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Daniel Defense to Create 75 New Jobs & Invest 18.5M to Expand Operations in Black Creek, GA

Black Creek, GA- October 19, 2016 – Daniel Defense, manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, announced today that they would be expanding their operations in Bryan County, creating 75 new jobs and investing $18.5 Million into a new facility and equipment. The new expansion is set to be finished late summer of 2017.

“DD was founded by Marty Daniel over a decade ago in Chatham County. In 2009, DD scaled their operations and moved into a larger facility in Bryan County. As a result of a continued increase in production demand, DD will consolidate their Bryan County and Ridgeland, South Carolina facilities into one operation,” said Governor Nathan Deal.

“This consolidation will streamline our operational efficiencies on many different levels and will allow us to continue to grow our team,” said President/CEO Marty Daniel. “It is very important that we attract, hire, and retain exceptional talent, and this new facility will allow us to do just that, and continue to accelerate our market share in the firearms business.”
The expansion will create jobs in all areas including these categories: machining, engineering, assembly and marketing.



6 Responses to “Daniel Defense to Create 75 New Jobs & Invest 18.5M to Expand Operations in Black Creek, GA”

  1. Meusoc says:

    Great company and great products!
    Now if they could increase production of MK18 uppers …

  2. SamHill says:

    Glad to hear it. I am looking forward to see some new stuff from them in a couple years.

  3. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    Personally, I’d hold off on signing any papers until November 9th

    • Bill says:

      Someone went there.

      I’ve got to think that someone with this guy’s business acumen would have a good insight into risk management and the likely endgame.

      • Paul McCain says:

        They should hire you guys as consultants! Internet expurts are amazing.

      • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

        Sure, and that risk management could entail accepting the risk, or transferring it… to say investors. The end state I was getting at is that should she who shall not be mentioned by name ascend to the Presidency, there will be a run on MSRs. Should she make good on her threats, who will buy them? Does DD have enough income based solely on DoD, FED, State and Local LE as will as FMS to stay afloat? Other companies like Remington, Colt etc. have other offerings beyond MSR platforms. DD just makes MSR and that may dry up.

        Time will tell.