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For The Ladies – Velocity Systems Introduces Women’s BOSS Rugby

Velocity Systems’ BOSS Rugby has been super popular, both as Range attire as well as a uniform item. They’ve just released a Women’s version of this shirt.

The Velocity Systems Women’s BOSS Rugby is lightweight and can be utilized as a hot weather range shirt, or a moisture managing base layer under armor. The rugby style collar keeps a weapon sling off the base of neck. The active cut is athletic and mobile; the material is comfortable and quick to dry. The two envelope pockets on the sleeve accept hook backed patches. 83% Nylon 17% Spandex. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA. The new Women’s BOSS Rugby comes in Black, Ranger Green and Wolf Grey in sizes, S through XL.

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7 Responses to “For The Ladies – Velocity Systems Introduces Women’s BOSS Rugby”

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome! I’ll pass this information onto my wife. I absolutely love mine.

    Any chance they’ll release a wool variant?


  2. citizenspy says:

    Oh sweet… more sleeve velcro.

    Thats SO cool.

    Can’t wait for them to offer a non-velcro variant for both sexes.

    • Asinine Name says:

      I, too, am sore afflicted the proliferation of tacticool velcro. Just cut it off.

    • bloke_from_ohio says:

      Seam rippers are less than 5 dollars…

    • SSD says:

      I’ve mentioned this before, but the way the shirt is constructed, you don’t notice it.

      • SVGC says:

        Yeah it’s really pretty unnoticeable. I wasn’t a fan of the velcro but after I started wearing it I didn’t care about it anymore. Not really the kind of shirt id’e wear out in town with the lady anyhow. A lightweight wool variant would be pretty interesting though.

  3. ALAN says:

    By noticing Women and Men are different, Velocity Systems is “Non-PC”.By noticing women aren’t built the same as men, and that they have boobies a waist and hips, that means that Velocity systems are “Sexually Harassive”, AND Sexist.

    By being Non PC,Sexist ect means they must then be “Racist” too.

    By being all those wrapped up into one,means I love Velocity Systems!

    (This was meant,kinda, as a joke, however, this IS how the PC afflicted think)