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AUSA – WL Gore & Assoc Announces Name For Flexible Membrane

The WL Gore flexible membrane material formerly known in development as ‘Topo’ has officially been named GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology.

In addition to jackets for the American tactical market by Beyond and Outdoor Research, WL Gore has also launched the material in Asia for consumer products and Europe for the LE market. GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology is 25% more breathable than the membrane used in USSOCOM’s PCU Level 6 and reduces the accumulation of sweat thanks to the garment’s stretchable form fitting construction.



4 Responses to “AUSA – WL Gore & Assoc Announces Name For Flexible Membrane”

  1. Hodge175 says:

    Like to know more about that jacket

  2. bill says:

    Agree with Hodge, that jacket is all time.

  3. bob says:

    Does the form fit breathable tech increase the refrigeration effect? I wouldnimagine this to be quite a cold garment if its tight. Gortex dry suits, if not inflated and filled with a fleece or puff jacket always sucked the heat out.

  4. Jason says:

    But, but…Goretex is breathable! Why would they need to improve on that?!? It has totally NEVER been like wrapping yourself in Saran Wrap!