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SHOT Show 17 – Vltor Introduces AK Extended AK Handguard

Friday, January 20th, 2017

The other day Vltor teased us with a graphic depicting an AK. At SHOT Show, they are exhibiting the CMRD-E Extended AK Handguard for the AKM family. It’s intended as a drop-in, full length KeyMod rail. Look for additional lengths in the future as well as handguards for additional models. 


VLTOR releasing something awesome at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

We received a note from Vltor stating, “VLTOR releasing something awesome at SHOT Show,” along with this image.

VLTOR – VC-NRWL Muzzle Brake

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

VLTOR has announced a brand-new muzzle device, the VC_NRWL. In addition, they have partnered with famed firearms industry photographer Stickman and Ranier Arms to produce a version of the NRWL with Stickman laser engraving which will be available exclusively through Ranier for a committed period of time. The full release can be read below:


The VLTOR Weapon Systems VC-NRWL muzzle device gives a unique spin on utilizing gas and blast to help rifles function reliably as well as many other features. The muzzle device directs blast and sound forward and away from the shooter by pushing blast out in one direction. This makes the weapon more controllable and helps eliminate muzzle rise to keep the forend of the weapon on a level sight view.


While being an excellent muzzle device for any 5.56/.223 rifle, the VC-NRWL stands out in short barrel applications by allowing backpressure to be utilized for cycling as well as in situations of weak ammunition.


The Stickman laser engraving is a limited in production quantities and is sold exclusively through Rainier Arms for a committed period of time.

  • Comes with a crush washer
  • A standard 1” open end wrench can b e used for installation and clocked to any position desired. No special tools or wrenches required
  • It has a solid one piece design constructed from stainless steel and then black oxide finish.
  • ½ x 28 thread
  • 3.04” in length
  • 5.4oz in weight
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • www.vltor.com

    VLTOR – Vulcan Product Line

    Friday, September 2nd, 2016


    VLTOR has announced their new Vulcan product line, which is now available through the VLTOR online store. Named for the Roman god Vulcan, an unsightly yet extremely talented metalworker who provided his fellow gods with tools and weapons of peerless quality, the Vulcan line offers customers a chance to purchase cosmetically blemished yet fully functional VLTOR components at reduced prices. The Vulcan line will also host a number of limited edition products, which will be made available over time.

    All Vulcan products are of limited availability, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

    You can check it out at www.vltor.com/product-category/vulcan

    VLTOR Weapon Systems – An Update On The MUR-1S

    Thursday, June 18th, 2015

    MUR-1S New Shell Deflector

    VLTOR has announced that they’ve updated the MUR-1S. The Modular Upper Receiver was developed as a MilSpec correct upper receiver with a thicker wall, designed to offer customers a stronger upper receiver. The update to the MUR-1S involves a change on the shell deflector. While the original shell deflector consisted of a metal plate with the shell deflector riveted on, the new shell deflector is a single machined piece. In addition to being an overall stronger design, it adds only .07oz to the weight of the entire receiver.

    Packaging of new MUR-1S

    The updated units are currently shipping out to VLTOR’s backorder queue and will become generally available for new orders directly preceding the backorder queue.


    Eric Kincel Leaves Vltor to Move to Bravo Company

    Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

    Right after Christmas Eric Kincel announced that he was leaving the company he founded 10 years ago, Vltor and its associate Abrams Airborne. What we weren’t able to say until now is that he was heading to Bravo Company to head up their newly established R&D department in Las Vegas. To industry insiders this move comes as little surprise. Kincel has worked with Bravo Company on several projects in the past and this looks like a great fit. We wish them luck.

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    With the New Year comes a new beginning. As you probably gathered from my email address, I’ve taken up a position with Bravo Company USA as the Director of Research and Development. Even though Bravo Company is located in Wisconsin, Paul Buffoni (Pres./CEO) has started a second satellite facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The LV facility is nothing more than a “Skunk Works”, or a location for Research and Development for the future BCM Gunfighter product line.

    This recent move from Tucson was a major decision for my wife and I, but we are excited about the future and the possibilities. I look forward to working with and staying in contact with all my friends and supporters for years to come.

    For those of you attending the SHOT Show, I will also be there, but will not be manning a booth. For the first time in ten-plus years, I will get to walk the floor and see the show in its complete splendor. Please email me if you would like to meet up and I look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces of the industry.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013.


    Eric S. Kincel
    Director of Research & Development
    Bravo Company USA/Gunfighter Ind.

