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New Pouches from Blue Force Gear

We’ve given you previews of all three of these new pouches over the last few months and now they are all available from our friends at Blue Force Gear. They are offered in Coyote, OD, Wolf and MultiCam.

Blue Force Gear announces three new additions to its line of tactical pouches. Focusing on the need of essentials during mission-critical situations, the new additions include the Medium Dump Pouch to serve as a larger version of the company’s Ultralight Dump Pouch, the Water Bottle Pouch, designed around water as a necessity, and the SAW Pouch which can be used as a universal utility pouch.

The Medium Dump Pouch is a larger dump pouch that is able to be stowed and was designed for extended overt use. A “fish trap” style flap at the top allows magazines and other items to be immediately stowed, but offers additional security over traditional open top dump pouches. This added security keeps all items stowed when going to prone or getting in or out of vehicles.

The Water Pouch is a lightweight pouch that can hold a 1-liter Nalgene® bottle or a 1-quart canteen. Hydration is essential regardless of your area of responsibility. The Water Bottle Pouch allows you to have water in a convenient, accessible location on your battle belt, vest, armor carrier or on the side of packs.

The SAW Pouch was designed to hold a 200-round M249 SAW drum, but is a great all-around utility pouch. Noticeably different from any other pouch in the Helium Whisper® line, the body of the pouch is constructed of ULTRAcomp™. This allows the pouch to keep its shape better than ballistic nylon and also offers greater wear and abrasion resistance, especially helpful when holding items with sharp edges or corners.

These pouches are available now through Blue Force Gear.


8 Responses to “New Pouches from Blue Force Gear”

  1. Does the hydration pouch work with canteen cup/stove?

  2. Medium dump holds 5 AR mags

  3. BAP45 says:

    Good call on the Nalgene bottle pouch. For how popular they are there are not as many options out there as you would think.

    • Dev says:

      No generally any 3 column width pouch with a “standard” height (using this term loosely) should be OK for Nalgenes. The problem is finding something that’s tall enough and only 2 column width to save on real estate.