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Gerber’s Portland Plant Moves To 24 Hour, 7 Days A Week American Manufacturing

PORTLAND, OREGON – Gerber, a leading producer of personal knives, tools, and gear, announced today that it has brought on a third shift at its Portland, OR USA Manufacturing plant. Responding to increasing demand for new and existing US Made products, the Brand expanded local employment and plant operations to 24/7.

“Gerber’s Portland plant has remained a steadfast and strategic part of the business” said Kalon Pilmanis, General Manager of Tools and Gear at Gerber. “We have been working for years to increase the strength of our domestic manufacturing and this move confirms our organization’s direction as well as the quality and innovation of our products, both new and mature”.

Numerous products and initiatives are contributing to the substantial volume increases that warrant the shift. A few well known products include the StrongArm Fixed Blade, Impromptu Tactical Pen, 06 and Covert Automatic knives, and the iconic MP600 Multi-tools. Two new products adding to the excitement are the new Center-Drive Multi-tool and the US-Assist Pocket Knife, both available in Q4 of 2016.

To see a complete listing of Gerber’s American Made products visit:


2 Responses to “Gerber’s Portland Plant Moves To 24 Hour, 7 Days A Week American Manufacturing”

  1. Ranger Rick says:

    “expanded local employment and plant operations to 24/7.”

    Now that’s some good news.

  2. D.B. says:

    Great news indeed – go Gerber!

    Time to regain some of that long lost glory…

    Hope this will provide a long needed push to the Leatherman group too, some of us want to see that ‘Made in USA’ stamp they proudly displayed on their tools in the 90-es, back again.