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Magpul – New Ballcaps

I got a chance to check these new caps out at Modern Day Marine/AUSA last month. I like the new designs, particularly the Culpepper Flag version, which features retro styling. They are an affordable way to keep the sun out of your eyes and show your support for Magpul.

-Updated sweat band with breathable fabric to keep you dry and comfortable
-Updated open mesh side and back panel to provide comfort and excellent breathability
-Adjustable snap back closure
-Mid Crown structure with Magpul interior taping for comfort and durability
-46% Cotton, 54% Polyester
-Eyelet vents


5 Responses to “Magpul – New Ballcaps”

  1. Joe says:

    Made in the US?

  2. Greg says:

    Shame they didn’t get rid of the top button on all of their hats, otherwise they look real nice.

  3. JoT says:

    Why is it the person ordering hats for companies seem to be the ones who don’t shoot? Some advice for people in and around the shooting industry when making hats. Leave off the button on top. Its extremely uncomfortable if you wear a headset. I see you have only one option here. No cap needs a button. Greg and Nick get it.

    • SPQR476 says:

      We’re all well aware of the button thing. The reality is that when we don’t put buttons on, many are bothered by the minor imperfections in panel joint at the top. The Core cover is purely meant for utilitarian usage, so no button. It’s completely unstructured, and very well suited for wearing with earpro. If you don’t want a button on the others, and you want to use them on the range with muffs, and your muffs cause discomfort with the button, you can pop it off. But, we can’t add it after the fact for everyone that complains about .030″ misalignment in mesh panel joints–Which has historically far outnumbered those that complain about the button, for better or worse.