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Raven Concealment Systems – Copia Magazine Carrier

The Copia is an injection-molded pistol magazine carrier, developed to fulfill a government contract requirement for an ambidextrous magazine carrier that would accept magazines from multiple handgun models. They are now available for retail consumers.

Inspired by our original Kydex modular magazine carrier design, the new Copia carriers feature:

– Funneled mouth for easy magazine insertion

– Unique cavity and adjustable retention design allows the Copia to accommodate double-stack (both steel and polymer) magazines from over 100 different models of handguns chambered in 9/40/357, (including Glock, Sig, Beretta, FN, etc). Adjustable retention also allows magazines to be inserted facing forward or rearward.

– Short and tall body variants (short have a smaller profile and only work with three of our modular belt attachments, and tall are compatible with all of our IWB and OWB modular belt attachments)

– Body-hugging contour is more concealable and enhances comfort

– Available in single or double configuration, but additional units can be joined together to make larger configurations

Singles are $39.99, and doubles are $74.99. They are in stock and shipping now from RCS and RCS dealers.


11 Responses to “Raven Concealment Systems – Copia Magazine Carrier”

  1. PNWTO says:

    I was hoping with this release there would at least be a teaser of their new IWB carrier coming out but I guess we have to wait.

  2. Jason L. says:

    Any plans on options for 1.75″ to 2.25″ duty belts. I know more than a few LEO’s including myself that would love to be able to carry these.

    • John C says:

      That would be cool if they made something for a duty belt. Blade Tech makes the only other kydex double mag pouch compatible with 2″ duty belts and its not that durable. I’ve compromised with the belt mounted (belt wrap style) HSGI double tacos and the work well but I’d love a kydex option.

      • Kango says:


        • Matthew Levi says:

          Guys I’m using the double Copia with QMS straps on my duty belt – Ares LE Duty belt. Its not 100% perfect as a specific built version would be but it works.

      • Jason L. says:

        I run the Tacos too and have used the Blade Tech Kydex, but I’m not happy with it’s retention (screws back out etc.) There was a big discussion on the P&S facebook about the need for such a pouch and the failings of Blade Tech. I lot of guys can’t run Tacos because of dept. regs, but can run kydex materials. I hope Raven can make it happen, shouldn’t be too hard a fix

    • Casey says:

      I’m sure the RCS guys will correct me if I’m wrong on this, but here goes. COULD Raven make some bad-ass carriers intended for overt use on duty belts? No doubt. Is that really where their design and marketing efforts are focused? Historically, no. Concealment is their middle name, literally. And that’s probably why you don’t see things like holsters with active retention being touted as the centerpiece of their product line. That’s not to say that’s not an option for their custom holsters—it is—it’s just not their bread and butter.

  3. ThisIsWrong says:

    I again miss an attachement option that stays in place 🙁