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SureFire To Introduce FirePak At CTIA Super Mobility 2016

SureFire introduces a new product and enters a new market.

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s most innovative illumination tools, will be unveiling its one-of-a-kind FirePak™ smart phone illumination tool at CTIA Super Mobility 2016, the largest mobile event in America and the best place for everything wireless. The all-new FirePak™ gives you the ability to shoot vibrant, high-definition video with your smart phone in low-light situations, something never before possible. This versatile device can be activated remotely via a Bluetooth app and generate multiple useful output levels—up to an incredible 1,500 lumens of light—for navigating at night, emergency preparedness, and more. FirePak can also be used to recharge your smartphone’s battery and even be used separately as a handheld illumination tool.

SureFire CTIA Booth —To demonstrate the revolutionary FirePak™, SureFire will be hosting an interactive booth at the show, where visitors can don various props and take an awesome 360° slow-motion selfie-video with the help of the FirePak™. Each day, the first 50 participants who take a 360° selfie will also receive a free SureFire phone case and be entered in our daily giveaway contest for the best videos shot at the booth and posted to Instagram! The first-and-second-place winning entries will receive a free FirePak™ and phone case, while the third-place winner will receive a SureFire SideKick®.

To check out the new FirePak—as well as other SureFire products—and to shoot a selfie video with FirePak and enter the video contest, be sure to visit SureFire’s booth # 956. Learn more here: www.surefire.com/firepak


15 Responses to “SureFire To Introduce FirePak At CTIA Super Mobility 2016”

  1. jack says:

    Am I the only one struggling with this hipsterish video associated with Surefire brand?
    I get that they are aiming at that market segment with this device, but it just feels wrong when you are used to the surefire institute/combat tactics videos.

  2. Adamn says:

    Can’t grow any bigger within MIL/LE? Go commercial – smartest business move ever. Just that there might be no coming back to the credibility you had. But not necessarily.

    I know, they might as well introduce a new brand “Funfire”, but honestly… who doesn’t like parties? Who? I bet folks at SF do. Selfie era is here – improvise, adapt, overcome.

  3. Jason says:

    And yet my Warcomp has been on back order since February.

  4. Ivan says:

    This will come in handy when you come off mission and go straight to Burning Man… and your phone is almost out of juice…

  5. James Francis says:

    $300 for an external battery pack with built in flashlight? Hmmn. I know SF makes good gear, but I think this might be much..

  6. Finally! I’ve been wanting for years a 1500 lumen cell phone lighting system for all the nighttime skateboarding I do.

    America….it’s great.

  7. Chuck Mac says:

    They have laid off, fired, terminated positions of 427 people. Think about that for a moment. Let that settle in. How many families did their crap ideas hurt ? There are companies in our industry that only have 50 or 75 total employees (or less) that continue to hire, innovate and grow. Surefire is a villain in a Hollywood script, and they are based in Hollywood so very appropriate.
    Here are the lay off totals: http://www.edd.ca.gov/jobs_and_training/warn/WARNReportfor7-1-2014to06-30-2015.pdf

  8. Bill says:

    It may be out of their niche, and I know cell-phone digital videography is A Thing, but what we really need is to make our phones larger and bulkier. How I ever survived with a flip phone I could stick in a pocket without looking like I had a boner or was carrying a coffin lid is beyond me.

    And please, keep adding resolution and still/video features so that the security teams at closed facilities can enjoy my photos while they are scrolling through my library making sure I didn’t shoot any documents or classified stuff because phones without cameras are slightly more rare than 18 year old virgins.