on the video they put out a while ago, it looks to me like the cylinder rotates when the trigger is being pulled, like a DA revolver. No cocking so far as I can tel..

  15. Big Daddy says:

    I don’t like have my hand in front of any magazine like that. I like my left hand the way it is.