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Gerber Introduces New Limited Edition G1-002 At 2018 Blade Show

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

PORTLAND, OREGON (May 31st, 2018)Gerber, a leading manufacturer of knives, tools, and equipment will introduce the latest edition of the G1 Series of custom knives, the G1-002, at the 2018 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia. An industry pioneer, Gerber has been crafting world-class knives and tools for decades and first introduced the G1 Series in 2017 to showcase the craftsmanship, design, and skill that are ongoing components of the brand’s robust American manufacturing.

Each year, Gerber plans to introduce a new addition to the G1 portfolio that will showcase elevated materials, processes, and technologies. The series serves to fuel the future development of production-caliber products, serving a large market of both professional and recreational users. As the second edition in the G1 Series, the G1-002 pays homage to a Gerber legend: the Mark II combat knife. The G1-002 is a distinct combination of premium materials and processes, buttressed by collaborations with two innovators in the knifemaking and shooting industry: Zev Technologies and Blackpoint Tactical.

“The G1-002 is not only a re-make of the heralded Mark II, it’s an overhaul. Wielding an S60V blade, a custom-machined handle from Zev Technologies, and a multi-mount Kydex® sheath from Blackpoint Tactical, the G1-002 is both a functional tool and a collector’s item” says Karrson Koivisto, Product Manager at Gerber. “First introduced in 1966, the Mark II is recognized as the benchmark for combat knives and stands as a piece of battlefield and knifemaking history.”

At the Portland, Oregon headquarters, Gerber engineers provided insightful design, informed engineering, precise machining, and first-class execution to bring the G1-002 to life. The team then turned to Zev Technologies – An innovator in high-quality firearm components for pistol, rifle and AR platforms – for a uniquely functional custom-machined handle with Cerakote® coating. Blackpoint Tactical was recruited to build a custom Kydex® sheath fitting of an undeniably legendary blade.

All aspects of the G1-002 were meticulously considered, sourcing first-class materials and leveraging both the master craftsmanship of Gerber’s manufacturing facility as well as the expertise of two premium partners. Proudly designed and made in the USA, each of the 100 hand-built G1-002 knives underwent a laborious multi-stage process, accumulating dozens of hours in production, processing, and assembly. Each knife is hand assembled, double inspected, and serialized for collection.

The ultra-premium S60V blade is the foundation of the G1-002. Gerber finished the spear-point blade with a highly polished and full fine edge, presenting a marked departure from the original Mark II’s blade. Zev Technologies applied a machining pattern inspired by their renowned stippling, typically applied to Glock pistols – resulting in a unique aesthetic and supreme grip. Blackpoint Tactical heeded the call for a custom Kydex® sheath with vertical or horizontal belt carry options and boasts click-in retention.

Visit the Gerber booth at the 2018 Blade Show to purchase the G1-002, a limited number will be for sale on site. It will also be available for purchase directly on Gerber’s website – retail price for the G1-002 is $400.00.

Proceeds will benefit the Special Operations Care Fund [SOC-F] which provides medical, financial, and other support to SOF members and their families in ways that are often not met through other sources.

The G1-002 has also been nominated for a “Knife Collaboration of The Year” award at the 2018 Blade Show.

Learn more about AKTI: www.akti.org

See more from Gerber: www.gerbergear.com

GERBER Introduces New Empower Automatic Knife Series at SHOT Show 2018

Friday, January 19th, 2018

PORTLAND, OREGON (January, 23rd, 2018) – GERBER, an industry-leading manufacturer of knives, multi-tools, and gear, announced today that it will debut the Empower™ series at Shot Show 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first look at the series comes ahead of the May 1st launch date, when the American-made automatic knife will be available to purchase for $125 at retail. The new series is available in 4 distinct styles, each with varying color and material combinations that aim to appeal aesthetically to the EDC consumer.

Urban Blue w/ Black Oxide Blade


“The Empower series navigates the user divide between EDC users and tactical operators with 4 colorways and a unique new blade shape,” says Karrson Koivisto, Product Manager for Gerber. “This American-made automatic knife is another distinct step in Gerber’s pursuit of delivering choice materials and world-class craftsmanship at an accessible price point. The Empower balances the innovation of Armored Grip™ Tech and a snappy opening mechanism with the time-tested durability of S30V steel and the battle-ready chassis of the Propel. It has the spirit of a warrior, evolved for the everyday carry user.”

