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G-Code Introduces Taser X2 RTI Holster

G-Code’s holster for the X2 Taser offers dual retention and the closed front-end design protects the ARC and Stun Gun components of the Taser. What’s more, it incorporates G-Code’s popular RTI.

Available in Black, OD, Coyote and Grey in right or left hand models.


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2 Responses to “G-Code Introduces Taser X2 RTI Holster”

  1. bloke_from_ohio says:

    It appears to not cover the trigger, why? Or, am I just looking at it wrong?

    • Joe momma says:

      From a traditional handgun holster look that would appear to be the case. However since the trigger is all up in the body where the breach would normally be, it does appear that he trigger is covered, and probably falls near where the hardware can be seen in the first pic inside he holster