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AUSA – Colt CSASS 901


17 Responses to “AUSA – Colt CSASS 901”

  1. Kango says:

    Was the 1/12 twist rate part of the requirement?

    • Jon says:

      No, they just can’t get their collective heads out of their behinds.

      • Nick says:

        Beat me to it.

        • Big Daddy says:

          I’m no expert but I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t a faster rate be better for heavier bullets like a 168 or 175 grain or even heavier for sub sonic rounds suppressed?

          Are they mismatching the colors on purpose to be like cool like a SCAR 17?

          Do these guys have any idea WTF they’re doing?

          • Alex says:

            Probably anodized in different batches, color matching is hard to do with FDE.

            • Tomcat_AL200 says:

              No, I think the lower was left over from the early days of the CM/LE901 when they thought they were going to offer one in FDE

  2. Ben says:

    What’s with the two tone fore-end? I know it’s petty, but it looks half-ass.

    • Alex says:

      My guess is that they were utilizing forgings for the standard LE901 instead of investing in new tooling.

      Extend the handguard with an add on vs. new forging blank for cost.

    • Marmatt says:


  3. Cuvie says:

    Was the HK CSASS that got adopted shown there? It seems kinda weird that companies were still displaying their entries after the contract was rewarded already

  4. Snake says:

    The CM901

  5. Snake says:

    The CM901 has always had a 1/12 twist. For what it’s worth, the SCAR-H/MK17/17S also has a 1/12 twist.

  6. AbnMedOps says:

    Hmm. Neither Key-Mod nor M-LoK in evidence.

  7. rotorhd says:

    Sorry, I love the history of Colt and it’s links to our military / US history. However, I can’t bring myself to spend 1 cent of my hard earned money on any new/rewarmed Colt product. Sorry!

    If somebody who gave a hoot bought Colt, I might reconsider.