Based on the chassis of the field-proven Propel, the Empower is Gerber’s newest American-made automatic knife. Specifically designed with a focus on everyday carry, this daily workhorse wields lightning-quick deployment and safety-focused locking mechanisms. A false edge spear point blade (available in a stonewash or black oxide finish) delivers utility and piercing capability, ideal for survival situations and daily chores alike. The oversized plunge lock and safety slide partner together to provide unrivaled control when deployed, as well as keep it safely stowed when in pocket. The Armored Grip™ handle scales offer reliable control and a tactile hand feel; photo-chemical etching provides a quick, confident grip as well as different design options to choose from.

The Empower joins an honored lineage of iconic products that are manufactured in the Portland, Oregon facility – learn more about Gerber’s commitment to American manufacturing here. As always, Gerber remains dedicated to crafting tools that stand the test of time, and each product is backed by Gerber’s limited lifetime warranty.

Black w/ Stonewash Blade


Black w/ Black Oxide Blade


Grey w/ Black Oxide Blade



Gerber Sponsors Bicontinental Motorcycle Expedition Led By Army Veterans

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

PORTLAND, OREGON (August 23rd, 2017) – GERBER, a leading direct supplier of mission-essential knives, tools and equipment to the US Military, is proud to be the primary sponsor of Where the Road Ends – supporting a team of US Army veterans as they embark on a dangerous expedition from the artic-circle to the southern-most tip of South America on custom-built motorcycles. The journey will last the better part of 3 months and take the team through the infamous Darien Gap, a 100 mile stretch of untamed jungle between Panama and Colombia.

Four Army vets. Four motorcycles. Fourteen countries. One impassible jungle.


[ From left: Wayne Mitchell, Richard Doering, Mike Eastham, Simon Edwards ]


The team will depart from Deadhorse, Alaska in mid-November where they will brave subzero temperatures and treacherous ice to reach the Darien Gap during January’s dry season, the only time when passage is possible.


The trip will be documented along the way through Gerber’s blog The Range, as well as through Gerber’s social feeds (Facebook & Instagram), and culminate in a full-length documentary produced post-expedition.


Gerber’s contributions to the expedition include cash to support planning, reconnaissance, operations, provisions and fuel as well as a variety of mission-essential gear including Machetes, Multitools, Knives and Equipment. Additionally, Gerber has donated its famed ‘Black Boar’ Ford Quad Conversion Van that previously traveled the country in 2012 on the ‘American Expedition’. The ‘Black Boar’ will act as a chase vehicle for portions of the trip supporting video production, carrying mechanical supplies and acting as an emergency aid station.


“Wayne and team are a determined group of professionals with a thirst for adventure.” said Andrew Gritzbaugh, Vice President of Marketing at Gerber. “They represent the unwavering spirit of the American Veteran, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to provide support for their ambitious journey.”

Follow the Journey here: http://blog.gerbergear.com/challenges/where-the-road-ends/

Meet the crew and see their vehicles at these upcoming Media Dates:

  • August 26-31 Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah Bonneville Speed Week,
  • September 21-24 Columbus, OH – AIM Expo Booth #1459, Columbus Ohio
  • November 4 Anchorage, AK – 2017 Kick Off Party & LSF Fundraising Dinner
  • About WTRE: A team of U.S. military veterans will ride motorcycles from the Arctic-Circle to the tip of South America, crossing the infamous Darien Gap in the process. The team will overcome subzero temperatures, sweltering heat, and miles of untamed jungle to complete an expedition which can only be considered an ultimate test of will. For more information visit www.wheretheroadendsmoto.com

    About Gerber: Gerber is a leading global supplier of activity-specific knives, multi-tools, and problem-solving gear. Built on the pillars of craftsmanship, innovation, and an unrelenting commitment to quality and service to others, the trusted brand features a diverse portfolio of equipment for recreational and professional end users. For more information visit www.gerbergear.com

    Gerber’s Portland Plant Moves To 24 Hour, 7 Days A Week American Manufacturing

    Monday, October 31st, 2016

    PORTLAND, OREGON – Gerber, a leading producer of personal knives, tools, and gear, announced today that it has brought on a third shift at its Portland, OR USA Manufacturing plant. Responding to increasing demand for new and existing US Made products, the Brand expanded local employment and plant operations to 24/7.

    “Gerber’s Portland plant has remained a steadfast and strategic part of the business” said Kalon Pilmanis, General Manager of Tools and Gear at Gerber. “We have been working for years to increase the strength of our domestic manufacturing and this move confirms our organization’s direction as well as the quality and innovation of our products, both new and mature”.

    Numerous products and initiatives are contributing to the substantial volume increases that warrant the shift. A few well known products include the StrongArm Fixed Blade, Impromptu Tactical Pen, 06 and Covert Automatic knives, and the iconic MP600 Multi-tools. Two new products adding to the excitement are the new Center-Drive Multi-tool and the US-Assist Pocket Knife, both available in Q4 of 2016.

