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Massif – Caldera Windshirt

The Caldera Windshirt from Massif is an FR performance garment unlike anything else on the market. I’ve had one for several months. While it was a bit much for me during Virginia’s humid summers, now that Fall has arrived, it is an excellent garment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s surprisingly breathable, but this isn’t the kind of thing I’d wear during oppressive humidity. This is a studio shot of the Caldera Windshirt, but it shows how it is cut. It can be worn as an outer layer, or by itself.

The Caldera Wind Shirt is constructed from two different Massif fabrics.

The Battleskin fabric is used for the torso. It is durable, yet breathable and FR. Their SABA fabric used for the sleeves and upper chest, is a revolutionary new two-layer laminate system that combines proprietary FR processes with unique knit structures. Massif’s SABA fabric is lightweight, has extremely high breathability, and an advanced Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment, making it perfect for under armor applications and advanced layering systems. The proprietary knitted nylon face has an extremely smooth hand, adding to its next-to-skin comfort and enabling quiet operation.

The Caldera Windshirt has a similar construction to the Army Combat Shirt and can be worn with lightweight base layers, mid-weight base layers, or as a stand-alone garment for year round use.

It has a 1/4 Zip neck allows for easy donning and doffing, along with easy ventilation.

I like the flat seams used on the shoulders which cut down on chaffing.

In addition to internal mesh elbow pad pockets, the Caldera features shoulder pockets with mesh backers for ventilation, a pen pocket on the left forearm and adjustable wrist cuffs.

Finally, there are elastic thumb loops inside the cuffs. These stay out of the way, if you’re not using them.

Offered in MultiCam, sizes XS-XXXL.



2 Responses to “Massif – Caldera Windshirt”

  1. Craig says:

    I am REALLY digging this.

    I wish I was still in and had it issued, as I am sure it is beyond my price-range, but I really do like this.

    Massif ALWAYS has good shit. Have 3 pr of their pants (civilian, Tan and 2 black pr) I got on closeout somewhere, I don’t remember now. I wish they would re make them as they are well made and well thought out,esp concerning pocket placement while sitting in a vehicle. Plus, their ‘Combat’ shirts I was issued while in the Army were good too.

    The shirt/Jacket will be going on my wish list though…:-)

  2. Luke says:

    Saw this on their site not too long ago, thought it looked really promising. All in all their prices actually seem lower then a lot of brands in the same market, I wonder how affordable they’d be if it wasn’t all FR :(