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VZ Grips Releases First Ever One-Piece G-10 AR Grip

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November 7th, 2016: VZ Weapon Solutions (A VZ Grips Company) is proud to announce its newest revolutionary product; The VZ AR Grip (ARG). The ARG’s are precision machined, and textured G-10 AR pistol grips designed to work with every AR variant currently available in the market. The ARG’s are precision machined out of one solid piece of G-10 laminate (A first ever!). The end result is a “rock solid” & controlled grip.

With innovation and function as their leading edge, VZ did not rest on its laurels by merely matching their popular patterns to an AR pistol grip. VZ re-designed the ARG from the ground up. The grip angle on the ARG was adjusted to a 17 degree angle to prevent grip fatigue and allow the shooter maneuverability around tight spaces. The ARG also comes in two sizes to accommodate every shooters needs, a standard and “Shorty” version are available.

“We hope to continue to offer folk’s products that they can depend on day in, and day out.”, “VZ Weapon Solutions is more than just a side project for us, it’s our way of showing the newer generation of shooters that we are looking out for them too.” -John VanZyck (VZ Grips Owner).


Color options will eventually be a myriad of patterns/ colors to match all of their existing gun grips. For now the first available patterns will be: Alien, Frag, Recon, Diamond Slant, and Operator 2. MSRP starts at $95.00 for Standard, and Shorty grips.

Learn more at: www.VZGrips.com/rifle-grips/ar-grips


8 Responses to “VZ Grips Releases First Ever One-Piece G-10 AR Grip”

  1. Dellis says:

    Sweet! Now my AR and Colt Commander can cordinate.

  2. Mark G. says:


  3. tremis says:

    those are really cool looking.

  4. Craig says:

    Is that a Daniel Defense VZ model?

  5. Weaver says:

    One wonders how the 2-degree difference from the Hogue G-10 grips matters, if at all …


  6. Well gosh darn ain’t they pretty.

  7. Ken Galbraith says:

    I bought a Hogue G10 grip for my AR….but these look a lot better! I can match it up to my 1911!

  8. I’m just trying to rationalize spending $95 for handgrips and I just can’t do it.