    To see a complete listing of Gerber’s American Made products visit:


    Gerber Center Drive

    Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


    This is the Gerber Center Drive, a brand-new made-in-the-USA multitool that’s launching today, and Gerber sent us a pre-production model a few days ahead of the launch to check it out.


    The Center Drive is manufactured from stainless steel, and features 14 individual tools within its frame.


    The pliers are spring loaded, and are released upward via a side-mounted sliding button, purposely designed for one-thumb activation, rather than the swing open design on traditional multitools.


    The pliers consist of a needle nose point with a standard center, as well as rotatable carbide wire cutters and a wire stripper.


    The main blade on the Center Drive is a 3.25″ fine edge blade. According to Gerber, this blade is “30% larger than the competition”; press materials use the main blade on the Leatherman OHT for the size comparison. The blade also locks into place when fully extended via a tension lockbar.


    The opposite arm of the Center Drive features the following tools:

  • Pry bar
  • Nail puller
  • Bottle opener
  • Serrated Blade
  • Awl
  • Fine & course sided file
  • img_4081_copy

    These tools lock into place when fully extended and can be retracted by using a thumb-break slide release on the opposite side of the arm, which also incorporates a lanyard hole. The arm opposite this one features both a 3″ ruler as well as an 8cm ruler.


    Easily the most impressive feature of the Center Drive is the tool of its namesake, the full-size center axis driver. Unlike traditional multitools, which typically feature a lower profile driver, the Center Drive’s driver juts out of the tool’s frame 3.25″ and curves inward towards the center axis, allowing for improved torque and rotation. The center axis driver features a magnetic attachment head, which supports any number of standard bits. Like the blade, the center axis driver locks into place via a tension lockbar.


    The Center Drive also features this bit storage slot which snaps into place within the frame and rotates outward, allowing quick access to a second bit. By default, it comes with a flat head bit already inserted.


    The Center Drive comes with a 12-bit kit, in addition to the Phillip’s head and flat head bits that are already included with the tool. It also comes complete with a nylon and elastic sheath which accommodates both the Center Drive and the bit set. The sheath can be mounted by the rear to a belt either vertically or horizontally via its rear straps.


    By Gerber’s own admission, unlike the Center Drive itself, both the bit set and pouch are made in China. Regardless, the tool itself is USA-made, and it has a host of great features that should make for an excellent option for EDC or just a functional backup tool.


    You can read the official release from Gerber by clicking the link below


    Gerber Gear – CustomFit Dual Sheath

    Friday, July 29th, 2016


    Gerber’s CustomFit Dual Sheath is a modular sheath designed to accommodate a wide variety of product combinations, including folding knives, multitools, and flashlights. The CustomFit features a quick-access back panel which allows the user to adjust the size of the sheath for their tools. The CustomFit also incorporates Quiet Deploy Velcro technology, which allows for silent opening of the sheath by pulling down on the front tab.



  • Dual version holds 2 items + pen, Quad version holds 4 items + pen
  • MOLLE-Compatible and 2-position belt carry options
  • One-Wrap Fastener top strap for compact stacked carry
  • Adjustable/removable top strap, side tensioner strap for front to back adjustment
  • Easy to access back panel simply customizes the fit
  • www.gerbergear.com/Activity/Work/CustomFit-Dual-Sheath

    Gerber Gear – Span Solid State Tools

    Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


    Gerber Gear’s Span Solid State Tools are a pair of all-in-one weapon maintenance tools designed to be lightweight and portable. The Span Archery is for bows, and the Span Shot is for shotguns. Booth tools feature a black ceramic-coated 420HC steel chassis fashioned into a slim “T” shape, which provides additional torque when in use.

    The Span Archery consists of 19 tools. It includes a 1/4 in. standard bit-tip driver and a detachable set of 11 universal bit-tips, a broad-head wrench, an integrated blade sharpener, a ceramic tool for cleaning the edge of a blade, a 3x hex wrench, and a bottle opener.

    The Span Shot consists of 14 tools. It includes a 1/4 in. standard bit-tip driver and a detachable set of 6 universal bit-tips, choke tube wrench, pin punch and solid tapping surface, elevation and windage scope adjustments, a 3x hex wrench, and a bottle opener.


    OR – Gerber – Mini Pry Bar

    Saturday, August 8th, 2015

    The Mini Pry Bar is a recent addition to the Gerber line. It features an electric (up to 1000v) insulated glass filled nylon handle, forged steel pry bar with black oxide coating and a paracord leash. No sheath because it slides right into your PALS webbing.