    Disruptive Tech – Vltor Weapon Systems KeyMod Data Package – A Gift To All Of Us

    Thursday, July 26th, 2012

    Vltor has done something very interesting. Not only have they developed a new accessory attachment system for small arms but they’ve offered up the TDP for use by all.

    Oddly enough, I feel like I’ve seen this before. It feels like PCAPS was channeled in the design and I recall a similar system under development by the same folks working on the domestic K2 weapon system about 5 years ago or so. Additionally, designer Eric Kincel admits that he ran across a similar system under development by Accuracy International. While I can’t attest to individual dimensions, conceptually, it’s not new. The underlying difference here is that Kincel has a patent and has very smartly placed it in the public domain.

    With Picatinny (Mil Std 1913) as the current industry standard, it’s going to be a steep uphill battle to get anyone to adopt a new system if it’s proprietary to just one company, no matter how good it is. If you can get everyone to start building to it, you can really affect the market. Naturally, the KM system will be backward compatible as it accepts Picatinny rail modules.

    It’s also important to note that Noveske introduced the NSR handguard at SHOT Show incorporating this technology, so it’s already in use.

    It remains to be seen if this will be a disruptive technology or not, but the very manner which it was released puts it on my watch list.

    Finally, I want to thank Military Morons for staying on top of this since SHOT Show and releasing this info. Below is Vltor’s statement.

    To the Firearm Industry and Shooting Public,

    Introducing the Vltor KeyMod system.
    The concept has been bouncing around in my mind (and the Vltor offices) for a few years now and it’s finally become reality. I first introduced the KeyMod Tech data package to friends in the community, starting with Noveske Rifleworks.

    The design is nothing major or earth shattering, it’s just something I thought was needed for the industry. My goal is for the industry to make this system a standard; working in parallel with the Picatinny rail; not replacing it. I’m not taking credit for coming up with this “keyhole” design, because I found out a year and a half ago that Accuracy International was working on a similar program. Also, it’s hard to take credit for a design that’s been around for 100+ years, i.e. warehouse shelving, scaffolding, etc.. Plus, with close examination of the A.I. key slot design, there are a number of improvements that the KeyMod covered and improved upon.

    The main difference is in the mounting and re-zeroing capabilities of the component. In addition, A.I.’s design was never taken into consideration for counter-recoil but recoil only.

    With this official introduction, I’m releasing the prints (shown below) to the firearm industry, so fellow companies can develop their own rail systems/platforms utilizing the KeyMod configuration. I added a sample component print (4-inch rail section) showing the mating interface to the outside of the platform surface. I also included a picture of the accessory nut that interfaces/ indexes to the chamfered surface on the backside of the platform. Please note the nut has a counter bore, so the mating screw can be distorted at the tip. The thread distortion will stop the screw from backing out, making the accessory a self contained, self centering, “drop and slide” mounting component. As you can imagine, there are a number of companies that are already developing and/or manufacturing components that mount directly to the slots. For example, Noveske and I are making our own rail panels, to work with “our” platform requirements. Other items being developed are VFGs, handstops, bipods, light, sight and sling mounts. The possibilities are endless.

    In all, I see this design as being a viable solution to limit the use of the aging “cheese grater” Picatinny Rail and/or multiple mounting points, which require threads, Helicoils and thread inserts. It is time to move on and I think the industry is ready for it.

    With the amount of enthusiasm I’ve seen so far, I think there will be a lot of fresh ideas for both the rail system and accessory world. There’s more than enough market for all of us to benefit from this KeyMod system, which is why Vltor is releasing the Data Pack into the public domain. Any manufacturer is free to use the Data Package for manufacturing their own Keymod handguards or related mounting accessories without needing consent from Vltor.

    If I can help in any way with this project, please feel free to contact me.
    Take care, I hope to hear from you soon.

    Eric S. Kincel
    General Manager
    Vltor Weapon Systems

    Key Mod DIMS

    Vltor SCAR Stock

    Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

    Vltor has produced a few upgrades to the SCAR’s standard furniture. One item is the SCAR Stock.

    Coming in April, this new stock is completely compatible with the FN SCAR but incorporates some of Vltor’s modstock functionality. For example, the adjustment mechanism is unchanged and it still works the same including folding. However, it looks and feels completely different. The buttpad has been re-shaped to include a negative pitch for a more natural transition to the ready position and storage space has been added behind the buttpad with built-in cleaning rod retention and cleaning material storage spaces. Additionally, QD sling swivel sockets have been added in the upper-rear portion of the stock, and a metal reinforcement plate has been added for greater impact resistance.

    The SCAR Stock is available in Black and Tan and fits both light and heavy models.