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VLTOR – VC-NRWL Muzzle Brake

VLTOR has announced a brand-new muzzle device, the VC_NRWL. In addition, they have partnered with famed firearms industry photographer Stickman and Ranier Arms to produce a version of the NRWL with Stickman laser engraving which will be available exclusively through Ranier for a committed period of time. The full release can be read below:


The VLTOR Weapon Systems VC-NRWL muzzle device gives a unique spin on utilizing gas and blast to help rifles function reliably as well as many other features. The muzzle device directs blast and sound forward and away from the shooter by pushing blast out in one direction. This makes the weapon more controllable and helps eliminate muzzle rise to keep the forend of the weapon on a level sight view.


While being an excellent muzzle device for any 5.56/.223 rifle, the VC-NRWL stands out in short barrel applications by allowing backpressure to be utilized for cycling as well as in situations of weak ammunition.


The Stickman laser engraving is a limited in production quantities and is sold exclusively through Rainier Arms for a committed period of time.

  • Comes with a crush washer
  • A standard 1” open end wrench can b e used for installation and clocked to any position desired. No special tools or wrenches required
  • It has a solid one piece design constructed from stainless steel and then black oxide finish.
  • ½ x 28 thread
  • 3.04” in length
  • 5.4oz in weight
  • Made in the U.S.A

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    4 Responses to “VLTOR – VC-NRWL Muzzle Brake”

    1. Stickman says:

      I appreciate being listed for partial credit, but Vltor already has a muzzle device like this which they made for the AK. I was trying to get a threaded muzzle conversion to use the AK model for my AR shorty configuration.

      I told Vltor they were crazy for not making one for the AR platform. It turns out Vltor employees wanted the same thing, but sometimes it takes an external voice as opposed to one inside a company.

      Getting credit for whining and complaining I couldn’t get what I wanted seems a bit much. No money goes to me, I’m just glad they decided to go for it.

      The AR15 commercial industry thrives on new things, and most guys who pay attention know that new toys are typically only popular for a year or two anyway.

      The prototypes I played around with didn’t really change in production form. The biggest complaint people will have is that it is steel, so that makes it heavy (just like similar large flash can). I don’t argue that, nor do I think Vltor would either. What this does do is direct muzzle blast forward, and takes a bit of flash out of the picture. Obviously, the shorter the barrel, the more the muzzle flash, so I wouldn’t dream of saying it kills flash completely.

      Anyway, now you know the full story. Stick is a cry baby who pouted until he got his way… at least that is how Mrs Stick sees it.

      Stay safe out there, especially my brothers and sisters in LE Land.

    2. BillC says:

      So it’s more of a linear compensator than a brake?

      • Stickman says:

        With no side venting, and no slots up top, I guess it kind of falls into that slot by default. However, it does not have the closed front, and it does have tines extending to help dissipate flash. So in one way it is, and in another way it isn’t.

        Clear as mud?

    3. Diddler says:

      Is this not the same thing they had for the ~10″ barrel with the offset gas block and port at the end close to the muzzle like a Garand? Looks the same but threaded to barrel rather than the gas block a la AK.

      If it is the same it doesn’t detract from what it is, just curious.